27 Jun

Cars 2 – Lot of Hasbro Car 2 Games

With the excitement of Cars 2 opening last week there is plenty of buzz online, on TV and in stores about Lighting McQueen and his friends.  DD has seen the mini clips on Disney Junior and has been talking about Cars regularly.  She has yet to see the original, but the short clips are enough to get this Tomboy excited about the latest Disney movie which raced into theaters on June 24th.

Hasbro has a whole new line of Cars 2 games for kids of all ages to enjoy.  We received a number of them for review including, Trouble, Monopoly, Operation, Sliders and Memory!  Once receiving the games, it was apparent that some were quite beyond a 2 year old’s comprehension level.

One game that we were able to play is Memory.  This is the classic game of memory with a new twist.  Along with the game pieces that need to be matched up while upside down, there is also a race track, matching board and 2 cars.  The object of the game is to get your car to the end of the race track first by making the most matches.  It’s a pretty straightforward game, but with the extra little competition it brings some new excitement to a classic game.

DD and I played this together and she enjoyed the game in many ways.  First she liked to match up the game pieces and put them all lined up in the matching board.  She was able to place them all into the little slots and then admire her work once it was completed.  She also enjoyed zooming the cars along the track.  Together we matched the game pieces and had fun together.  DD is nearly 3 and although she is good at matching, we still leave the pieces flipped up, making the game a little less stressful and more fun.  She is really good at finding the matching pieces.

I remember playing the other games as a child, my favourite was Operation, hearing that loud buzz used to scare me while concentrating so intent on getting the parts out of the body.   I’m looking forward to the day that I can play this with my daughter, which I am sure is just around the corner.

Update: My husband tried to take DD to the theater and unfortunately, she wasn’t able to stay more than just a few minutes.  I guess we will have to wait for this one to come out on DVD and watch it in our basement – which we enjoy as well.

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