12 Apr

Bambi Easter Basket Giveaway ($75) – 2 Winners – Closed

Easter is nearly here, and to Celebrate you can win a Bambi Themed Easter Basket worth ($75)

Here’s a Synopsis of the Bambi Movie which was re-released on March 1, 2011:

As morning light breaks across the meadow, a young deer named Bambi is born and hailed as ‘Prince of the Forest.’ Soon Bambi emerges from the thicket on wobbly legs, much to the delight of his new friends, Thumper, the playful rabbit, and Flower, the bashful yet lovable skunk. But the fun of nibbling on fresh blossoms and frolicking through thewoods is only the beginning. Exploring his new world, and guided by the wisdom of Friend Owl, Bambi learns valuable life lessons with every adventure – experiencing the power of friendship, family, and love along the away.



  • 2 lucky readers are going to receive:
  • BAMBI Diamond Edition 2-Disk Disney Combo Pack (Blu-ray & DVD)
  • one large size and one mini- sized Bambi plush character plush
  • playful pal Thumper plush
  • Bambi collectable Lunch Box
  • Bambi-themed flower seeds (to sprout a spring garden)

.  .  .  all in a single basket themed with Easter eggs and more!

To Enter:

  • Make a comment below letting me know what your plans are for Easter

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Giveaway closes   April 17th @ 11:59 pm PST.  Open to Canada and US


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1,111 thoughts on “Bambi Easter Basket Giveaway ($75) – 2 Winners – Closed

  1. We will be attending Sunday school and church as usual and then going to my mom and dad’s house where they will treat our kids to an Easter egg hunt and hamburger cookout! Fun-fun!!
    mandy-burkett at sbcglobal dot net

  2. We’ll be going over to my parents, along with my brother and his family, and my grandparents. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

  3. We’re going to go to an easter egg hunt on the university grounds!
    goodkarmacan at yahoo dot com

  4. My husband is working on Easter, so we’re going to celebrate on Saturday and have family over for dinner. Sunday morning, we’ll go to church and the kids and I will take it easy.
    Thanks so much.

  5. My plans for Easter are: Church, Community Easter Egg hunt where I am the Easter Bunny…no kidding, then home to have dinner with everyone.

  6. Hate that I’m going to miss my granddaughter’s 1st Easter, but so excited to be spending a week in Paris.

  7. Family time! Dinner, egg decorating, and waiting patiently for the Easter-bunny to make his big yearly appearance!

  8. My plans are to just stay home with the kids and relax this easter.
    janicebdugellpollard at hotmail dot com

  9. We plan on staying close to home and letting our daughters enjoy their Easter treats! Hoping the weather will be nice!

  10. We are moving over easter break from st.louis to dc. We will be driving up to NJ for the holiday with family.

  11. It is my grandpa’s 80th birthday that day, so we will be celebrating Easter and having a birthday party that day. Oh it’s also my 10 year old cousin’s birthday party, it will be fun.

  12. I plan to hide eggs and eat jelly beans with my kids!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  13. My husband is in the US Navy, and his ship will be underway during Easter this year. I will be spending the holiday with my mother-in-law and will be going to church, and trying to Skype with my hubby (her son). It will be a lonely one without him, but we will celebrate the best we can! ^_^

  14. Easter is going to be pretty low key. I am pretty much working the whole weekend. I’ll try to sneak in a ham dinner during that time.

  15. well we can’t afford much for easter, but we will dye our egg shells, and have a movie and relax day!im hoping to be able to buy my oldest daughter a little choco rabbit and little eggs to find!

  16. lol, is it wrong i am wanting to win this to “share” with my son? ha ha
    our Easter plans this year?
    maybe going to my parents..
    or at least finding an Easter Egg hunt to go to 🙂

  17. We were just talking about this. I am going to my sister’s house for a BBQ.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  18. Are plans are to celebrate with friends and family, but do the big egg hunt first thing in the morning with the two little ones.

  19. Our church plant has big things in store to kick off on Easter Sunday. Normally I would go home to my parents we would die eggs with the kids on saturday night and then sunday we would go to Easter service and have traditional Easter lunch and egg hunts and what not ~ excited to have a different Easter tradition this year!


  20. I am planning on spending it with my husband and girls, and we will probably go to my mom’s for 1/2 the day, and then my dad’d side of the family for the rest of the day!

  21. Our plans for easter are celebrating our son’s very first Easter this year and just hanging out together

  22. We are having Easter Dinner at my place. 15 in total. Instead of turkey I am having a spiral sliced ham yummmm

  23. Our grandkids are coming to spend the weekend with us. I’m sure we will do whatever they want…they are usually in charge.

  24. We actually get to spend the holiday with our friends this year since we are orthodox we rarely get to spend the easter together. We plan on staying home and cooking for family and friends.

  25. I planned to go to the Jardin Botanique with my boy & going to hide a Lindt bunny in the ground for him to find it.

  26. Hoping to have Easter dinner with my family. Very blessed this year. It will be my grandson’s first Easter (4 months Old) & we have another grandbaby on the way!

