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Energizer Positive Energy

I love being around positive people, who have good ideas, nice things to say and live their lives in a way I admire.  Generally this means, being nice, looking on the bright side of things and bringing out the best in everyone.  I myself try to live my life like this.  The glass is always half full and I strive to find the good in everyone.

Energizer currently has a campaign called “Do Something Little, Help Something Big”.  For every little positive pledge people make, Energizer will $1 to Evergreening to help cities be more livable.

As I mentioned above, I try to do simple acts of kindness each and everyday.  Opening doors, saying thank you to everyone and showing kindness to strangers.   Heck, I even buy people on the streets food.  I also donate every single thing I own to mothers to be, family friends, and also to the local women’s shelter.

We also do a lot for our environment.  We have an amazing recycling program in Halifax (that is even about to get better).  We recycle bottles, plastics, cardboard, cans and also compost.  My husband and I also carpool, and as you also know, we started a garden.  So, along with trying to make positive social difference, we also try to be environmentally conscious as well.

One area that I need to practice more positive energy is in my own home.  I obviously love my family, but sometimes have a short fuse when my Mother asks me the same question 17 times.

1. For my First Pledge, I pledge to be more patient with my Mother.  She deserves it, she does so much for our family, and is one of those people that I strive to live like.  She always has patience for me, so I will need to show her more as well.

2. For my second pledge, I will donate blood regularly (again). I used to do this once every few months, however life has just been so busy, it is one of the things that has fallen off my list of things to do.  So,I will get back on track and pull out my donors card once again.

3. For my third pledge, I will make a donation to The Diabetes association.  I currently donate everything to a local women’s shelter.  I do however have a cousin that was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes (who is now 31 – like me), and I know it’s important to show support to family members.

4. For my fourth pledge, I will start bring my reusable bags to the grocery store (once again).  I used to do this every week, but slowly went back to the old plastic bag ways.  So, I pledge to pack up all my reusable bags and bring them with me while I do the weekly groceries.

5. For my last pledge, I will do something that always makes me feel good, but it’s been a while since I’ve done it.  I’ll buy dinner for an unsuspecting person.  This is something that always makes you feel fantastic, especially when you have left just quickly enough to see their response, but are too far away for them to try to pay you back.  Interestingly enough, I have then seen the person behind me pay for the person behind them – how beautiful is that?

Oh and one last thing I will do around my neighbourhood is pick up garbage when it see it blowing around in the wind, it’s easy to do and it also shows my daughter the importance of keeping our neighbourhood clean.

Remember we have little eyes watching our every move and they will soon enough being the ones taking care of us and our earth.

Energizer has $10,000 to give towards Evergreening, so please get those pledges in.  It feels great to make positive chances, what would your pledges be?  http://bit.ly/qrnCEI

**Disclosure – I am participating in the Energizer Canada & Evergreen “Do Something Little, Help Something Big” program by Mom Central Canada on behalf of Energizer Canada & Evergreen. I received compensation as a thank you for my participation. The opinions on this blog are my own. Please see the full Terms of use.


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