10 Jan

Yo Gabba Gabba: Let’s Visit the Doctor – CLOSED

The newest Yo Gabba Gabba DVD couldn’t have come at a better time for us.  As you all know, we recently had a major emergency in our home which brought us to the doctor’s office and hospital.  DD has been a relatively healthy girl up until this point.  She has had a few mini colds, but nothing major that would have completely put her out of commission for a few days.  The newest Yo Gabba Gabba : Let’s Visit the Doctor DVD hits stores on January 11th and teaches kids all about being sick and visiting the doctor.

In this video, Toodee is sick and has a fever (sound familiar?!?).  She wants to play, but she can’t because she needs to rest up so she can get better quickly.  Her friends come over with easy snacks to eat and the Doctor even comes in to check up on her.  True to  Yo Gabba Gabba’s style there are plenty of songs and fun things to get kids excited about being sick and getting better.

DD and I watched this together.  I found that it gave me a really good chance to talk to her about being sick and what things we need to do for her to get better.  The most important thing was resting.  DD is an extremely busy 2 year old.  There is never any down time with her; she goes flat out all the time.  Although with this recent sickness she has calmed down a bit, she still shouldn’t be running around so hard that she ends up in fits of coughs.  So, I used this episode with DJ. Lance and friends to teach her about relaxing and drinking lots of fluids when she is sick, just like Toodee is doing.

I’m hoping that the point got across, but at only 2, it’s hard to say.  She’s not eating much and only wants to drink milk.  Not the best choice with a throat full of phlegm (why is this word spelled like this?!?), but at least she is getting something into her tummy.

Yo Gabba Gabba is a very creative show that uses song and dance to teach children important things in life, such as manners, washing your hands, eating right and taking care of your teeth.  I’m happy that the kids like it, because as we all know we can try to teach our kids these things ’till we are blue in the face, but as soon as it’s reinforced by something on television, it becomes gospel.

Yo Gabba Gabba: Let’s Visit the Doctor is out on DVD on January 11th.

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314 thoughts on “Yo Gabba Gabba: Let’s Visit the Doctor – CLOSED

  1. Both of my children are just getting over infections – which they needed antibiotics for. The first time for both of them! My oldest had a double ear infection with a throat infection, and my youngest had a throat infection. When they put my oldest on an anitbiotic , she had a mild allergic reaction. Thankfully it was only mild!
    Prior to then having infections, they had colds, and also had fevers from a virus. We have a had a crazy 3-4 weeks! Thankfully they were able to enjoy Christmas even though they were feeling pretty yucky!

  2. No one is sick, but my son is going to the hospital on Thursday to have a feeding tube put in. So there has been much talk of doctors here!

  3. My husband is just getting over bronchitis, my 3 year old is getting over a cough, my 4 month old has a cough, and I’m now coming down with some sort of cold!

  4. I have a little boy in my daycare that is going to be going into the hospital to have tubes put in and his adnoids out. I would love to be able to show him this DVD so he won’t be scared to go to the hospital.

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  6. I have a little boy in my daycare that is going into the hospital to have tubes put in and have his adnoids removed. I would love to have a copy of this DVD to share with him so maybe he won’t be so scared. Thank you, Patty

  7. Our little Yo Gabba lovin’ Miss has just finished getting over a whopper of a sinus and ear infection, only to be sick AGAIN! She actually crawled over to get to her crib tonight! Sheesh.

  8. OH MY GOD “SICK” is not the word. My son was home from school for 3 1/2 weeks before christmas. Then my oldest daughter got it christmas week and is still in bed with it, my husband had it last week for a few days, and my littlest one has had it now for about a week. Everyone besides me has had the flu. Only two more to get better and get their heads out of the peuk bucket. So yeah you can say I have someone home sick. janicebudgellpollard@hotmail.com

  9. My son has the sniffles right now but he isn’t running a fever (thank goodness)
    anita [dot] truck [at] gmail [dot] com

  10. None of my kids are sick right now other than minor sniffles thank goodness. I have 8 kids and it seems there is always something going through my house.

  11. My poor son has a sinus and ear infection – what a trooper since he had it through the Holidays and never said a word:)

  12. No is sick today,but from August till November all 4 of my children were sick…1 hospitalized with pneumonia,2 had ear tubes placed, 1 had adenoids removed, and my oldest had a bad stomach virus.

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  15. my poor baby girl is sick right now. We went to the doctor today. She has an ear infection and an eye infection

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  17. Actually, I’m sick right now. I wouldn’t even be up right now if I wasn’t sick. I am just miserable and can’t sleep. My middle son just got over being sick and my youngest is still sick. We are one miserable household.

  18. Every single one of us took turns catching the dreaded flu. It’s all gone now though, I’m happy to say; and good riddance too!

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