  27. My family and I will be going to Brunch for Easter. And we will probably have a small Easter Egg Hunt for my niece, and little cousin.

  28. We have the family over my house for Easter. The adults have an egg hunt in our jungle of a yard. Thanks for the giveaway!

  29. I have no plans of yet foe Easter,,staying home and spending time with family.. karasceviour at hotmail dot com

  30. After attending Mass on Easter morning, we’ll meet my husband’s family for brunch. From there, we’ll got to my parents’ home for dinner and a huge Easter Egg hunt. There are 19 grandchildren….so lots of eggs to hide and find! Thanks!
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  31. Hopefully my 17 month usually energetic grandson will be able to be excited to share in Easter activities as he has been in and out of the hospital with exceptionally and very scary high fevers which is puzzling ER doctors. He is my ‘sunshine’ and I am praying he is okay. If he feels better, my daughter, son-in-law and myself will go to Church in the morning then have a wonderful dinner, of course complete with bunny ears for my little buddy and much love to share on this special day and always.

  32. Here are my plans for Easter: The kids will wake up and find the eggs hidden by the Easter Bunny, then we will have breakfast and go to church.

  33. Spend time with my family, especially my sisters that I don’t see often, and hide eggs for the kids.

  34. I’m gonna have an easter egg hunt with my kids in the morning here at home. Then We are gonna have an easter dinner.

  35. Easter plans are dinner at my parenst house with the whole family and hopefully an egg hunt for the kids.

  36. The Easter Bunny has made arrangments to visit on Saturday, April 23 since my granddaughter will only be with us until 1:00. Sunday will start out with Church at 10:00 and then an Easter egg hunt directly after church at 11:30. As for myself and husband, we plan to visit his sister for her famous Easter dinner….can’t wait.

    Happy Easter to you as well….


  37. What a lovely basket! We usually do get around to hiding and hunting for eggs… But we do keep a focus on the “Reason for the Season” – our faith is based on this day: and empty tomb and a risen Savior!

  38. Easter – family dinner and Easter Egg hunt for the kids. I might see if we can find some stuff going on in the community on Saturday so the kids can have a bit more fun.

  39. Are plans for Easter this year are to relax and enjoy a wonderful holiday with family while enjoying a delicious traditional dinner. (with turkey, green bean casserole, & ofcourse apple pie!)

  40. Easter Drama at Church on Saturday night, Sunrise service early on Sunday morning then out to breakfast before going to Easter Worship service. We’ll spend the afternoon hiding and finding eggs. We may take a long lazy nap too.

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  42. We’re heading back home for Easter but first my four year old and I have to come up with a plan to catch the Easter bunny! lol ty for the entry =D

  43. We plan on spending Easter with my son and his family enjoying our little grandson’s first Easter.
    kimkmc at yahoo.com

  44. We are having a Easter dinner at my mom and dads house.We get all of the family together and have a great meal then the adults hide the Easter eggs for the kids to hunt.

  45. I have to work on Easter — again, but afterwards I plan on visiting my boyfriend’s family for dinner.

  46. We’re collaborating with friends and having a backyard Easter egg hunt for the kiddies ranging in age from 1-5 …er 35! Lol!

  47. Plans for Easter are going to my in laws for Easter Dinner and giving candy to the kids 🙂

    pattifritz2000 at yahoo dot com
    thanks for the chance

  48. Easter this year is complex as my daughters are on very tight allergy diets – so no candy and chocolate is hard to find in the variety they can eat – no dairy or soy lecithin for them – yoikes. We will go to church in the morning and then my moms for a simple dinner of turkey and mashed potates, and veg – it is hard as we can eat so little, it is very hard for my mom but she will get by LOL. It will be great fun for my girls though. I have crocheted them little chicks in rabbit suits 🙂 and I always crochet them a Easter basket every year.

  49. We’ll be going out of town to visit my Mom. We always have a great dinner and it’s nice visiting with everyone.
    Snowflake Day Play at gmail dot com

  50. We’re planning to go to a sunrise service as our church. I’ll be sure to hide plastic eggs filled with goodies in the backyard too (stickers, nuts and a little bit of candy). Thanks for the giveaway.

  51. My daughter is still a little young to understand easter egg hunts and stuff like that, so we’ll probably just work on our new house


  52. Since it’s one of the few holidays I get off from my retail job I’m excited that I can actually celebrate it with my family this year with a dinner and Easter baskets 🙂

  53. Our plans for easter are to wait for the babyinthebelly to arrive. I’ll be around the due date then. I’ve already bought my little one some eater gifts to make it special at home. This easter basket would be a great suprise as she loves bunnies, in particular thumper and the bunny from HOP. LOL

  54. going to take babe to her first Easter Egg Hunt at the park with a petting zoo 🙂 & she gets to get dressed up for church and celebrating Grandma’s 63rd birthday!

  55. We don’t really have big plans for Easter. We’ll probably just spend the day together and have a nice dinner.

  56. We plan on Having Easter Dinner at my parents, and then hopefully my baby nephew will be in for a visit.

  57. This is our first Easter as parents so we’re being torn between families. I think we might stay home and tell everyone to come see us!

