24 Jul

Make the Switch with Philips Sonicare FlexCare+ ($219)

I have been testing out electric toothbrushes since last Christmas.  I never though about getting an electric toothbrush myself actually, it was my husband who had it on his Christmas list.  Since that time, he has had the opportunity to test out 2 different electric brushes, both of which have not quite made the cut for him, but that has not stopped his efforts.

This time he will have the opportunity to Make the Switch with the Philips Sonicare FlexCare+. With a special Sensitive mode, I am hoping that his will be the brush for him!  (Don’t let my husband know I just posted to the world that he needs a sensitive toothbrush – our secret).  Over the next few weeks to a month we will know if we finally found an electric toothbrush that stands up to my husbands high standards (hey, what can I say, he did marry me…)  I’m really looking forward to seeing my husband Make the Switch and hope this is will finally be the one that works for him!

If you too are interested in making the switch, you can win a Sonicare FlexCare+ electric toothbrush worth $219! – Just like the one Mr. My Wee View will be testing!

Disclosure – I am participating in the PHILIPS SONICARE FLEXCARE+ program by Mom Central Canada on behalf of Philips Canada.I received a Sonicare product pack and a gift card as a thank you for myparticipation. The opinions on this blog are my own. Please see the full Terms of use.
Readers may enter the contest on multiple blogs but are only eligible to win one Sonicare Flexcare+ as part of the contest.

113 thoughts on “Make the Switch with Philips Sonicare FlexCare+ ($219)

  1. I want to make the switch for my overall oral health,,Im sure it would make a great improvement over my manual cheap toothbrush!

  2. Ever since I found out I have mild periodonitits..I have been on a mission of really paying attention to my teeth. Would love to own an electric toothbrush.

  3. I don’t have dental insurance right now so I am not seeing the dentist as much as I should be. So making the switch would definitely help my teeth stay as healthy as possible 🙂

  4. I want to make the switch because I’ve never had an electric toothbrush and I think it would be neat to try and see the difference.

  5. I just don’t think I can brush my teeth anywhere near as well as I could with an electric toothbrush and I have been meaning to buy one for a really long time. This model looks perfect!

  6. My family would love to make the switch! I have been looking at electtric toothbrushes but they are so expensive to just “try out”. Looking forward to reading your review!

  7. I want to make the switch as I have sensitive teeth and gums that are hard enough to take care of. Would love a toothbrush that would make it easier.

  8. I would like to win this because I have trouble getting my back teeth and I think that this would work so much better than the one I am using now

    email RonaleeDuncan{at}aol{dot}com

  9. I don’t just want to make the switch, I NEED to make the switch! Battling spinal cancer for the last 4 yrs has left its toll on my teeth.. I have lost several teeth, just crumbling in my mouth, due to the health battle. Now last week, 2 more broke off inside of 2 temp crowns causing the crowns to fall out!!! It is so discouraging. I need to rev up my oral care and this would be a gift from God!
    Cathy B
    pbprojecthope at yahoo dot com

  10. You only have one pair of teeth so switching is so easy to do to keep them as healthy as can be.

  11. i have very senstive teeth and gums and hate going to the dentist so anything that keeps my teeth healthy and makes for less visits is great for me
    staceyx at telus dot net

  12. My dentist just alerted me on my very bad gums. I had a cleaning last week where I bleed so much she couldnt complete my cleaning. She then gave me a little lecture on how I should toughen up my gums. I want to make the switch so I can have healthy gums that don’t bleed during routine cleanings. I was in so much pain the last dentist visit that I was clutching the arm rests while I moaned in pain.

  13. Getting old and want to keep all my real teeth, it gets hard even though I am a fanatic about my teeth so this would really help!

  14. My dentist always says use electric tooth brush; regular one just can’t match its efficiency.

  15. my teeth would love the switch…anything to make them and my gum’s healthier is a good thing.

  16. I want to make the switch for my husband. I’ve been using a Sonicare for almost 5 years but my husband won’t validate spending the money on himself (sigh). It would make a great gift for him. He has high standards too (that sounds so much kinder than picky, doesn’t it?)

  17. I find as I get older,my oral care needs extra attention. This would be a great reason to make the switch. I want to hang onto my pearly whites

  18. I take a lot of medication and have to go regular radiation treatments. Both of these together can cause rapid tooth decay. I have to be diligent about oral health care. This system would be a definite asset.

    Thanks for the giveaway. ~Pauline


  19. I want to make the switch because I amprone to in between cavaties that my toothbrush misses and flossing doesn’t completely do the trick either. I want a healthier smile.

  20. i would love to make the switch for overall improvements in general dental health! i also love the UV brush head sanitizer and the whitening benefits too!
    tumyiix at gmail dot com

  21. My dentist says the electric toothbrushes are better than a regular one!
    ljatwood at gmail dot com

  22. I have recently made the switch to the cheaper ($40) version of the Philips Sonicare and I absolutely love it…..cannot imagine what this one feels like. Thanks!

