28 Feb

The Backyardigans – We Arrrr Pirates (3 Winners) – CLOSED

Ahoy Scallywags, get yer eye patches on, and yer treasure maps out because the Backyardigans be goin’ to take ye an’ yer kids on a pirate scavenger hunt on April 12th.

All o’ th’ episodes be about maps, walkin’ th’ plank, scallywags an’ everythin’ gentleman o’ fortunes (Pirates) . DD an’ I actually sat down together t’ watch th’ entire show start t’ finish, this be a huge accomplishment fer us. I ortin’ ta probably tell ya that she be under th’ weather, so she be very calm an’ relaxed while we watched. I really enjoyed rrrr quiet time together.

Th’ last episode ins`t about gentleman o’ fortunes at all, ’tis about dragons an’ how t’ make “not so nice” dragons turn nice – through mini cakes. I`ll be havin’ t’ reckon this tactic next time I find myself wi’ some “not so nice dragons”, a bit o’ vanilla be sure t’ sweeten e’en th’ rottenest o’ dragons.

I be havin’ a very special place in me heart fer th’ Backyardigans. As ye know, we had an emergency in rrr home nay too long ago, an’ we then had t’ take DD on some pretty serious tests.  Th’ hospital had all th’ tricks up the’r sleeves t’ calm a rambunctious 2 voyage old, which included wee episodes o’ th’ Backyardigans.  She did so well while literary gettin’ poked an’ prodded; th’ lass’ friends, Uniqua, Austin, Pablo an’ others kept th’ lass’  safe an’ comfortable.

One other thin’ that I really liked about this DVD be that ’tis also available en français.


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PS – t’ get yer own Buccanneer speak visit http://www.syddware.com/cgi-bin/pirate.pl

28 Feb

Where in the world is Lynette?

Just a quick update – cause that’s all the time I have… life has been very very busy, but very exciting!!  There has been a lot going on in my family life (birthdays, social events, and outings with the gals), work life (overtime and working weekends) and blog life (Going to Toronto to be in a Dove Video), and it’s left little time to get much blogging done.  Not to worry, there is plenty to come, including a fun event, some big giveaways and a few trips too.

So please hang tight.  This next month is going to be a complete “world”-wind, I am going to be like Carmen San Diego – but I’m looking forward to it and can’t wait to share it all with you.


28 Feb

Using Twitter for all the wrong reasons

Last week, while travelling to be in a Dove music video/commercial in Toronto, I overheard a very disturbing conversation.  I was not eavesdropping, but while I was leaving the plane, I heard the word “Twitter” so my ears perked up.   It might also have something to do with the guy speaking louder than the flight attendant on the loudspeaker, either way, the word Twitter caught my attention.

He continued to boast the following, “My Girlfriend uses Twitter all the time to complain to companies,,, do you know how much free stuff we’ve gotten because of it”.

It’s at this point I was wishing he wasn’t speaking so loudly and I pretended that I did NOT just hear that conversation.  I’m sure the size of my golf ball eyes and my jaw hitting my belly button were signs to the contrary.  I was appalled, shocked and quite disappointed.  I didn’t know what to say and didn’t know what to do.  So, I thought I would use the experience as a positive one, and blog about it.

Facebook and Twitter have been amazing tools for everyone to get in touch with companies and express real concerns, we are so fortunate in this day and age to be able to use these avenues for companies to hear our voices.  However, if it’s overused and misrepresented our voices will no longer be valid or heard.  We finally have the opportunity to have companies hear us, and it’s wonderful!

Just a mini PSA to please remember to use Twitter and Facebook responsibly, so it will continue to build strong consumer and company relationships.

26 Feb

Link up your Giveaway: February 26

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25 Feb

NutriSystem – Week 8

Along with the NutriSystem packaged meals, it is my responsibility to add fruits, veggies, dairy/protein and fats. The Nutrisystem plan includes a very detailed report of what items you can eat and how much of each. There are plenty of choices, however there is still the chance that there is something that you are craving that isn’t on the list.

NutriSystem has a 24 hour counseling line, so if you are having a food attack emergency (or just have a question), there is someone to call and get advice from. I have used the 24 hour service a few times. I just had a few general questions that were not covered in the meal planner/guide.

Before I started NutriSystem, I had a Chai Tea Latte every morning. So, you can imagine that I was a little stressed, when I didn’t see this on the list of approved items. Tea is included on the unlimited list, but it was the full fat latte part that I was sure I wasn’t going to be able to have. And Chai Tea, without the latte just isn’t the same. So, I called to inquire what my options were and I was pleasantly surprised that any skinny Latte could be used as a dairy/protein. According to the plan, everyday I have to have 3 dairy/proteins, so if I wanted, I could have 3 skinny Chai tea lattes everyday. Surprisingly enough, I don’t find that I crave Chai Tea latte as much as I used to, and have only had 1 in the last month and do not really miss it.

I was also curious as to what my options were for peanut butter as well. DD and her Dad eat peanut butter nearly every single day, and I even enjoyed it regularly. When I received my guide, I quickly sifted through the pages to see what my peanut butter consumption could be and was unable to find it. Once again, I called the 24/7 service and was informed that some of the guides were missing the information on peanut butter! The good news was, that it was a mistaken omission and that it was ok to have 1 teaspoon of PB as a fat. I was comforted to find out this info because now I could have an apple dipped with PB at supper time – one of my favourite snacks.

If you ever find yourself craving something and it’s not in the meal planner or are in a restaurant or at a party and are not sure what to eat. Give the toll free number a call. The customer service reps are very friendly and extremely helpful. There are usually options for anything that you may be craving, and the councilors are there to help you make the right choices to keep you on track but also make the plan work for you. This is what makes this plan so unique and successful.

