28 Jan

Cuddletunes – CLOSED

With a name like “Lynette”, I have never been able to get anything personalized off the shelf.  In fact, as a child I don’t recall getting anything personalized, other than those chocolate Easter eggs with my name poorly written in icing.  I was thrilled to see my name on something, but thinking about it now, we have come a VERY long way from those times.

I like unique names, I never had to add my last name to anything I did in school, because I was always the only Lynette (up until 12th grade).  This was partly why we chose the name DD for our daughter.  It’s unique enough that she won’t get mixed up with all the other children in her class, she’s an individual and very special!

Times have completely changed from when I was a girl, although I still can’t buy anything with my name straight off the shelf, there are plenty of places to purchase personalized items online, made especially for me.  But, it doesn’t stop there!  Now, songs can even be personalized.

Cuddletunes is a completely personalized MP3 player for your kids.  When purchasing this cuddly bear online, you pick your child’s name and all the lullabies are then personalized especially for your child.  You can even preview how the songs are going to sound before you make the purchase.  DD’s name fits in with the music perfectly, it sounds as if the whole song was recorded start to finish, just for her.

Not only are there 5 personalized songs and there is also the opportunity to make a personal message.  I chose to make a bed night message especially for my little angel.  We usually say prayers together every evening, so I made a special message with our prayers, just in case I miss a night or am away she can still hear me and remember her prayers.

The bear arrived very quickly and I was impressed as to how the MP3 player worked.  It has a stop, forward, playback, and volume controls.  My favourite part was watching DD’s eyes light up as she heard the bear sing songs with her name in it.  She made sure to show her Dad right away!  Then, it got even better when she heard my voice at the end.  I’m not sure if she “got it”, but she definitely knew that it was my voice on there and it was our nightly prayers.

There is one extra little thing that this bear has, a red beating heart.  There is a light in the bear that lights up as it plays music.  DD likes to pick at it, and it is also quite bright in the dark, making it a good little night light.  Which is great especially for kids that may be afraid of the dark.

I was super impressed with the Cuddletunes bear, I really can’t believe how perfect each of the songs sound.  I love that it’s personalized just for her and that I was also to make a very special little message as well.  You can’t get much more personalized than that – it sure blows away my Easter chocolate egg!

Cuddletunes currently has a giveaway going on to win one of these personalized bears.

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  1. My whole family is full of unusual names. We love them for the same reason, but it does make gifts difficult. This is an awesome idea and I am signing up now

  2. I just filled out the entry form and hope I win one of these cute Cuddletunes bears for my sweet granddaughter who has a name I never see on products – Annika. Thanks Lynette! 🙂

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