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AllyZabba – Travel Blankie – CLOSED

If you like luxury, you are sure to fall in love with AllyZabba.  Despite the name, these super soft and gorgeous blankets are not made by anyone name Ally or Zabba, they are made by Jill Bredow a Mom who started making blankies for her daughters.

For review DD received the large Aloha in Candy (pink).  This blanket has two distinct sides that are equally soft but with 2 different textures.  One side is made with a raised plush fabric that almost looks like little roses and is super fluffy soft while the other side is a silky smooth satin with a fancy Hawaiian print.

This blanket is perfect for babies or toddlers as it only measures 34 x 28, I would have loved an adult sized one to snuggle under with DD.  However, there is no way that the both of us can fit underneath, it’s more or less for a stroller or for a car seat.  I also use it for those wonderful days when she has a mini nap on the couch, it just covers her little body and she looks so cozy.

All the blankets at AllyZabba are made with the same double sided soft fabrics.  I remember as a girl, my favourite blanket had a silk boarder, I loved the contrast between the soft cotton and the silk, I used to rub it along my nose and face.  My Mom actually kept a piece of the pink blanket for me.  This blanket had seen better days, it was tattered and looked absolutely terrible, but it was my blankie and I loved it.  The AllyZabba blanket is one of those types of blankets – the one that kids are going to get attached to because of how cuddly they are.


  • One lucky reader is going to receive a travel AllyZabba Blankie

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421 thoughts on “AllyZabba – Travel Blankie – CLOSED

  1. I like the AllyZabba Chocolate Dot (Chocolate).
    Believe it or not, I did not have a fav bankie. I held onto my teddy bear instead.

  2. I like the TravelZabba Pastel-Dot (Kiwi) one. I don’t remember having a favorite blanket as a child but I do remember my brother dragging one around and my mom teasing him that if he didn’t quit carrying it around she would have to make it into a coat when he went to school.

  3. Love the TravelZabba Chocolate Dot. I didn’t have a favourite blanket as a child but I did have a toy mouse that I took everywhere.

  4. I like the AllyZabby Chocolate blanket best.
    I had a yellow blanket passed on from my older brothers that I loved til it was barely there anymore! I still have whats left in my bedroom. 🙂

  5. I’d love the Blue Camo Ally Zabba! I dont think I ever had a chance to have my own blankie…there were nine of us, right after the other and I am sure the blankies got used for each new baby!


  6. I like the AllyZabba Pastel-Dot (Candy)
    Yes I had a favorite blankie. I still have it. but I cant use it. its so old that it is falling apart

  7. I like the personalized CuddleZabba blanket! And no, i never had a fave blanky growing up but my now 17 year old teen still rubs the satin ends on his elephant blanket under his nose and he’s had it since he was about 6 years old!

  8. I would get the Pastel Dot Chocolate and, like most children, I too had a favourite blankie. My Dad actually kept it and still has it now. He says it always reminds him of how small his little girl once was.

  9. I liked: AllyZabba Chocolate Dot (Chocolate). My favorite blanket growing up was one that my grandma made for me. It was soft on one side, and silky on the other.

  10. I would get the TravelZabba Pastel-Dot (Kiwi)

    I did not have a favourite blankie growing up but I did have a favourite doll though

    • p.s. I was a thumb sucker so I looved softy stuff but I didn’t have a particular ‘blankie’. I did have a quilt made by my great grandmother that had special softy pieces on it.
      inalak at msn dot com

  11. I would def get the MegaZabba Chocolate (Choco-Dot)…. cutest blanket ever, love the colors and it just looks soooo cozy….and if i was not able to get that one, as i do realize it is the most expensive, I would be just as happy with the AllyZabba Chocolate Dot (Chocolate)….

  12. i know this doesnt count as another entry, but forgot to tell you that yes i did have a fav blankie growing up…was soo cute, my mom made it…then about 5 years ago i let my dog use it as i thought it was too gross….now i completely regret not saving it for my baby girl, even if it was just to see when she got older. def something that should be cherished.

  13. I would love the chocolate dot chocolate. I didn’t have a favorite blanket growing up, but I love the options that are available now:)

  14. I would get the Blue Camo blanket for sure; what fun! I had a blanket that my mom’s roomate crocheted for me when my mom was pregnant. I still have it and both of my boys have used it. That’s my own special blankie.

  15. I do not remember if I had a favorite blankie but when my daughter was little she called her favorite peach colored blanket her “su-kee su-kee” and rubbed the silkish binding on her chin & cheeks as she fell asleep each night. 🙂
    I love the AllyZabba Chocolate Dot (Candy) blankie for her little girl, my precious granddaughter. 🙂

  16. I’d choose the AllyZabba Camo (Candy) one. I didn’t have a fave blanket but my youngest son did when he was a baby. He had an afghan that the babysitter crocheted and would carry it around everywhere, sticking his fingers through the holes. Thanks.

  17. I’d love a chocolate dot/chocolate AZ blanket! I had a favorite as a kiddo, but I wasn’t super-attached. My little brother carried his everywhere and wore it to shreds though.

  18. I would totally get the AllyZabba Chocolate Dot (Chocolate) and I didn’t have a favorite blankie but I did have a favorite stuffed animal!

  19. I would love the Chocolate Dot in blue. As a child I had a croche’d blanket the I would eat the pills off of!

  20. i would get the AllyZabba Aloha (Candy)
    and i did not have a favorite blankie growing up but my daughter does.

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  22. The chocolate dot kiwi is too cute
    i dont remember having a blanket growing up..
    but, my brother had his “puppy dog blanket” and he is now 21 (still has it)

  23. I would pick AllyZabba Pastel-Dot (Chocolate) blankie.
    And yes I did have a blankie when I was young and I still have it stored away.
    janicebudgellpollard at hotmail dot com

  24. I like AllyZabba on Facebook
    janice budgell pollard
    janicebudgellpollard at hotmail dot com

  25. I like My Wee View on Facebook
    janice budgell pollard
    janicebudgellpollard at hotmail dot com

  26. I would choose the AllyZabba Pastel-Dot (Blue). I didn’t have a blanket growing up that I can remember.

  27. Like the Ally Zabba Camo (Blue)I had a favorite blanket when i was a child it was pastel with pink, blue, red…it was pretty

    pattifritz2000 at yahoo dot com

  28. I’d love to get the MegaZabba Chocolate (Choco-Dot) blankey. No I didn’t have a blankey as a child, but I did have a favourite teddy bear that I drug around everywhere. Thanks!

  29. I did have a favorite blanket…it wound up being all raggedy and is gone now 🙁 I love the Pastel Dot with Kiwi design.

  30. I love the AllyZabba Chocolate Dot (Candy) blanket..I never had a fav blanket as far as I know but I did have a holly hobby pillow I couldn’t sleep without 🙂

  31. I love this AllyZabba Pastel-Dot (Candy), growing up my favorite blanket was one that my nanny sewed it was really colorful and warm 🙂

  32. I didnt have a favorite blankie when I was growing up. I would love to have the TravelZabba Pastel-Dot (Candy) for my daughter.

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