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Baby Einstein – Discovery Kit – CLOSED

When DD was first born, I purchased quite a few Baby Einstein products.  I loved their simple and educational toys and movies.  Baby Einstein isn’t just for little babies either, DD is now 2 and still enjoys the simple colours and stimulation.  I actually hadn’t played a Baby Einstein DVD for her in over a year, however with the recent release of the Discovery Kits, we were able to review the new World of Colors Discovery kit.

Here is a synopsis of the new Discovery kits:

Level 1: Experience

• Baby Beethoven™ Discovery Kit includes a DVD, Book, Music CD and Parents’ Guide.

Parent and child will listen to the joyous sounds and cherished works of Beethoven. See how music celebrates the sounds of different instruments. Together, they will experience a world of enchanting sights and sounds and make new discoveries with Baby Beethoven.

• Baby Mozart™ Discovery Kit includes a DVD, Book, Music CD and Parents’ Guide.

Parent and child will discover the joy of classical music together and listen to Mozart’s popular works – including “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” – delightfully reorchestrated for little ears. They’ll look at real-life images and enchanting puppet shows bringing a symphony of sights and sounds together as they share new discoveries with Baby Mozart.

Level 2: Explore

• Wild Animal Safari Discovery Kit includes a DVD, Discovery Cards, Music CD and Parents’ Guide.

Parents can take their little explorer on an exotic musical expedition to meet wild animals from across the globe. Together, they’ll journey to the jungle, savanna, desert and forest on a wild, wonderful voyage of discovery with Wild Animal Safari.

• Animals Around Me Discovery Kit includes a DVD, Discovery Cards, Music CD and Parents’ Guide.

Parent and child set off on a fun-filled “field trip” to discover animals found at the park, on the farm, and in their own backyard – whether furry or feathered, winged or wiggly, bumpy or cuddly, they’ll explore the Animals Around Me.

Level 3: Expression

• World of Colors Discovery Kit includes a DVD, Book, Music CD and Parents’ Guide.

Parent and child share a rainbow of sights and sounds and discover the wonders of color together! They’ll join puppet host “Vincent Van Goat” as he creates six Van Gogh masterpieces exploring red, green, blue, yellow, orange and purple with World of Colors.

• World of Words Discovery Kit includes a DVD, Book, Music CD and Parents’ Guide.

Parent and child join playful puppet host Bard the Dragon on an exciting adventure using everyday words, such as flower, cat, and moon, plus beautiful scenery from nature with World of Words.

There are 6 of these new DVD’s and they all include a DVD, Book or cards, CD and a parent’s guide.  The Colors Discovery Kit teaches children about colour through Vincent Van Gogh’s masterpieces.  The video is less than 1/2 an hour long, but the short clips of colours and toys seem to be mesmerizing – for myself and my daughter.  The music that accompanies these clips are also classical tunes that capture your attention.

What I like about the kit is that the accompanying book reinforces everything that was just shown on the DVD.  The book has a separate page for each colour of the rainbow, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, each with a Vincent Van Gogh painting.  The book is interactive and encourages children to find colours and also ask questions about their own life as well (ex. Are any of your toys purple?) to help encourage them to think past just the book or DVD, that colours exist in their everyday life as well.   This book reconfirms for me that Baby Einstein isn’t just for babies, that it is also suitable to toddlers too.

There has recently been a lot of discussion surrounding the Baby Einstein movies.  I can’t say whether or not they will enhance your child’s intellectual state or make them a genius.  However,  I can guarantee that they will get to see some famous paintings and hear some excellent classical music, so they will be well rounded in the arts.

As for DD, some days she knows her colours perfectly (or she’s just a really good guesser), other days she so far off, it’s nearly comical.  There is 1 colour that she always gets right, no matter the circumstance, and that’s brown – which isn’t even included in this Discovery Kit – go figure.  This just goes to show that kids will learn when they are ready.  My poor husband is the one that always get stuck colouring with brown markers, crayons and pencil crayons.  “Here Dad, use Brown….”

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**Disclosure: I received this free Discovery Kit through a Click Communications/Baby Einstein program. However, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own and no other monetary compensation took place.  Please see the full Terms of use.

416 thoughts on “Baby Einstein – Discovery Kit – CLOSED

  1. I think these are excellent for kids. Little ones absorb so much knowledge and I know from watching her that my granddaughter loves these and has learned so much from them.

  2. We LOVE Baby Einstein at our house too! My 10 month old loves listening to the music and while he’s outgrowing the dvd’s we have, he still loves to watch it and hear the music on tv.

