23 Feb

Singing in the Rain with Dove

My experience with Dove has been one to remember.  The journey first started with limo rides and an absolutely amazing hotel – Le Germain (they even tweeted me good night wishes).  But the real excitement started on Tuesday, when myself, and 14 other fantastic Canadian Women shot a music video for the latest Dove Campaign “Singing in the Rain” – for the release of their newest no frizz shampoo line.

We were taught dance moves by AJ (Aakomon Jones) – the choreographer for Ushers “Oh My God” video, his amazing assistant Drea Edmead and had our hair done by Mark Townsend.  This was my first time on “set” and it gave me a completely new outlook on how music videos are shot.  We had to practice our dance moves and scenes over and over again.  At first, I felt completely hopeless with 2 left feet, but by the end – when the shots really started to count, myself and the rest of the real ladies all got it and were were shinning, despite being drenched.

Being on set gave me a new appreciation for the work that goes into anything ending up on film.  I was constantly being told by the costume lady to pull up my socks, she was responsible for making sure that all of us looked perfect and uniform.  There were squeegee guys trying to keep the floors “dry” after a big downpour of rain, make up and hair between shots, and the cameras were constantly in our faces.  I really didn’t care for that aspect of it whatsoever, but I tried to humor the videographer with a bit of comedy and taking some close up pictures of them as well (Hi Terry, I told you I’d put a pic of you online – your welcome).

But what really impressed me, was the patience that AJ and his assistant had for us.  We obviously are not actors or dancers and I don’t think that any of us had been in front of a film crew before.  We practiced our parts before going on set for nearly an hour and when it was time to start filming it still took outtake after outtake after outtake to get us all going in the right direction (in our defense, there were a few last minute changes that did take place).  But the choreographers just told us to have fun and that we were doing an amazing job, they constantly encouraged us and made us feel tremendously special.  This was probably the most touching part of my experience – and although I didn’t cry while I was there (hurray me), thinking back on the experience and the compassion and understanding that they and everyone had for us makes me have a big frog in my throat (and a few tears streaming down my cheeks) – they were just that good to us.

I am just your average person, I have a regular family, a regular job, and just do regular things.  Despite having this social media website, I don’t think of myself as anyone extra ordinary, I’m just your typical Canadian woman that has had an experience of a life time.  There was pampering, amazing food and drinks and after the shoot we had a mini wrap up party.  Probably very similar to one for any other shoot (I just can’t say for sure, because this was my first time).

Although I’m sure there will be no call up from Hollywood for me anytime soon (despite my star performance), I had a wonderful time and I do hope that I get another experience like this in the future.  It is one that I will never – ever forget!  Thank you so much to Dove Canada for recognizing the beauty (inside and out) of  real Canadian Women, I’m proud to be one of them.

Our music video debut will be out on all social media outlets on March 15th, not to worry, I will share the link with you!  In the meantime, you can check out this mini teaser on YouTube.

You can still follow the hashtag #singingintherain on Twitter – there’s lots of buzz!

**Disclaimer: Travel, accommodations and meals are being provided by the PR firm and I am being compensated for my time.  Of course, the opinions are always my own. Please see the full Terms of use.

37 thoughts on “Singing in the Rain with Dove

  1. I LOVE that you got to do this!! And the fact that Dove used real women to make the commercial makes me really want to support their brand. I’m so glad you were treated so well. And I think you are extraordinary 🙂

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  3. oh Lynette I got you load this time! yay! what fun you must have had, It was so fun watchin you all in the you tube video. Glad it was a great experience, can’t wait to see the final cut!

    • Thank Jennifer, I hope you have better luck with my site,, please let me know if it continues.

      🙂 I can’t wait for the final cut, I wonder if we will get a chance to see it first?!? Eeekkk!!

    • Thanks Monica,

      It was with a PR agency that I worked with in the past. 🙂 They had a blogger from each major city across Canada, so maybe that is how I got lucky, I was the only person from Eastern Canada?!? Just guessing…

  4. Hey did you get to keep the outfit and umbrella??? 🙂 you looked like you were having fun…:) I’m be looking for you in the longer version…..

    • Hi Patty,

      We didn’t get to take them home, but a little birdy told me that I might get a package in the mail…

      We were having a ball!!

  5. It just looks like SO SO SO Much fun, esp after seeing more pictures and this video. WOW! Tell me again how you guys got involved…. I LOVE IT!

  6. What a great post, Lynette, but I have to disagree – you are anything but average. Your smile and energy are infectious! I loved spending time with you (though I wish we would have had MORE time to chat) and you did an awesome job with this post. Hope we get to meet again soon 🙂

    And thanks for sharing Grace’s video!


    • Aww thanks Julia 🙂

      I really felt like I could be myself with all you ladies – silly and fun! I know, it just went by WAY too fast, hopefully we will get more opportunities to connect Julia.

      Grace did an awesome job!!!


    • I wouldn’t say that just yet Kristy, but yes,, it was a whole lot of fun 🙂 I can’t wait till the video is live!!!!

  7. if you need an assistant for your next bit time gig…. just sayin…. 🙂 OHHHHH I’m so excited for you guys and can’t wait to see it air!!! {{squealing with you}}

  8. What a fun experience Lynette! I’m so happy that you got to be apart of something so fun. That just goes to show what a super blogger you are and that all your hard work is recognized. You look so cute in you shot.

    Have a blessed weekend….Tracy 🙂

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  10. So that’s where the Twitter picture is from. That sounds like so much fun, and you look great!

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