  23. I’d like to make the switch because I have been working with my dentist for months to clear up peridentitis. He recommends a good electric toothbrush.

  24. I would love to make the switch because I have never tried an electric toothbrush and I would like cleaner and healthier teeth. Thanks for the giveaway.

  25. I would love the brush my teeth with a powered brush, since having my first baby I have no time for myself I am to busy to even go to the dentist, this toothbrush could help me not get any cavities =)

  26. I want to make the switch because I am currently pregnant and I want to maintain healthier teeth and healthier gum

  27. I’ve never tried an electric toothbrush and I’d love to see if it will actually do a much better job than a manual one!

  28. I want to make the switch to be more environmentally friendly – I use a battery operated toothbrush and would love the rechargeable one! I also struggle with sensitive gums, this toothbrush promises to make them stronger and healthier.

  29. I want to make the switch because i’m only 21, single and ready to start my life without an addiction that pretty much destroyed my teeth! I want to restore and take care of my teeth’s health.

  30. I am currently using oral B & it’s not doing anything for me. I’d like to try the difference between the two.

  31. I want to make the switch because I’ve never tried an electric toothbrush and I’d like to find out if it would improve my oral health.

  32. I would love to make the switch because I have very sensitive teeth and weak enamel. I think this toothbrush would work out very well for me!!

  33. I’d like to make the switch (at least temporarily) to see whether or not electric toothbrushes in fact do improve the health of my teeth and gums when compared to conventional manual alternatives.


  34. I would like to make the switch because I drink a lot of coffee and I would like to have cleaner, brighter, whiter teeth

  35. I want to make the switch for better teeth care. I went 32 years without a cavity and now I have 2! No fair lol

  36. I would like to make the switch to the Sonicare FlexCare+ electric toothbrush because I would like my teeth to look nice and be healthy

  37. I had a Soniccare before but it broke,I’d love to make the switch again because my gums were in better shape with the Sonicare

  38. I would love to switch b/c I only have a manual toothbrush and have always wanted to try an electric

  39. I would like to make the switch because i havent found a tootbrush i like better than my manual and would like to try it,
    reneetaylor at sympatico dot ca

  40. i’d like to switch to get my teeth their whitest and healthiest before our wedding in the fall

  41. i would love to make the switch because i need a better toothbrush , my battery opperated toothbrush does not work very well..And i want a toothbrush that will help with my oral health and to keep my teeth white

  42. I love electronic toothbrushes and have had one for years, time for an upgrade. I also have sensitive gums so need one that has a sensitive mode.

  43. I want to make the switch because I think it’s high time that I modernize and try an electric toothbrush for cleaner teeth & healthy gums and say bye bye to my labor intensive manual toothbrushes. 🙂

  44. I recently had some major dental work done and my teeth are sensitive now so I would to switch over to this product since the one I have does not have a sensitive setting – (emscout9 at Hotmail dot com)

  45. I want to make the switch so that I am taking better care of my teeth


  46. I used to have a sonicare toothbrush and it was awesome. Unfortunately after a couple of years the battery died on my. I really miss it an my teeth just don’t feel as clean without it, I would love to have another one.

  47. If you could only see the state my teeth are actually in! I can’t afford to go the dentist..so this would be an awesome switch! Just want to have the clean feeling again 🙂

  48. I want to make the switch because I am not very good about brush my teeth and would love to have better, cleaner & whiter teeth!

    larajarrette at gmail dot com

  49. I would like to make the switch for my teenage son. If he saw what a difference this toothbrush could make..I believe he would be better about brushing his teeth!
    tlcrum06 @ att dot net

  50. I would ike to make the switch as I have used an electric toothbrush in the past – I noticed a huge difference in how my teeth felt and looked and want to get back to that feeling!

  51. I need to have cleaner teeth — my dentist has recommended to get an electric toothbrush but I haven’t been able to afford it yet!! Thanks for the chance to win. Just so you know I subscribe and follow under different emails.

  52. I would like to make the switch because I am curious about using an electric tooth brush. Not to mention, as a family of eight, I am so tired of buying toothbrushes!

  53. I would like to switch because I have very sensitive teeth and it has a sensitivty mode

  54. Y’all sound like us. My husband needs a sensitive toothbrush too. He has sensitive gums and I have sensitive teeth. We have had mid priced electric brushes (none as pricey as this one) and cheap ones. He is happy with any of them, as long as it’s electric and not manual, lol. I haven’t found one I like yet. They either have too big a head on them or too big a handle or are too loud or too rough. Such a hassle for clean teeth. I would love to win though to try this and even if it wasn’t the one for me, hubby would be glad to take it off my hands, or off my teeth rather. Lol. Thanks.


  55. I want to make the switch because I am avery hard brusher (I make my gums bleed) so this may be easier on my poor mouth.

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