  58. we are planning to attend church in the morning then we will be having a big Easter Egg hunt for the kids after!

  59. Since we moved and are still working on setting up the household, we will go to Golden Corral after our children hunt for eggs and their Easter baskets.

  60. we have our annual easter egg hunt at my mom and dad’s house! my kids love it and get TONS of eggs!

  61. Our Easter plans are to participate in a community Easter egg hunt and have a quiet traditional Easter dinner as a family. Oh, and let’s not forget the egg-dying and chocolate bunnies…. that’ll be happening, too. 😉

    megancrose at gmail dot com

  62. I’m planning to spend Easter enjoying my family. We’ll hide and then hunt for eggs, we’ll read the Bible, we’ll probably watch a video and eat some good food.

  63. We won’t be able to travel to be with family this Easter, so we’ll be spending it quietly at home.

  64. Easter plans-try to get outside with the kids as much as possible and enjoy the fresh spring air! Then possibly a nice big family dinner.

  65. We’ll be making pierogis for the dinner and going to my sister’s for dessert on Easter.

  66. Having Easter dinner with my daughter and finding my grandaughters easter basket in the morning .

  67. My hubby is hoping to have our Easter Eggs hidden outside this year. Then after church, the plan is to go to my parents’ house for brunch; my grandma and brother will be here too.

  68. My plans for Easter is a quiet day spent with my family. Thanks for the giveaway


  69. My plans for easter is to have the family over for dinner and have an easter egg hunt in the yard.

  70. Our Easter will be quiet this year. The grandbabies will be travelling to see other family, so we will have a small celebration beforethey leave and a quiet holiday.

  71. Quiet evening with hubby and son or another quiet evening visiting the great grandmother in the city!

  72. My plans for easter are to go to church, out to brunch with my fiance, then spend the rest of the day either in the pool or at the lake

  73. For Easter — so well deserved time off, painting eggs, chocolate and spending time with the kids.

  74. Easter falls on my hubby’s bday this year, so we are going to have a nice big dinner after church. 🙂

  75. I will be getting together with daughter, son, daughter-in-law and grandkids for dinner. Fairly quiet, but nice.

  76. This Easter we are going to Sunrise Service at Church, then heading to my Mother-In-Law’s home to have a big Easter Egg Hunt after lunch. We always gather everyone at her house, all of our Families. Eat, Search and be Merry.

  77. I’m going to hide some eggs for my daughter to find and then make us a brunch to share just the two of us. thank you, hope you enjoy your easter!

  78. The evening before Easter me and my kids will decorate the Easter eggs. In the morning my husband and I will hide the eggs and easter baskets for the kids. Then once all the eggs are found I will begin my yearly tradition on baking Easter Egg Bread, and getting ready for our big Easter dinner with all of our family. Then right before the guests arrive it is time to fight with the boy’s and my husband to go put on their “Sunday’s Best” so we can have our holiday dinner with 12 people all scrunched around our little table in our tiny kitchen. After dinner, it’s time to clean. No rest for the mommy, not even on Easter Sunday. Oh Fooey!!! 😛

  79. We’ll likely go to church and then spend quality family time together. I will also attempt to remember to make resurrection cookies with the kids, I forgot last year so I am hoping to remember this year lol

  80. My plans include an Easter Breakfast at church with Easter Egg Hunt and a family mid afterenoon meal.

  81. Staying home and doing the cooking. Going to bake some goodies ahead of time, do our 1st annual Easter egg hunt with our toddler, relax, and enjoy the day.
    sweetpeonies07 at gmail

  82. I will be making treats for my grandchildren for Easter but giving them to them early since they are going out of town. I will just make a nice meal for the two of us for Easter.

  83. Our kids will wake up to an Easter egg hunt and then we will attend a family hunt later in the day followed by dinner with everyone. Can’t wait!

  84. Easter this year lands on my Dad’s birthday! So we are going to make him a bunny cake, and hide eggs filled with his gifts all over the yard 🙂

  85. Busy busy busy! Have a family supper on Friday, another family supper on Saturday and a family lunch on Sunday! Im afraid of how many pounds i will put on that weekend….turkey and/or ham at each of those meals!

  86. This Easter my son is old enough for the Easter egg hunt. We will also be having dinner with the whole family at my house.

  87. We spend the day at my brother’s house. We have lunch and then go out to hunt eggs. The kids have a blast. Thank you!!

  88. We plan on attending the Sunrise service at our church, then hunting for eggs and finally a big special meal.

  89. We’re having a big family lunch after church, then an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Can’t wait!

  90. Easter for us will be dinner at my parents house with the extended family. Of course my mother will have Easter baskets hidden for the grandchildren (and the grown up children too.) Thank you for the great give-away.

  91. Our plans are church and then a cookout with family and friends with egg hunts for the kids and the adults as well 😉

    mikebelindaconnor at hotmail dot com

  92. For easter we all meet at my parents house and have a huge egg hunt for the kids. We have dinner and then just spend some time together.
    carolwegs at gmail dot com