  3. I think these DVDs are great for children! They help them to start to learn things more easily and start early too!

  4. I love the DVDs and books by Baby Einstein. They are great, and the kids
    really seem to learn a lot from them! I’d love to win this for my
    youngest, who is 4 months!

  5. I think they work for some and not for others.

    My oldest responded well to video’s like this. I think Word World and Super Why helped him learn his letters so early!

    My youngest could really care less about TV and movies. He’s almost 3. He’s just different then his brother.

  6. I think these DVD’s are great, I had a few about 5 years ago when my first daughter was young, and I can’t wait to let my 18mo old daughter grow up with them as well.

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  8. I love Baby Einstein products. They are not cheesy like some kids DVD’s and they are educational and fun
    for babies and toddlers.

    brandielam3 at gmail dot com

  9. My one year old loves them (though may be beginging to out growing the
    dvds) She is loving to show them to her new baby sister already 🙂
    She loves them all – but really loves the ones with animals.

  10. I think Baby Einstein is great because it is not only educational, but also entertaining.
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  11. Baby Einstein products are great and loved my both my children. I love how much my children have learned from these videos and books.

  12. My oldest granddaughter who is now almost 8 really enjoyed the Baby Einstein DVD’s and CD’s. They have a calm quality about them, unlike children’s programming for television, and she very much enjoyed the music, the colors and the characters.

  13. Honestly, I think products like this are pretty overrated. They have their place, and can be a useful aid, but the real education always comes from the parents and how much time and effort they put into interacting with their child. Flash cards and videos are well and good, but it is through real-life experiences (parents pointing to various objects and describing their color, for example) that children really learn and even more importantly, learn to question and examine the world around them. That’s not to say I wouldn’t have fun watching the DVD and using the flash cards with my son, but I know that that’s not how he will learn his colors, or any other basic learning skill.

  14. I love the Baby Einstein dvd’s and books! I feel they do actually help kids learn, and like someone else said, not annoying for parents,LOL.

  15. I think that these are wonderful for kids! I have a 6 month old that
    loves music, and I know that she would enjoy these 🙂

  16. You know, I haven’t done much with Baby Einstein, but I’ve heard from other people they are really neat.

  17. I love the idea that Baby Einstiens products can be used as a teaching tool with your children….the key word being WITH your children. Even though they include DVD’s you shouldn’t just prop your child infront of the TV and expect them to learn! Thanks!

  18. My oldest loved all the Baby Einstein stuff…the youngest doesn’t get to control the remote, so he hasn’t had as much of a chance to watch Baby Einstein. I think these kits are great and I’d like to see what my youngest would do with one.

  19. I’d love to try these we used some of the infant DVD’a when our DD was younger. The Explore DVD’s sounds great, DD loves animals!

  20. I like baby Einstein! I used to watch A LOT of them while nannying! not as many with my own kid oddly enough 😉 My son didnt like them as much. spottedjagiwar at yahoo dot com

  21. I love the Baby Einstein CDs and how they teach and entertain the children. They are great and not just a babysitter.

  22. I didn’t discover Baby Einstein until after my daughter was too old for it but I think they’re great! So I’d like to use it with my son.

  23. i think they are great for education of little ones..would love to win them for my youngest

  24. These Baby Einstein products sound like fun for babies and toddlers while also being an educational experience for them. 🙂

  25. I am not really familiar with them, but I have heard a lot of good and that they really keep the baby’s attention. Would love to try them.

  26. I love all of Baby Einstein’s products…. they make it easier for me to play learning games with my little one.

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  28. I think baby einstein videos provide an excellent resource for parents to help teach toddlers and makes learning fun

  29. I really love the Baby Einstein DVD’s. I have used a couple for my son and they helped him a lot. I like educational entertainment and I would love to have these for my daughter.

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  31. Any time the kids are watching more than ‘junk’ tv it is an educational op – I have bunches of baby einstein around and both my kids enjoy (ed) them!

  32. my little girl GLUES to these movies when i play them, like she is in a total trance! i just know she would love these! she is 7mo old and her name is Devonny. 🙂

  33. We have some Baby Einstein DVDs and my son enjoys them..I feel better knowing at least they’re educational.

  34. I LOVED the baby einstein dvds for my daughter. A friend is expecting and I would love to give her some of these products.

  35. I’ve already heard great things about Baby Einstein! My sis is expecting in a few weeks so these would be great to have.

  36. The Baby Mozart™ Discovery Kit includes a DVD, Book, Music CD and Parents’ Guide looks awesome and my grandsons would love to own them.

  37. I follow u on twitter and tweeted your super awesome giveaway:)http://twitter.com/jmahurin40/status/26184111949348864
    masonsgranny59(at) yahoo(dot)com

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