25 Apr

CBC Kids Tweet-up

Earlier this month, I had an amazing and busy adventure at CBC in Toronto.  I was invited to take part in their Tweet-up.  Myself and nearly 20 bloggers got together to have a special day with some of the great personalities at CBC.

CBC is interested in what parents want, and they want to hear our voices.  I grew up with CBC, Mr. Dress Up and and the Friendly Giant are shows that I remember watching as a youngster.  I loved these shows as a child, and now as a parent, I love having the opportunity to be able to speak to the people behind the programming and give my feedback.

Here’s a little bit about what my Day at CBC was like.

We first went to a tapping of Steven and Chris, these guys are hilarious.  The guest was Jillian Michaels from the Biggest Loser, one topic that she discussed was bullying and how important it is for kids to stand up for themselves.  I thought it was an excellent lesson for young people and adults alike, cause unfortunately, there are also adult bullies too.  If you are being bullied or if your kids are being bullied, Jillian says to put your hand up and say firmly that you are not to be treated that way.  Very good advice for everyone!

After the show, we had an opportunity to meet PattiSullivan (@pattysullivan), Mamma Yamma (@MammaYamma) and her amazing puppeteer AliEsiner (@AliEisner) behind the scenes.  (If you watch CBC in the morning, there is no doubt that you know who I am talking about) . Ali also writes most of the material and the songs for the show, Ali is so, so, so, so, so, so,,, talented.  We also met with executives from CBC who were interested in what parents think of their programming (I was going to say Mom’s but there was a very special Dad with us as well).  Basically, CBC wants parents to know that they care and they want to make their programming as best as the can, and they want you – the parents – to tell them how and what they can do to make it better!  They even gave us the scoop on future programming, there are plenty of new shows coming up – which the executives are very excited about, so stay tuned!

To celebrate the day, we had a beautiful and super delicious cake and got to take pictures with the extra adorable Steven and Chris.  Who also shared a yummy Canadian drink recipe with us.  During the event, there was plenty of chatter on Twitter (you can check it all out using the #tag, #kidsCBC).  Unfortunately, my internet wasn’t overly reliable, so my tweets were few and far between, it seems that I was getting everything a few minutes late.

After the Tweet-up, many of us stayed behind to check out my “boyfriend” @Strombo!  He specifically asked to meet with the bloggers before the show – how nice is that?

I had a very busy but a super fun day with CBC and with plenty of wonderful bloggers!  Some old friends some new friends, but all wonderful women that I was honored to spend the day with.

So parents, here’s your chance to get your voice heard, Tweet @CBCParents, tell ’em what you think!


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    • So true! The company surly can make or break a get together and they sure did a great choice of picking a great crew! It was so nice to see you again Shannon!

  1. It really was a wonderful time! To say I was impressed with kidsCBC would be an understatement!
    It was awesome to meet you and the other fabulous, BEAUTIFUL women too!

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