23 Mar

UV Skinz – winners choice – CLOSED

DD is a beach baby (well a pool baby).  While on vacation, she could have spent the entire day at the pool playing with her new friends.  Being in the sun all day, it’s extremely important to keep sensitive baby (ok, I know, I know, she’s a toddler) skin covered up and protected from the sun.

UV Skinz sent us the Pink Flower swim set and a matching hat for review.  This pink and flowered outfit has long sleeves and a tall neck along with mini shorts keeping most of her body covered from the sun. The swim suit itself has a UV protection of SPF 50. Did you know that the sun can go through regular T-Shirts?!?  So, just because you have a t-shirt on, it’s important to still put sunscreen underneath.  With UV Skinz there is no need for the extra sunscreen under the suit.

The matching hat is reversible, one side is completely pink while the other has matching flowers.  There is no tie to keep the hat on, but I was pleasantly surprised how well DD did to keep it on her head, especially with all the jump and splashing around.  However, if it does happen to fall in the water, no worries because it floats.

On top of using her UV Skinz swimsuit and hat, I also made sure to lather her up with SPF 60 sunscreen, you can never be too cautious when it comes to the sun.  Throughout our vacation, DD used these types of bathing suits and barely got a tan yet alone a burn.

Not only do I like that this suit protects her from head to toe, I also like that it “covers” her body.  Ok, I know that mini baby bikinis are pretty darn cute, and in our own backyard, under the shade it’s fine by me.  But when we are out in public, I (and especially her Dad), are very happy to have her covered from head to toe with no belly button hanging out.  I am totally sounding like a parent here, but I like her to be covered up. On that note, I probably have to apologize to my Mom, “I get it now Mom, and I am sorry for causing you mini heart attacks with some of the outfits that I may have worn as a teenager, but not to worry, I have a girl and when she is a teenager, I will get my payback”.  But for now, since we are the ones dressing her a head to toe suit is perfect.

UV protective swimsuits are an easy way to protect yourself and your loved ones from the harmful rays of the sun.  UV Skinz also carries products for adults too.


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434 thoughts on “UV Skinz – winners choice – CLOSED

  1. My favorite swimsuit is the Flutter-B Butterfly/Light Pink. I have always had a problem with burning easily and with freckles.

  2. I like the Sharky Swim set. I’ve always burned easily, having fair skin. I can honestly say I’ve never had a tan in my life-either really white or lobster red!!!

  3. I like the Sharky-B – Shark Camo/Navy for baby boys. Luckily I don’t burn very easily, however I don’t want to take any chances with my little guy. Thanks!

  4. I like the kids navy stripes set and I do burn easily and I don’t want to find out if my 4 yr. old does. 🙂

  5. I don’t burn easliy, I am 1/2 Cree – BUT my husband burns to a crisp – he is Dutch 😉 he would love this: Michael
    Nautical Navy

  6. I love the “Sharky-B” baby shirt and shorts. Perfect for my little guy who will be trying out our pool at 6 months old (if not a little sooner)!

    I don’t burn very easily, but my kids and my husband do. I do have a lot of moles and freckles and a family history of skin cancer, so it reminds me to be careful about UV protection.

  7. My fav is the pink flower swim set, so adorable!! I usually burn cuz I’m trying to keep sunscreen on my kids and always forget about myself!

  8. My favorite is the pink flower set for kids, and I do burn easily- hopefully my daughter won’t be the same!


  9. i like the navy stripes boys board shorts and luckily i don’t burn easily
    nannypanpan at sbcglobal.net

  10. Ever since I got a bad burn when I was a teenager, I do burn easily 🙁 Before that, I could stay in the sun all day with only a light sunblock on and stayed pure white! (Hence why I decided to try tanning without the lotion after being teased, resulting in the burn! Would have preferred the teasing!)

    • Oh and I burn like the second I step outside unless I’m wearing SPF 100, actually got their Cheryl Long-Sleeve Full-Zip last year and it was a life saver!!

  11. I burn very easily. My favourite swimsuit would be the Boy Cut Shorts in Sky Blue and the Sarah Long sleeve Blue/White Aloha top.

  12. I like the black swim bra and boy cut shorts with the long sleeve with the Sarah long sleeve black/white aloha pattern. These would be great for protecting my Irish white skin – especially while surfing – I burn super easy.
    me_juliet AT hotmail DOT com

  13. i love the carly top in blue and purple with the purple girls board shorts for my daughter. i burn very easily and that’s why we live uv skinz – our family wears them swimming in the backyard and at the cottage, whether hiking, boating or anything else – we love knowing everyone is protected.

  14. For my son, I like the Casey-S Sky Blue/Navy top and the Blue Plaid – Boys Board Shorts
    sweetpeonies07 at gmail

  15. I like the pink flower combo, and yes, I burn easily…my daughter, haven’t found out yet, I try to keep her well protected!

  16. I don’t burn easily, but my kids have that Irish skin that burns when they just think about going outside. I like the Sharky – Shark Camo/Navy combo. Thanks.

  17. I don’t burn easily, thank goodness. My fair blondie daughter is another story. I love the Pink S/S Flutter Set w/boy-cut shorts set.

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