26 Sep

Baby Alive – closed

There is something natural in little girls that instinctively makes them want to become a mother.  I remember as a young girl playing house and always being the Mom carrying around a little baby.  Despite being a tom boy myself (much like my daughter), I also enjoyed babies.  When I look at little DD, I see a lot of myself in her.  Although she is rough and tough and enjoys the boy toys, she is also a natural mother, playing Mommy with all her toys.

She recently had the opportunity to review Baby Alive.  These babies are as close as it comes to being real (but thankfully they do have an on/off button).  These small babies have special food, come with a bottle, bib, plate, spoon and diapers.  Although DD is officially out of diapers – yippee – I am now regularly changing the new Baby Alive bottom after DD has fed her a bottle of water.  DD helps and is very concerned that her baby has a clean bum at all times.  It’s nice to see her concerns for her little bundle of joy. DD loves her baby, she carries her around, brings her for car rides and makes sure she is well taken care of.

The Baby Alive doll also comes with a lot of sayings such as “I’m Thirsty Mommy”, and my favourite “I Love You Mommy”.  Since Baby Alive has come into our home, I have noticed a change in DD.  She says “I Love You, Mommy & Daddy” much more often and it makes my heart just gush to hear her little voice tell me she loves me.  This mom is constantly smiling ear to ear lately!

Baby Alive does come with some required food, but you will probably have to buy the refill packs and the refill diapers.  But if you would like an insider tip, newborn diapers work just fine – we happen to have a few left over, and I am even considering using cloth reusable diapers – why not teach them young?


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70 thoughts on “Baby Alive – closed

  1. I love that there’s a brunette Baby Alive! So often dolls like this are all blond and blue-eyed; it’s nice to see ones that look more like my family! 🙂

  2. I love the fact that there are so many different dolls to choose from. Just a suggestion though. There should be more dolls of color available. I could only find one. But my daughter is completely in love with BABY ALIVE Wets ‘n Wiggles – Brunette and would love to add her to her baby alive collection. She is just so cute.
    janicebudgellpollard at hotmail dot com

  3. I think my daughter would love the bouncing baby. I could see that causing many hours of giggles. She loves her “babies”

  4. I really like the New Teeth Dool. I think my daughter would really be able to “relate” to her. The whole idea of a baby alive is such a good idea.
    And cloth diapers….teaching them young. You GO MAMA!

  5. I love all the “stuff” she comes with, man alive would my daughter love that! She would never put this baby down LOL

  6. I love the ‘MY BABY ALIVE Doll’ with Blonde Hair. It is the exact same one I had as a little girl. I absolutely LOVED it and when it stopped working, I was broken hearted. My father said he would fix it and next thing I knew he had cut her head off and couldn’t do anything to fix it…ah memories….

  7. Oh my….I had no idea Crib Life Babies were from the same line….my DD1 loves Crib Babies so would have to be one of those.

  8. I like the Baby Alive Baby’s New Teeth Doll – my daughter has a few of these dolls and I use newborn diapers because she is always needing diapers!

  9. I really like the “Baby Alive Whoopsie Doo Doll.” What a cute adorable dolly! My daughter would love to own EVERY SINGLE “Baby Alive” doll. And I wish I could afford to purchase every single doll for her, but I doubt I can purchase them with ‘food stamps’, huh? UGH! Hee-hee-hee-hee-hee! =)

  10. Thanks for the giveaway! Another item I would like to have is the Baby Alive Blonde Baby’s New Teeth Doll. And thanks for the tip about using actual newborn diapers. Surely that’s cheaper than buying the refill packs??!?


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