28 Mar

Guest Post: 7 preventable mistakes when flying with small children

Thinking of going on vacation with the little ones?  Here are 7 preventable mistakes when flying with small Children.  This is a guest post from Shannon over at Shasher’s Life.


1)   Do not attempt to wean a child from their Bubba the day you fly 3,000 miles! When 2 ½ yr old cries for Bubba and you’re 36,000 feet above land and there are still 5 hrs before you reach civilization, it’s not a good time to say “I left Bubba at home” in an attempt to wean said child.

2)   Make sure you pack a few extra outfits in your carry on. Milk curdles at high altitude and many airlines no longer carry blankets.

3)   Ignore the airline staff that will invite you to be among the first to board the plane. They most likely don’t have small children. Which kid do you know that likes to sit still?  So why add an hour of torture to your flight.

4)    When flying alone with a toddler, don’t be afraid to ask for help, especially when they crawl under the seats from the front to the back of the plane.

5)   Make sure you always have gadgets and electronic devices with long battery life. In case of power failure, have some books and toys close at hand.

6)   Bring healthy snacks with you! Sugary snacks and drinks will only give them the extra energy needed to do laps around the flight attendants!

7)   Do not forget the gravol… and a few changes of clothes, including extra underwear and socks. (Can you tell I have experience with removing naked children from the plane?!)

**Disclaimer:  Shannon is a Mom, fellow blogger and friend, she has been invited to write a guest post on my blog. All the thoughts are her own and have not been influenced in any other way.  Thanks for the tips! Please see the full Terms of use.

8 thoughts on “Guest Post: 7 preventable mistakes when flying with small children

  1. Oh the joys of flying with little ones! I’m so glad to have lived to tell about it! Thanks for posting my 7 preventable mistakes when flying with small children! 🙂

  2. Very helpful. Thank you! It never occurred to me to board the airplane last. I don’t fly too much, but I will be doing this in the future.

  3. I always feel so bad for moms who are alone with little ones. Such a hard time. We got to sit behind one of the cutest little guys ever last time we traveled and my husband stood up to help the mom…I was squished in the middle too much to help… get her bag out,help her twist off the AWESOME travel formula mixer container (I have never seen this before and wish I had asked what the name of it was) and we played peek a boo with him for a long time. So many people get crabby about toddlers and babies traveling and the challenges they can sometimes be…but I think these people are rude and uncaring. I do think this list was helpful for any parent or grandparent traveling with a little one! Had to laugh at number 6…how TRUE! thanks!

  4. These are great tips! Thanks – I am sending to my sister to look at too as she flys with three kids!

  5. Great tips — especially the one about bringing healthy snacks. Do NOT forget to bring the wipes either to clean those sticky fingers and faces.

  6. The best thing I ever took on an airplane with my kids was a portable DVD player with a few of their favorite shows and movies! We also took headphones too!

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