Week 8= 0

(looks like I will have to call the 1-800 number to get some advice on plateaus)

Total = – 14

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24 Feb

Fantasy Jewelry Box – $25 Gift Certificate – CLOSED

As a busy working Mom, I don’t often get the chance to get all dressed up.  Although I do like to every once in awhile, it’s very rare that I get to wear a fancy dress or a full jewelry set.  To give me that fancy dress up feeling, I tend to stick on some pretty outrageous jewelry at work, as in super fancy with diamonds and big.  The only thing is, with a toddler at home, I can’t get anything too expensive because she wants to always play with my jewelry (and being the big pushover that I am, I usually let her, under supervision – but it has still ended up with broken rings and a little bit of screaming).

Welcome Fantasy Jewelry Box, this online store is perfect for women like me, who like to dress up, wear fancy things but can’t afford to spend an arm and a leg (I wonder if they are taking First Born’s?).  I recenly had the opportunity to review a pair of earrings called Angelina’s Sterling Silver 3 Carat Round Stud Earrings.  I know you guys are all bright, but just in case you missed it in the title, I should let you know that these are inspired by Angelina Jolie – yes, I know it’s obvious, but you never know *blush*.

These “diamond” studs are really made from cubic zirconia and are a full 3 carats!  These earrings are more than big, they are huge – think Dolly Parton huge, ok well not that big, but you got the picture now, didn’t you?  Unlike some of the other studs I have these are actually raised very high and don’t sit directly on your earlobe.  I find for the best fit, I make sure that back of the earring is really close to my lobe and it makes the earrings stick straight up and out, for everyone to see.

Even though these are not real diamond earrings, they are an excellent replica and are super fun to wear.  To be honest, I don’t think I would ever even have the guts to wear these earrings in public if they were real. I would be so scared of losing one, or having someone try to cut my ear off.  I suppose the only way that this would ever happen to me is if I had more money than brains, and although I’m a pretty smart girl, I don’t expect that to happen anytime soon.  So for the meantime, when I have more brains than money, I would rather spend only $29, have lots of different types of fun Jewelry and not  have to worry if I lose an earring.

Fantasy Jewelry Box has loads of fun and celebrity inspired jewelry at very reasonable prices. The most recent addition to their site is the Kate Middleton (Princess Diana) sapphire engagement ring.


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23 Feb

Singing in the Rain with Dove

My experience with Dove has been one to remember.  The journey first started with limo rides and an absolutely amazing hotel – Le Germain (they even tweeted me good night wishes).  But the real excitement started on Tuesday, when myself, and 14 other fantastic Canadian Women shot a music video for the latest Dove Campaign “Singing in the Rain” – for the release of their newest no frizz shampoo line.

We were taught dance moves by AJ (Aakomon Jones) – the choreographer for Ushers “Oh My God” video, his amazing assistant Drea Edmead and had our hair done by Mark Townsend.  This was my first time on “set” and it gave me a completely new outlook on how music videos are shot.  We had to practice our dance moves and scenes over and over again.  At first, I felt completely hopeless with 2 left feet, but by the end – when the shots really started to count, myself and the rest of the real ladies all got it and were were shinning, despite being drenched.

Being on set gave me a new appreciation for the work that goes into anything ending up on film.  I was constantly being told by the costume lady to pull up my socks, she was responsible for making sure that all of us looked perfect and uniform.  There were squeegee guys trying to keep the floors “dry” after a big downpour of rain, make up and hair between shots, and the cameras were constantly in our faces.  I really didn’t care for that aspect of it whatsoever, but I tried to humor the videographer with a bit of comedy and taking some close up pictures of them as well (Hi Terry, I told you I’d put a pic of you online – your welcome).

But what really impressed me, was the patience that AJ and his assistant had for us.  We obviously are not actors or dancers and I don’t think that any of us had been in front of a film crew before.  We practiced our parts before going on set for nearly an hour and when it was time to start filming it still took outtake after outtake after outtake to get us all going in the right direction (in our defense, there were a few last minute changes that did take place).  But the choreographers just told us to have fun and that we were doing an amazing job, they constantly encouraged us and made us feel tremendously special.  This was probably the most touching part of my experience – and although I didn’t cry while I was there (hurray me), thinking back on the experience and the compassion and understanding that they and everyone had for us makes me have a big frog in my throat (and a few tears streaming down my cheeks) – they were just that good to us.

I am just your average person, I have a regular family, a regular job, and just do regular things.  Despite having this social media website, I don’t think of myself as anyone extra ordinary, I’m just your typical Canadian woman that has had an experience of a life time.  There was pampering, amazing food and drinks and after the shoot we had a mini wrap up party.  Probably very similar to one for any other shoot (I just can’t say for sure, because this was my first time).

Although I’m sure there will be no call up from Hollywood for me anytime soon (despite my star performance), I had a wonderful time and I do hope that I get another experience like this in the future.  It is one that I will never – ever forget!  Thank you so much to Dove Canada for recognizing the beauty (inside and out) of  real Canadian Women, I’m proud to be one of them.

Our music video debut will be out on all social media outlets on March 15th, not to worry, I will share the link with you!  In the meantime, you can check out this mini teaser on YouTube.

You can still follow the hashtag #singingintherain on Twitter – there’s lots of buzz!

**Disclaimer: Travel, accommodations and meals are being provided by the PR firm and I am being compensated for my time.  Of course, the opinions are always my own. Please see the full Terms of use.