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Easy Bake Oven (Giveaway) – Closed

“Mom, can we bake?”

These are words I recently heard while grocery shopping with our little DD.  Her enthusiasm was quickly followed by “We’re going to Bake”, along with a large smile she provided a stranger.  Little did she know that our baking is as easy as taking premade dough out of the container, rolling it onto a pan and then sticking it into an oven.  I quickly took the dough off the grocery shelf and gave a heartfelt grin back to the old Oma staring at me in slight disgust.  These are what we call croissants in our home.

Much to DD’s delight, we received an Easy Bake Oven for review.  It has been years since I have seen one of these in action, and never actually owned one myself (perhaps this is why I am not a baker today).  I was somewhat excited to get this unwrapped and start the process of making incredible baked goods.  Thankfully, the oven comes with a few baking packages so the kids can start making a mess baking right away.

We went straight for the cupcakes.  Seeing as DD is only 3, she needed adult help.  I was pleased to help her out, I need a bit of practice baking, what better way then to use a kids oven that is nearly fool proof.  Together we plugged the oven in, waited the mandatory 20 minutes to preheat and started mixing the the ingredients.

The cupcake mixture only requires water to be added, no milk, no eggs, nothing!  Making it super easy for children (or adults that have very little experience baking).  We filled the cupcake tin with 1/2 the batter and were able to bake 6 cupcakes at a time.  The tin is tiny – extremely tiny, but remember we are making cupcakes for tiny children, not full grown adults.

Once the oven was ready, I placed the tin into the oven and pushed the tin into the middle of the oven using a special tool – it looks like a long spatula.  And then we waited for our cupcakes to bake.  Once our timer went off, 10 minutes later, I once again  used the tool to push the cupcakes down the “conveyor belt” a little further and waited a full 5 minutes before using the spatula to pull it out the other end.  At no point is there any chance that kids are going to touch something so hot it’s going to burn them.

The quarter sized cupcakes easily came out of the tin and then using icing (mixed with water) we topped off our cupcakes and added sprinkles (also included) as a finishing touch.  I allowed DD to help with the mixing and sprinkles.  We then repeated the first steps over again to make 6 more cupcakes.

Alright, I was proud of what we made.  They were adorable and they tasted yummy too.  Sure, they were small (really, really, really small), but I wouldn’t want my child making 6 standard sized cupcakes at their free will to be consumed as they wanted.  With these pint sized adorable mini cupcakes she could have eaten all 12 and it wouldn’t have equaled a single cupcake.  All three of us enjoyed the cupcakes – DD made sure to show her dad the creation she had just made – much more impressive then crescent rolls.  How cute would these be for a tea party?

The Easy Bake Oven has kind of inspired me to try a bit harder to do some real baking.  It was easy to use and DD and I had a lot of fun baking (and eating) together.  I’ve enjoyed using the Easy Bake Oven, so I’m pretty sure kids of all ages will also enjoy the experience.  This is one of my top suggestions! Oh yea, and clean up was a cinch as well.

Open to Canada

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  1. I remember my Easy Bake Oven. Why is the Easy Bake stuff all cute now!? lol I wish they had these kits when I was little. I like the EASY-BAKE MICROWAVE & STYLE DELUXE DELIGHTS Cake and Cookie Kit.

  2. the EASY-BAKE MICROWAVE & STYLE DELUXE DELIGHTS Cake and Cookie Kit is AWESOME what a difference from the one i had as a kids COOL
    staceyx at telus dot net

  3. I always watch my grand daughters play with their EASY-BAKE OVEN…and they would ask me if I wanted some frosting in my cupcake. Their so cute when their so small…The EASY-Bake oen is different now by shape and color…it looks so awesome and bright.

  4. I would like the EASY-BAKE MICROWAVE & STYLE DELUXE DELIGHTS Cake and Cookie Kit oh my brings back memories, we played with the first oven ever out it was a big deal:)

  5. I like the EASY-BAKE MICROWAVE & STYLE Trendy Tastes Cookie Kit, man has this thing ever changed from when I was kid! I know my daughter would love this!

