03 May

Max and Ruby: Rainy Day Play DVD – CLOSED

With Spring officially here, there is plenty of rain on the East Coast of Canada.  Which also means plenty of time to spend inside.  After spending most of the winter inside, you can imagine that we have eagerly anticipated the nicer weather so we can play outside.  But, spring being the season that it is, also brings along rain.  So, we once again are thinking of alternative ways to enjoy our time inside.  Max and Ruby’s newest DVD, Rainy Day Play has arrived just in time for the season.

Here’s a rather long Synopsis of all the episodes:

Ruby Writes a Story

Ruby needs quiet while she tries to write a story, but Max wants to play cowboy.  Fortunately, he helps Ruby come up with the perfect idea for her story.

Max’s Dominos

Ruby and Louise want to earn their hospitality badge by hosting a Bunny Scout Meeting.  Meanwhile, Max and Morris are busy exploring the domino effect with a variety of toys culminating in a terrific welcome for Bunny Scouts.

Grandma’s Attic

Max & Ruby explore in Grandma’s attic.  While Ruby is delighted to try on old clothes, Max finds an old chest that Grandma says nobody ever goes into.  When he finds the key, they both get a surprise.

Bunny Cakes

Ruby wants to surprise Grandma with an angel cake with raspberry fluff icing for her birthday.  However, Max wants to make Grandma an earthworm cake with red-hot marshmallow squirters.  After a few mishaps in the kitchen and a few trips to the grocery store, Grandma gets both!

Bunny Party

Ruby is preparing a surprise birthday party for Grandma and she invited all her dollies as guests.  Meanwhile, Max thinks that some of his toy friends should also be at the party.  It’s not long before Ruby discovers that there are too many guests and not enough chairs.

Bunny Money

Ruby has saved just enough money to buy Grandma a music box with skating ballerinas on top for her birthday.  She soon finds however that shopping with Max costs more than she planned.

Ruby’s Safari

Ruby and Louise have to fill out the last page of their Bunny Scout Scrapbook.  They decide to have a safari in the backyard to get a picture of a special creature.  However, Max keeps leading them astray with his animal toys.  In the end, his red rubber elephant attracts a hummingbirdand the girls get their photo.

Max’s Mud Bath

Ruby and Louise set up there beauty shop again and want to give Max an all-natural treatment with crushed up fruits and veggies.  However,Max thinks the treatment looks quite tasty and would rather play in the mud.

Max’s Lost Lizard

Ruby and Louise are making a terrarium for the Bunny Scout chameleon, and Max is very interested in the “lizard!” When the chameleon escapes, Max is the only one who sees through its camouflage.  Thankfully, Max manages to help get it safely back in the girls’ finished terrarium.

Ruby’s Rainbow

Ruby wants to paint a perfect rainbow for Grandma but she can’t remember the colors or the order they go in.  When Max says “Backyard,”Ruby says he can’t go outside because it’s raining.  However when she finally follows him outside, she sees there’s a rainbow in the backyard.

Home Tweet Home

Ruby and Louise build a birdhouse. Max says “Hungry” so Ruby gets him a peanut butter sandwich, berries and sunflower seeds.  When the birds don’t come near the birdhouse, Max uses the treats to attract the birds.

Max’s Mudpie

Max keeps trying to make a mudpie but Ruby wants him to stay clean because Grandma is coming over and she’s got something very special.  In the end, Max gets himself and Ruby mucky.  It turns out that Grandma’s surprise is a double chocolate fudge treat she calls “Mudpie!”

On top of all these suggestions for what to do in the rain, kids can also watch DVD’s.   Max and Ruby has been quite popular in our home.  However, I have to admit that as time has been going on, DD doesn’t ask for them as frequently as she used to (oh no – she is growing up way to fast). We do bring the movie in the car and once in a while pop them into the DVD player at home.  Some of the episodes are ones that we have seen on TV before, and others are new  us.

Soon enough, summer will be here and the rainy days will end and we will be able to play outdoors.  But Fall will once again be right around the corner which means lots more of indoor play.   Baking, colouring, tents, reading, and Play-Doh along with watching movies are all ways that we keep our busy on those rainy days.


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176 thoughts on “Max and Ruby: Rainy Day Play DVD – CLOSED

  1. we love to watch movies and play board games

  2. We love to dress up in our brightest, funkiest raingear and go for a walk (barring thunderstorms, of course) – there usually aren’t many people out and about and I find that everything looks so much more vibrant with colour outside when it’s wet. During the Spring it’s a great time to explore the renewing plantlife and who doesn’t love jumping in puddles? 🙂

  3. Our favorite rainy day activity was always baking cookies or watching movies together snuggled up in a blanket eating popcorn.

  4. my daughter usually wants to go splash in the puddles but we usually end up doing crafts or baking

  5. My kids and I like to do art projects and baking on rainy days.

  6. On rainy days we stay at home in misery wishing it would be sunny outside so we can go out for a walk! Hate rain…

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  9. outside we like to splash in puddles. inside we like to set up our train tracks and play with trains and do craft projects, like making a fort out of cardboard boxes

  10. On rainy days we build tents inside the house out of blankets. We do puzzles and play board games. We like to play with our kitchen and play food too.

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  11. We like to curl up and watch a movie together. We don’t slow down much to do that so it’s nice to be able to on rainy days.


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