21 Jun

Step2 – Sand & Water Fun Farm

Step2 is a company that I have featured many times before.  Their products are interactive, fun and durable.  With the summer month just around the corner, we have been spending plenty of time outside (despite the fog, rain, drizzle and any other wetness).  We haven’t let the poor weather keep us from being outside in the warmer weather (it’s all relative, remember I live in Canada and even 15 degrees is a nice day when it’s been 0 for half the year).

For summer, Step2 sent us a Sand & Water Fun Farm.  This is a playtable for toddlers that combines water, sand, a farm and tractor track.  The Sand & Water Fun Farm was very easy to set up.  We actually put it together at the same time we put together the large play structure in our back yard – I guess we were all pumped up and needed something a little easier to put together before tackling the large outdoor structure.

The Sand & Water Fun Farm holds both sand and water (go figure) and apparently rocks and monster trucks.  The kids have placed all kinds of rocks and other treasures in play table.  They like having the rocks nearby so they can be pulled along the outer tractor track.  The Fun farm comes with 2 tractors that hook together that kids can pull around the track as it goes over bridges, under tunnels and between the sand and water.  The Sand & Water Fun Farm also includes some farm animals, a shovel and a funnel for kids to enjoy playing with the sand and water. (Isn’t neat to look at something after the kids have finished using it for the day?!?).

The kids really enjoy playing with this, despite the not so nice weather.  They get just a little bit wet with the water and the younger kids can hold themselves up while they play with the older children.  The ages range from 1 – 4 (in my backyard) and all the children enjoy their time with the farm.  There is 1 child that can play there for hours (and hours), he can spend the whole entire day playing with just this play table.  The other kids come and go and enjoy splashing and pulling the tractors around.

Step2 has so many products for kids starting from birth to youth.  DD and the rest of her friends have been enjoying the Sand & Water Fun Farm in the rain (so I guess it doesn’t matter how wet they get from the water).

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  1. I commented in Rafflecopter and I’m not sure if I’m supposed to comment here as well, so I will. I also like the Deluxe Art Master set.

  2. i like the infantino learning toys, like the my first animals of the world circular puzzle!
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