02 Oct

Dora’s Halloween Parade (Giveaway – 2 winners) – Closed

Halloween is just around the corner – now that we are into October already!  To celebrate this candy filled event Dora the Explorer has recently released a new DVD called Dora’s Halloween Parade.

Here’s a Synopsis:

Halloween Parade – Dora and Boots are headed for the big Halloween Parade when they run into their friend Little Monster. He really wants to be in the Parade but he doesn’t have a costume. Dora and Boots tell him not to worry as they help him find a costume at the parade.

Boo! – It’s Halloween, and while trick-or-treating Dora and Boots are surprised by a cute little monster who they help home before the arrow on the big clock strikes 12.

The Backpack Parade – Everyone is dressing up their backpacks in different costumes for the Backpack Parade. Backpack is really excited because this year she gets to lead the parade but she’s having trouble with her allergies.

Dora, la Músico – Dora and Boots are leading a musical parade to free the instruments that were locked up by the evil Señor Shhh.

DD loves Dora, she dances, sings and answers back to the TV as her and Boots make their way through their adventures.  Dora’s Halloween Parade features the upcoming event that kids can barely contain themselves to celebrate – Halloween.

I am very particular as to what DD watches, I was a touch nervous about the Halloween episodes.  But of course, there was little to worry about, there was no guts, no thrills, screeching or blood.  It was the typical lovable Dora and Boots, just celebrating parties, parades, dressing up and getting treats while engaging your kids to participate and teach them at the same time.  As always, she was marching and wiggling along with her pals Dora and Boots while they made their way across the maps.

Halloween is a very fun time, and it doesn’t have to be all about getting scared (which can have life long negative effects).  I love Halloween, getting dressed up and knocking door to door to collect candy that will keep you giddy for weeks to come is my kind of fun.  Dora’s Halloween Parade celebrates this kind of good innocent Halloween fun.


  • 2 lucky readers are going to receive Dora’s Halloween Parade on DVD


Open to Canada & US

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61 thoughts on “Dora’s Halloween Parade (Giveaway – 2 winners) – Closed

  1. My daughter will be a Butterfly Princess for Halloween, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she has to have her backpack with her.

  2. I think my daughters will dress up as little bo peep and her sheep

  3. Dora is a new favourite in our home, and I am very careful about what my daughter watches too. This is her third Halloween and she is finally old enough to understand a little more about it, but still gets scared easily.

    • We have a Tinkerbell costume for a party and a fleecy Eeyore costume for trick or treating. I will probably just wear my witches hat and cape over my winter coat as usual.

  4. DD1 has a few costumes she’ll be wearing…for the indoor events she’ll be Batgirl (in pink of course) – her favourite Super Hero. For Halloween night – either a Monkey or Jessie & Bullseye.
    DD2 will be a Lil Stinker! (skunk)

  5. Love Dora!! We still haven’t settled on costumes yet, but leaning towards a fairy for my eldest and a mouse for my youngest!

  6. My Girls would LOVE this dvd! Fingers crossed we might win 🙂
    My plan for halloween is my mother and I are going to make the girls costumes….. They are going as M & M’s ! A pink one and a purple one. Wish us luck! 🙂

  7. My daughter is dressing in black and wearing a pair of black wings. I have no idea what she thinks she is supposed to be.

  8. My oldest daughter has switched so many times as to what she wants to be for Halloween…last I knew she wanted to be Lady Gaga! Little one wants to be Minnie Mouse. Thanks so much for hosting this great giveaway!

  9. My 3 year old is going to be a unicorn & my 10 month old is going to be a butterfly. Gotta love consignment finds!

  10. My daughter will be Sleeping Beauty (Aurora) and my son will be a monkey. Hubby and I are dressing up as pirates! Arrrrggghhh!

  11. My daughter is dressing up in a cute cuddly duck costume, and going trick or treating for her very first time!

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