20 Nov

HP – TouchSmart Computer ($850) – Closed

Christmas Gift Idea for Moms, Dads and Families

Tablets are probably one of the hottest products on the market right now.  They are sleek, they are portable and they work with the touch of your hand –  literally.  Although I do enjoy tablets, they seem to lack the ability to be a real computer.  They are used for fun things like games, videos and apps, not for surfing the web, blogging or creating websites.  Once I got used to using my fingers on the screen of a tablet, I could frequently be caught trying to make pictures bigger on my laptop by touching the screen and pulling my fingers apart – only to be quickly reminded that I must look like a fool when nothing happens.

DD using the HP TouchSmart

Thanks to HP, the touch screen technology has now made it’s to our home computers.  The HP TouchSmart is like a regular desktop computer (without a large tower) that you can physically use with your fingers to make your way around the internet.  The HP TouchSmart is so easy to use, DD (3) can easily play her favourite games online.

Here are some of the neat features:

  • Your favourite websites can be made into “magnets” and placed directly onto your desktop
  • Pictures are uploaded straight into a photo editor (no need to have a separate editor)
  • Video and voice recordings are created with the touch of a button
  • Wireless Keyboard and Mouse (so you can use as a regular computer for typing if you desire)
  • Applications such as local weather, recipes and music right at your fingertips
  • Make notes straight on the desktop
  • Ability to use as a Television
  • Processing power of a desk top computer but the sleekness of a TV


Scroll Through Apps



Video Recorder


The HP TouchSmart has been a very welcome addition to our family.  I am especially pleased as to how easy it is for DD to use.  We have created magnets for her to use her favourite educational websites and she is able to touch the screen, start her games and then start playing.


Photo Editor

The photo editor will be everyone’s favourite application.  Currently, when I want to edit a photo, I have to upload it to my computer, then upload it again into another editor.  With this photo editor, I can get rid of red eye, crop and even add fun effects to photos as soon as the pictures are uploaded into the computer.  I do wish however, that I could create a watermark – hopefully there will be an update.  Also, if you have photos on your favourite networking site (like Facebook), you can integrate the photo editor and pull the pictures straight from the site to edit them.

Graffiti note


Another fun application is the notes application.  If you have a busy house and all the kids will be using the TouchSmart (and believe me, they will), you can add personal notes onto the touch screen desk top, you can easily leave your kids or spouse a video, voice or written note and then pin it right onto the desktop for them to see next time they log on.


Create notes, Video or Voice messages

Along with all the fun parts with the touch screen, this can also be a regular computer with a mouse and a keyboard – just like the one you have in your home now, but with an adjustable screen and no clunky tower.


Can also be used as a regular computer

This computer remains between our kitchen and dinning room for everyone to use.  It’s extremely user friendly and a lot of fun.  My family has been enjoying using it, everything is right at our fingertips.

I also had the ability to review this product on CTV Morning Live last week.  Once I figure out how to get the recording, I will upload the segment for all of you to see.


  • 1 lucky Canadian reader will receive the HP TouchSmart Computer (ARV ~$850)



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  1. I’d love to get a HP Laser Jet printer for Christmas, but don’t tell my DH. He already got me another (cough.. lesser…) one last year for Christmas 😉

  2. This would be the perfect gift for my husband who works so hard for us and never treats himself to anything!

  3. i would LOVE the HP envy 3d notebook for christmas, along with the touchsmart computer…drool. Thank you for this amazing giveaway!
    nathania.a at gmail dot com

  4. wow winning this would be a dream come true, my computer is 7 yrs old and every day is a struggle to make it do what i need it to do, most of the new software dosent work on it and it is a daily furstration, HP is soo great too
    the HP ENVY 17 3D would be really cool too, i havent used anything 3d yet so that is intruiging
    staceyx at telus dot net

  5. | would really like one of those photo printers for christmas it would make it alot easier to make my own prints rather then going to London Drugs or Costco to get them printed.

  6. I have no idea if it’s still “discontinued” but I seriously would LOVE a touchpad. Especially if it’s 99 dollars again! haha

  7. I would be more than satisfied/ecstatic if I was lucky enough to win this tablet being that it would be my first experience with ‘touchpad’ technology anything!!

  8. Aside from the TouchSmart Tablet that you now have me wanting (ha)… I would love a HP 2000 from the 300 Notebook PC series . We are an HP family but our laptop is getting older and starting to have some senior moments. A new laptop/tablet would be great! Thanks 🙂

  9. HP touchscreen is awesome. The sale of tablet may not do well but all their products (printers/copiers/laptops) are in great quality.

  10. Another item I would like to have is the HP 2000-228CA (QC191UA) Laptop.
    I have to buy three of them this year so this would be great.
    janicebudgellpollard at hotmail dot com

  11. ive managed to press the “Make a comment” i did it button twice. could you remove the 2nd entry? thanks for your time!

  12. i forgot to add what i would love aside from this touch smart pc in the contest. i would love the HP Pavilion HPE h8-1100 Desktop PC series pc.

  13. I enjoyed reading your article More 3D Movies for Disney and looking forward for these 3D Movies in the near future.

  14. I’d love the HP LaserJet Pro CM1415 Color Multifunction Printer. You could make home made Christmas cards or seasonal stationery with it.

  15. The mobile (and wireless) H470 printer looks amazing! My next printer will most definitely be wireless and have the capacity to print decent pictures!

  16. Even though it’s dead, I’d love to have an HP Touchpad.
    Honestly, I’d give it to my girlfriend. 😉

  17. I think the HP ENVY 17-2100 3D Edition Notebook looks fantastic!! love to own one of those babies, putting it on my someday wish list 😉

  18. I would totally get the HP 35S scientific calculator! Why you ask? Because I am a geek who is tired of using the windows 7 calculator at work and am too cheap or forgetful to buy one.( Not sure which one it is yet…)

  19. I would also like the HP G62-400 Notebook PC series- Models so that I am not sharing the computer with my son who always wants to game.

  20. I’d love to get HP Pavilion laptop. My computer at home (from 2005) sounded like it was ready for take off, on an airplane. It’s dead now, and I’m just left there waiting to replace it. It’s not the Power Supply anymore, it’s more. So, I have to buy new parts for it after Christmas 🙁 So expensive. But I want to keep my hard drive.

  21. I really want to get my hands on a new laptop and specifically an HP Pavillion Series… Thanks!

    Aliya D.

  22. I would absolutely love to have a HP TouchSmart ! I need a new laptop badly and this one looks so cool! I love all the creative features!

  23. I am a university student and im in need of a computer as i dont have one at the moment, if HP would give me this, would be great. and HP envy is the Best lAptop ever built

  24. one of the best giveaways i have seen in a while. this is perfect! and just in time for christmas. thank you for an awesome oppurtunity

  25. What a great HP product! I’d love to win this, and give it to my husband for Christmas. He’d be so pleased! Thanks for the chance to win. 🙂

  26. The HP Envy laptop looks like a pretty sweet replacement for this old workhorse of a laptop I’m using right now.

  27. An HP product that I would like would have to be a laptop from the HP Pavilion dv6-3200 Entertainment Notebook PC series!

  28. I would love a good photo scanner to scan all of our old family photos so that I can share them with my sister and my mom. I would hate to have them lost in a flood or fire.

  29. The HP TouchSmart Computer would be THE perfect thing for me….to replace my 10-year old desktop computer which is just managing to limp along (I’ll probably have to re-boot before completing what I should on this page).

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