  6. i had no idea they had the microwave as well. i would like the easy bake oven deluxe ’cause my son and I love to bake.

  7. I also liked the EASY-BAKE MICROWAVE & STYLE DELUXE DELIGHTS Cake and Cookie Kit — mmmmm. The kids would have so much fun making this!

  8. I love my Easy Bake oven when I was little…that’s going back almost 35 years ago! I think my toddler son would love this!

    Thanks, Lisa

  9. Lol at the “Old Oma” and baking.
    I love that it comes with the mixes and cute pans. I had one of these when I was little and I loved it…well some version thereof. It looks much cooler now.

  10. Visited website, and I like the EASY-BAKE MICROWAVE & STYLE Trendy Tastes Cookie Kit.
    hschonrock at yahoo dot com

  11. I like the EASY-BAKE MICROWAVE & STYLE DELUXE DELIGHTS Cake and Cookie Kit 🙂

    justasmalltownmommy at gmail dot com

  12. I like the Microwave & Style Refill Assortment and the fact they tell you where you can buy them without having to drive all over the place.

  13. My eight year old niece would love love love this easy bake oven. I had one when I was young and it was always my favorite and I still think about all the joy it gave me. I went to the site and I think my niece would love the cake and cookie kit. She would feel important baking cakes and cookies for birthdays and holidays.

  14. Love Easy Bake Ovens. Had one as a kid. They are much more colourful and have alot more accessories then back in the day.

  15. I love the EASY-BAKE MICROWAVE & STYLE DELUXE DELIGHTS Cake and Cookie Kit

  16. I always wanted an easy bake oven! I also like the EASY-BAKE MICROWAVE & STYLE DELUXE DELIGHTS Cake and Cookie Kit.

  17. I like the EASY-BAKE MICROWAVE & STYLE Trendy Tastes Cookie Kit. A must to go with the oven. : )

  18. I was just looking at the Easy Bake Ultimate Oven and boy are you bringing up memories of when I was young…1st Baby Alive, now the Easy Bake oven. I remember having a great time with it feeling like chef of the year.;0) I would love to win it for my little granddaughter…and maybe I will play with it too;0)

    • And…I forgot to add, they now have the microwave option…you can be sure there was no such thing in the early 70’s when I was a little girl.

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  20. From the Easy Bake site, I think it would be great to try the Easy Bake Microwave Style Deluxe Delights Cake and Cookie Mix, Item #98003.

    Thanks for offering this great giveaway. ~Pauline (dod@rogers.com)

  21. My 4 year old son is watching me as I am looking at this and I think he is more excited about the idea of baking than my daughter is. I like that there is a microwave option for their products.

  22. Thanks for the great giveaway! Another item I’d like to have is the EASY-BAKE MICROWAVE & STYLE DELUXE DELIGHTS Cake and Cookie Kit because you gotta have supplies for your oven.


  23. I really like the “OPERATION CARS 2” game. I think my daughter and I would like the Cars 2 version of the Operation game than the original Operation game. Did that make sense? Even I’m a little confused about what I just typed. Haa-haa-haa-haa-haa! Just kidding!

  24. Easy Bake oven was my fav Christmas gift as a little girl!! This year my daughter wants one for Christmas .. She wants the “Style Deluxe Delights Cake and Cookie Kit” .. yummy 🙂

  25. Thanks for the great giveaway! Well, to go with the oven you gotta have refills so I would have to get the Easy-Bake Microwave & Style Deluxe Delights Cake and Cookie Kit.


    • Lynette,
      oops…So sorry, I just saw this is only open for Canada. 🙁

      Please delete my entry. Thank you!

  26. i loved my easy bake oven i like the EASY-BAKE MICROWAVE & STYLE DELUXE DELIGHTS Cake and Cookie Kit

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