20 Jan

FoodFun – FunMoves Game – CLOSED

Trying to feed a toddler has proven to be a daily challenge.   It’s hard enough to get DD to eat ANYTHING, yet alone anything healthy.  I have found a few mini tricks that have helped get anything other than cheese or milk into her tummy.  The cookie cutters do help, but dinner time is still a daunting task.

I recently had the opportunity to review FoodFun, these are educational games that teach kids about food, and hopefully encourages them to make healthy food choices.  DD is still a little too young to  play the game as it was intended (although there are different levels of difficulty and education as children get older).  We put all the cards on the floor and I called out a food and she had to find it among all the cards.  She did surprisingly well, and the best part was after finding each item, she pretended to eat the card.  There were a few food items that she did not know such as Swiss Cheese and steak (she thought it was cake), so if anything it was beneficial for her to learn the names of these foods.

After we were finished playing, DD said she was hungry, so I asked her to show me what she wanted to eat.  To my surprise, she took out the “almond” card.  Luckily, we had some in the cupboard.  I showed her the almonds next to the card and she tried them.  Unfortunately, she didn’t eat them.  But I do think that it’s successful that she at least tried one.  I then asked what else she wanted to eat and she pulled out the milk card.  I already know that she loves milk, so I gave her a cup and she drank it.

I also tried to get DD to put meals together (one of the other ways to play this game).  I asked her to find the cards that are good for breakfast.  She was able to pick out the cereal card and I was impressed, but this is pretty much as far as we got.  (If you don’t eat anything else but cheese for breakfast, how are you supposed to know what breakfast food is?).  I used this opportunity to teach her about bagels and eggs being a good choice for breakfast.

Getting kids to eat is not an easy task, especially after they have had a taste of Cheezies or chips.  FoodFun is an educational game that helps kids learn about healthy food and hopefully encourages them to make good food choices.  We enjoy playing our own version of the FoodFun, FoodMoves game.  I’m hopeful that this will be a good base for the future.  For now, it hasn’t made feeding a 2 year old any easier, but I am glad that she is showing interest in anything other than cheese or milk.


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162 thoughts on “FoodFun – FunMoves Game – CLOSED

  1. I saw that Food Fun has a package for teachers to help them teach their students about food! I want all the games and they are very reasonably priced!

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  3. I learned that the company has a school pack especially for teachers to help with nutrition lessons. I’ll bet my son’s pre-kindergarten teacher would LOVE this!

  4. I found that their goal is raising a generation of healthy, happy children who have a whole ‘lotta fun with food! Thanks for the chance to win — how fun!!!

  5. I learned FoodFun donates 5% of proceeds to organizations committed to ridding our society of its current childhood obesity epidemic.

  6. I saw that “FoodFun’s healthy eating games are one of the many initiatives taking place to combat the childhood obesity epidemic”

  7. FoodFun’s healthy eating games are one of the many initiatives taking place to combat the childhood obesity epidemic.

  8. I saw that FoodFun is proud to donate 5% of proceeds to organizations committed to ridding our society of its current childhood obesity epidemic.

  9. i read that foodfun donates 5% of their proceeds to organizations that work to prevent childhood obesity epidemic – i love to support companies that donate to much needed organizations!

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  11. I learned that they will be developing something special for teachers to use in their classrooms – perfect for me!


  12. I like that they are trying to reach out to the schools and encourage the teachers to bring the product into the classroom.

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