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My Little Pony (Giveaway) – Closed

I grew up in the 80s (something I am very proud of).  There were plenty of kids toys and tv shows that were more popular than anything on tv today – well at least to me!  Here we are nearly 20 years later and those classic shows I once loved are on the air for my daughter to now enjoy.

My Little Pony is one such show!  I watched it every Saturday morning and had many My Little Pony dolls.  It amazing how these toys have made a full 360 and are back into my life once again as an adult this time.  I could comb and braid their long manes and tails for hours.

DD has received a few My Little Pony items for review.  Her favourites are Pinkie Pie Learns to Walk and Rarity’s Carousel Boutique.  Two completely different styles of play, but just as popular for a 3 year old.

Pinkie Pie Learns to Walk is a larger My Little Pony baby doll that talks with saying like: “I’m hungry Mommy” and “You are my best Friend” (one of my favourite sayings).  The Pinkie Pie also comes with a bottle and small feeding spoon, dish and makes eating noises when you feed her.  The part DD loves the best is teaching her baby to walk.  Pinkie Pie’s legs move from sitting to standing (manually) and then when you hold her hands, she will take a few steps (by herself) along  the floor with your little ones help!  I know DD (and most girls and many boys) enjoy helping little kids learn how to grown up, so this is perfect for those little helpers.

The Rarity’s Carousel Boutique is probably her absolute favourite of all the My Little Pony products she received to review.  I have also been caught playing with it myself!  This carousel has a small lever that allows the Theme song to My Little Pony to be played – it is very catchy music!  Over and over again she plays the music while her mini My Little Pony friends twirl around in circles.  The song resembles a popular song from my past so I can’t help but to pull the lever and dance along with the My Little  Pony dolls.  DD also hums along to the catchy tune.

A new addition to the My Little Pony dolls that I don’t remember from my day is they have little clip on parts that fit on their legs like little drinks and mirrors and they also have many different clips for their hair – making these toys even more interactive than my day.  They also have little holes in the bottom of their feet which makes it easy for them to stay put while riding along in their carousel.

Seeing DD play with her My Little Pony toys brings me back to a place I was over 20 years ago.  Watching her play makes me understand even more why I enjoyed these adorable little pony’s when I was young.  I’m glad to see they are back in fashion!  You know, the 80’s were so cool even florescent colours are back!


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123 thoughts on “My Little Pony (Giveaway) – Closed

  1. My daughter loves My Little Ponies. She has this carousel and would love more items for the tiny ponies. She would also love Princess Celestia.

  2. My 4 year old daughter is a big fan of My Little Pony. She has some toys and really likes watching the show. She would really like the MY LITTLE PONY PINKIE PIE’s RC Car from Hasbro.

  3. I like the MY LITTLE PONY FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC Gift SetItem #: 21473
    janicebudgellpollard at hotmail dot com

  4. Free My Little Pony shows at the St. Laurent Centre on October 29 and 30 at 11:00 and 2:00 pm in Ottawa!

  5. I think my fav has to be the carousel Boutique for sure! My girls LOVE My Little Pony everything! 🙂

  6. my daughter loves ANYTHING that has to do with My Little Pony! this would awesome for my Santa box! 🙂

  7. I love the episode viewing guides because I can then discuss the story with my DD4 and make sure she got the theme.

  8. My girls love the Carousel Boutique – actually, they LOVE anything My Little Pony. 🙂

    megancrose at gmail dot com

  9. I love My Little Pony. I had so many as a kid. The new style isn’t my favorite but I do love the new playsets. I’d love to get my kids Pinkie Pie’s RC car

  10. With three girls (7, 5, 4), they absolutely LOVE My Little Pony. We have 2 Pinkie Pies from from past Christmas’ and they still work! We also have the MLP carnival among others. My Little pony products last forever! My girls would go crazy over the boutique or any product for that matter. Kelleynutrition@gmail.com

  11. I just looked at the website with my daughter and she is IN LOVE!!!
    She really wants the MY LITTLE PONY TWILIGHT SPARKLE’s Twinkling Balloon

  12. My girls love my little pony they would like the MY LITTLE PONY SO SOFT Newborn Assortment.

    Thanks for the giveaway

  13. MY LITTLE PONY APPLEJACK’S Sweet Apple Barn Playset is adorable! My son and daughter are both getting my little pony’s for Christmas this year!

  14. Even at my age of 42, I still love to color. I enjoy sitting in front of the TV and coloring at the same time. I like the coloring pages that the My Little Pony site has. They are really cute and the print out very well.

    Thanks for the great giveaway. ~Pauline (dod@rogers.com)

  15. My daughter has MY LITTLE PONY PRINCESS CELESTIA on her wishlist. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  16. My daughters love My Little Pony and I know my youngest will love this! Thanks for the chance. My daughter would also like Rainbow Dash or Princess Celistia.

  17. I love all the DVDs on their site, I remember watching My Little Pony when I was little, How I miss it

  18. I would love to own the “MY LITTLE PONY PINKIE PIE’s RC Car” for my daughter. My daughter enjoys playing with RC cars and I just know she would really enjoy playing with this one. I would, too. Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee-hee!

  19. My almost 3 year old has recently discovered My Little Pony’s. She has loved horses since before she could talk. I bought her a bathtime pony, when I was out of town for work. Now she wants to watch them on tv all the time. Her birthday is coming up in November and of course she wants a My Little Pont Themed Party. I was checking out the hasbro site and there are several things she would love I’m sure. I think she would love the Newborn Cuties Mum and baby. She would really love that one. It’s crazy how almost 30 years later my childhood toys are coming back. It makes me feel like a kid again.

  20. I like the my little pony party planner. Lots of ideas there for throwing a my little pony themed party!

  21. MY LITTLE PONY PINKIE PIE’s RC CAR would be a great gift for a granddaughter.
    these are different then when my children had these. I still have a Pretty Pony in the toy box.

  22. I love their MY LITTLE PONY APPLEJACK’S Sweet Apple Barn Playset
    – my little niece would absolutely love this.

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