19 Dec

Yummie Tummie – Original Tank $62 – CLOSED

With Halloween over and Christmas here, it means lots of parties and probably too many treat!  I don’t have much of a backbone when it comes to food (especially around the holidays).  If it tastes good, I usually eat it!  Which unfortunately means that I might be carrying around a few extra pounds, not too many, but just enough to make a bit of a tummy – I’m not taking about a Santa Clause sized belly, just an average belly that likes to live!  For all of you who like to live and enjoy all the good things that come with festivities, welcome Yummie Tummie – your new best friend.

I received the http://www.yummietummie.com Original Tank for review, and unlike other tummy tighteners and shapers, this one just has the tightness where you need it most – around the trunk.  The rest of the undershirt is really t-shirt material (how clever).  The Yummie Tummie is very long and the bottom (which looks like a t-shirt), hangs past all my shirts!

For any of you regular readers (*waves* hello, I Love you guys), you all know that I do have a slight “bust” problem (I use the word slight loosely).  I was very concerned when getting fitted for the Yummie Tummie.  I wanted to know if there was a built in bra – because I never fit in those things – and thankfully, there isn’t.  There is however a line across the chest where the bosoms section ends (made with t-shirt) and the body tightner starts.  The tight section naturally starts under my chest because it’s so tight, which means that the t-shirt section starts a little bit low giving me some cleavage – which is ok – if you’ve got it flaunt it right?!?  (um,,, my mother has never taught me that, but that’s what I hear others say).  So, no biggie that the tank top part is a little low but I have to put another shirt on top anyway, so I am fully covered up (I can always hear my mother’s voice in the background telling me to cover up – despite being 30, I tend to listen to her, most of the time).

There are a few things about the Yummie Tummie shaper that I think are important to note.  The middle section is very tight, which is a good thing, but it is also long, so it tends to bunch around the tummy a little bit because my hips are wide, and the tight part naturally does not want to stretch so it goes to the smallest section of my waist.  I don’t mind because, a little bit of ruffle around the mid-drift is better than a little bit of blubber (it’s not that bad, but you know what I’m saying).  I also wish that the back section was as thick as the front.  The front of the Yummie Tummie has 2 layers of stretch, and the back only has 1, and to be honest, I would meed it more in the back than the front – to get rid of my back fat.

Overall, I like that the top and bottom sections are made with regular t-shirt material, because it looks like I’m wearing just a regular t-shirt rather than a body shaper!

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536 thoughts on “Yummie Tummie – Original Tank $62 – CLOSED

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  2. On their website I found out they also sell dresses, yoga pants and leggings. Wow some great products — I would love to win. Thanks for the chance.

  3. I really like the looks of the invisible skinny tank. I think I’d take one in each of the three colors 🙂

  4. I have the same issue as you with what you say around the holidays.

    Happy Holidays”, “Season’s Greetings”, “Merry Christmas”.

    I say Happy Holidays at work as not to offend anyone.

  5. Commented on your FB Post: What do you guys think of giving real pets
    as a Christmas gift?!? Here’s an alternative.

  6. I see they have nursing tanks, that rocks. I also saw on their site the
    tanks come in sizes XS (0-2) up to 3X (22-24) which is good they offer
    a wide range of sizes.

  7. I just had our fourth baby so I can, ahem – use help in this department!

    I also really like the Ella Rae long sleeved dress!

  8. I’m an email subscriber – jennifer at quiverfullfamily dot com

    (My comments won’t post from that address though, they get spammed!)

  9. I have been eyeing Yummie Tummies for quite awhile and really want to try one!

    Their site seems to be down right now (have tried loading and reloading), but I have been there before and know that I really want to try the cami tank!

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  11. toss up between the shaping leggings and the yoga pants (both look comfy)
    Like the idea that they are long enough, too many others seem so short.

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  13. i saw that they have glamor embellished tanks. They are soooooooo nice,
    i want one


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  15. I love that their tanks are longer. I had one once but it was short and everytime
    I would sit down it would roll along with my unpleasantness.

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