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On May 3rd, Dora the Explorer: It’s Haircut Day!  was released on DVD.  Dora is very popular in our home, not only does my 2.5 year old “watch” it, she dances, claps and helps her friends get to their ultimate goal.

Here’s a Synopsis:

Dora’s Hair Raising Adventure

Boots really wants to give his mom a picture of himself for her birthday but he’s having a bad hair day.  Thankfully, Dora knows who can help, El Peluquero (the barber).  Dora and Boots set out on a Hairy Adventure to solve a riddle at the Troll Bridge by matching poodles with cool geometric-shaped haircuts, help Señora Gigante brush some birdies out of her hair, and sing a “corta el pelo” song with El Peluquero as he gives Boots a new haircut.

Happy Birthday, Super Babies

It’s the Twins’ 1st birthday!  Abuela’s making Guillermo a banana cake and Isabella a strawberry cake – her favorite!  As they wait for the cakes to bake, Dora tells a Super Babies story!  Once upon a time, there was a cake-snatching bear who stole everyone’s birthday cake.  This was a job for the Super Babies!  They bounced across the Bouncy House, caught a ride with Tico through the Piñata Forest, and made it to the Bear’s Castle to get back the birthday cakes and save everyone’s birthday.

Baby Winky Goes Home!

Dora and Boots find a lovable little space creature named Winky.  He came to visit with his family, Purple Planet’s Inky, Dinky, Plinky, Flinky and Al, but he got lost!  Winky must get back to his family before their spaceship takes off.  They set off singing a Spanish hopping song over Hopscotch Bridge, blow giant rocks into bubbles, and float all the way to the top of the Tallest Mountain.

Dora’s Pegaso Adventure

Dora and Boots are playing a game of hide-and-seek with their friends Little Star and some animal constellations: Pegaso (the flying horse), a Baby Bear, a Lion and a Whale.  Suddenly, a meteor shower rushes by scaring all of the animals away!  The sky goes dark except for Little Star and Pegaso.  If the constellations don’t come home to the moon before the sun comes up, they’ll never find their way home!  They race against the sun and take a Pegaso ride to find the animal constellations.

I think any young child (girl or boy) will fall in love with Dora and her best friend boots (and in this episode – poodles – which we also have a very strong connection with).  Dora is interactive and keeps the kids entertained.  I’m so surprised to see my daughter pointing at the TV, and helping all the characters get to their final destination.  I don’t recall many shows like this as a child, and as a grown adult I always wondered if kids would actually talk to the characters as if they were really there with them – I will be the first to say “yes, yes they do”.

Not all the episodes included on this DVD are about Hair Cuts (despite the title).  However,  I’m sure this episode will get you and the kids talking about getting hair cuts (and first hair cuts too). We had a few conversations in our home.

Dora and her friends are pretty much guaranteed to entertain my daughter, and in times of desperate need (those times when I question my sanity), it’s easy to pop this DVD in and have a few minutes to relax and let myself know that it’s not that bad.  She enjoys it and so do we.

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43 thoughts on “DORA THE EXPLORER: IT’S HAIRCUT DAY! (2 winners)

  1. My little one enjoys getting her hair trimmed at the new kids place in town. She sits in a Barbie car and gets lollipops!

  2. I wish the hairdresser could cut my hair the same way each time I go to him. I get a haircut I like about every 3rd visit. Ticks me off!

  3. I am still on the hunt for a fabulous hairdresser. Why is it so hard to find someone who understands what you want and can do I too? Maybe I am the problem lol.

  4. I only get it done about 2x a year, but I go all out when I do–highlights, styling–I love it!

  5. I dread getting haircuts. I got a nice one, for the first time in years, then I went back to the same hairdresser, and she was having a bad day, and so did my hair. My hair looks terrible.

  6. I just went to a new stylist and feel like she didn’t do the job my last one did! good thing for prenatals and growing my hair out!! ha!

  7. I let my husband cut my hair. Do not have a real short hair-do. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway

  8. Is there a form we have to fill out to win this? I just got a hair cut about a week and a half ago. It really is a hit and miss because some people cut mine too short and I just look like a boy 😛 It’s not good when you are not a skinny person if they cut your hair too short 😛

  9. i do not enjoy getting my haircut..i only go about once a year

  10. we are thinking about cutting our toddlers hair soon and this would be great for her to see leading up to the big day!

  11. My 16th month old LOVES Dora and is about to get her first haircut!!! We just may have to get this to “prepare” her:)

  12. My son cries just about everytime he gets a haircut. I ask him if it hurts he says , that he just wants long hair.

  13. i love going to get my haircut, its amazing the difference a good cut can make! too bad haircuts just seem to be getting more and more expensive these days!
    tumyiix at gmail dot com

  14. Dora is the best keeps the kids happy! Love the songs!

  15. I got my haircut at a beauty salon one time and the lady but my bangs way too short, so I cut my own hair now.

  16. Little one loves Dora, but hates getting her hair cut. I am definitely due for a hair cut myself! Thanks so much for hosting this fun giveaway!


  17. I barely find time to get my own hair cut. My girl wanted her own haircut once she saw me getting mine done.

  18. I haven’t cut my hair in months, I just let it grow out, last time I had it cut I just asked my friend to:)

  19. I usually let my hair grow really long like about half way down my back then chop it off to a cute lil bob..

  20. I love getting my haircut. It feels so healthy and neat when I am done. Thanks
    carolwegs at gmail dot com

  21. I no longer go get my hair cut. I finally figured out that the stylist in town want to give me what they want to give me no matter what I want. LOL! Cutting my own is actually an improvement. IT was that or move…

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