30 Jun

The Baby’s Bundle

It’s hard to believe that nearly 2 years have gone by since The Baby’s Bundle has been featured on my site.  Last time around, I had the opportunity to review one of their luxurious baby minki blankets, which is incredibly soft and silky and just the perfect small size for tiny hands.

The Baby’s Bundle is a company from Arizona that has grown over the past years and now carries a number of new products for Moms, Dads and Babies to enjoy.   One such item is great for the summer months.  It is called the Cold Seat.  I’m sure we have all had one of those moments when we enter the car and it’s way to hot to breath and the seat nearly burns our bums while first sitting down.  As an adult, we know to be careful and make sure that our bum is properly covered before taking a seat.  Kids on the other hand, are still learning.

To protect your kids precious behinds, there is a very neat product with a great concept.  It’s called the Cold Seat.  Essentially this is a freezable car seat cover that fits on top of your child’s car or booster seat.  When you child takes a seat in the car, their bottom will be welcome with a nice cool seat rather than a scorcher.   The seat comes off before the child is buckled in, so there is a bit of pre planning involved, but it seems like a simple thing to do to keep your kids protected for a burn (or just a cranky drive).

Here in Nova Scotia the hot weather is just around the corner. We have had a few days here and there which have been really hot, but so far it’s been fairly mild.  However, in places down south (especially the Southern States), each and every day can get over 200 degrees in the car – that’s HOT!  In those areas, the Cold Seat would be a must.

Along with the Cold Seat, the Baby’s Bundle has also added Moby Wrap, Snuggin Go, Baby Legs, Hooter Hiders,Bebe au Lait Nursing Covers, Baby Necklaces, ties and one of my favourites – hair clips.

From June 30 – July 15 Shipping for the Cold Seat is absolutely FREE!  (perfect for the summer months).  Use Coupon Code “weeviewcs

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  1. I love the Bebe au Lait nursing covers/Hooter Hiders as they are also a
    Multi-use item great idea!

  2. i like the pink and brown polka dot minky ruffle baby blanket, and love the idea of the dear child note cards!
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