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Max & Ruby: BunnyTales – CLOSED

Max & Ruby is one of my daughter’s favourite shows.  She frequently asks for “Mask, Mask, Mask”!  This is what makes DVD’s so wonderful… “Mask” can be viewed at any time of the day – and even in the car!  The newest Max & Ruby DVD, BunnyTales is released on January 11, 2011.

Here’s a synopsis:

The Princess and The Marbles
When Max and his marbles interrupt Ruby’s play, she tells Max he needs to be more sensitive to what other bunnies might want. She uses the bunnytale of the “Princess & the Marbles” to help him understand.

Emperor Max’s New Suit
Ruby wants Max to try on a new suit in the department store. When Max says “No new suit,”Ruby tells him the bunnytale about Emperor Max’s New Suit to explain why he shouldn’t be so picky about his new clothes.

Max and the Tree Little Bunnies
When Max’s blimp threatens to blow Ruby, Louise and Valerie’s paper dollhouses away, it’s time to tell the bunnytale of the Max & Three Little Bunnies.

Ruby’s Real Cinderella
Ruby and Louise want to play Cinderella, but they don’t want Max to join in because he’s too dirty and grubby. But when Grandma comes with the glass slipper, there’s only one grubby foot that fits in the shoe and only one Cinderella!

Ruby’s Hoola Hoop
Louise is trying to teach Ruby how to hoola hoop, but Max’s toy “Bugs!” keep getting in the way. When one of his toy bugs falls down the back of her dress, Ruby finally finds her hula wiggle.

Max and The Martians
The Bunny Scouts want to see Mars through their telescope, and Max finally helps them aim their telescope in the right direction with his toy “Martians!”

Max’s Castle
Ruby and Louise want to build a castle out of blocks but Max just wants to keep adding more. Ruby has to remind Max that more doesn’t mean better and they want their castle to be perfect. By the time they’re done, the girls discover that Max’s additions have actually made their castle perfect!

Bunny Hopscotch
Ruby and Louise are playing hopscotch while Max is playing with his cement truck and keeps picking up their stones. Ruby has trouble hopping all the way up and down without losing her balance, but when Max’s cement truck dumps its contents on the hopscotch game, Ruby deftly hops through all of the squares, picking up each of the stones.

Max’s Grasshopper
Max befriends a grasshopper while Ruby and Louise are trying to do a Bunny Scout experiment to measure how quickly their bean sprouts grow. When Hoppy starts eating the bean sprouts, the girls are devastated until they realize they can alter their experiment to measure how much higher a grasshopper can hop if it has more energy.

Ruby’s Water Lilly
Ruby and Louise are determined to make the most beautiful picture out of leaf rubbings, using a leaf from each of the trees in their backyard. Meanwhile, Roger is keeping Max busy by teaching him how to kick a field goal. When Max’s football keeps landing near their project, the girls get frustrated. And it’s Max and his football to the rescue, when they just need one more oak leaf to make their project complete..

Max Saves the Parade
Ruby and Louise are making a float for their dollies for the Fall Fun Festival Parade. Meanwhile, Max and Roger are making a car for the Cool Car Cavalcade. In the end, the Cool Car is the perfect way for the girls and the dollies to be in the parade.

Super Max’s Cape
It’s fall, so that means it’s time for the harvest! Ruby is all prepared to harvest all the yummy vegetables that are ripe from the garden. Max is enlisted to set aside the most beautiful vegetables for her “Horn of Plenty” table decoration. Unfortunately, Max is unable to resist the temptation and by the time Ruby gets inside to start creating her horn of plenty, it’s a horn of empty!

DD loves Max & Ruby, and this DVD is great.  These mini videos bring some classic tales to a more simple level for kids to understand.  Many of which have some important life lessons.  Not all of the shows are a “bunnyTale”, but most of the first ones are.  There are also some of the movies that I have seen before, including the Horn of Plenty, which I believe is on the last DVD as well.

DD can watch Max & Ruby over and over again.  I especially love bringing this in the car because it keeps her entertained (and makes our car rides very enjoyable).   I don’t think that you can go wrong with Max and Ruby, all the parents that I talk to say their kids also love the show.  Even as an adult I enjoy Max & Ruby, and so does my husband and my mother.  It’s not one of those shows that is going to drive their parents crazy.  12 episodes back to back of Max & Ruby is perfect for the relaxing Sunday car rides.

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571 thoughts on “Max & Ruby: BunnyTales – CLOSED

  1. I have a 1 and 3 year old who LOVE love love Max & Ruby. Actually my 3 year old creid today because it wasn’t on when she turned on the tv and didn’t understand it comes on at a certain time and she would have to wait. When it finally came on she jumped up and down, danced all around, haha was too cute.

  2. My daughter loves Max and Ruby…I have to say, I do too. I wonder what happened to their parents? lol

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  4. Both of my daughters (4 and 2) LOVE Max & Ruby. And I agree, it is one
    of the few parent-friendly shows out there!

  5. My twin grandbabies love “Max and Wooby”!!! I like it as well. It teaches great morals and values. How wonderful!

  6. I babysit for a 2 1/2 year old and she loves to watch Max and Ruby. We watch it together every day. Thanks!
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  7. All my kids love Max & Ruby. Even my oldest (13) will sometimes agree to sit & watch it with the younger ones. But my youngest son, 3 years old, loves Max & Ruby the most. Thanks for the giveaway.

  8. My three year old is a big fan of Max & Ruby! Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  9. Umm, who doesn’t like Max and Ruby? It is perfect developmentally for preschoolers, so right now it’s a fave of my 4 and 2 year olds.

  10. It’s my niece that loves Max and Ruby — I would love to win this for her. Thanks for the chance!!

  11. All of my grandchildren like to watch Max and Ruby on television so I am sure they would like to have a DVD.

  12. My daughter asks for Max and Ruby first thing when she wakes up and it is on all day long at our house because if I turn it off…even when we are doing other activities she will screech hysterically until it is back on. She loves to run around the house screaming “Super Bunny.”

  13. My daughter loves Max & Ruby, especially since one of her friends is named Max!
    anita [dot] truck [at] gmail [dot] com

  14. I have 2 grandsons,Jake an Joey who are totally Max an Ruby fans,they have to watch it if they know its on


  15. my daughter loves max and ruby ,she loves to watch it before school

  16. my granddaughter loves max and ruby. they teach her games. red light green light is the newest one

  17. My daughter loves Max & Ruby. I sure wish Nick Jr. would play the series more often.

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  19. My 3yr old LOVES Max & Ruby! We can’t go a day without pretending to be Max or Ruby and acting out one of the movies or stories. They are so wonderful!

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  21. My 4 year old LOVES Max and Ruby – to be honest, it seems to even hold some fascination for the 8 year old at times.

  22. Well, not exactly IN my house, but when I visit my 2 granddaughters who live in an adjacent state, we actually have Max & Ruby Marathons where we watch a LOT of their shows and have popcorn. Such fun!

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