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Trivial Pursuit – Bet you know it – CLOSED

As you are all aware, my family and I love to play games.  We recently were able to get together and played the most recent version of Trivial Pursuit called Bet You Know It.  The last time that I played Trivial Pursuit, I don’t think I got 1 piece of the pie – mind you most of the questions were pre 1960’s and only being born in the 80’s, I think I had a pretty good excuse for completely bombing the game.

This new version has questions from this century so everyone has a fair chance of winning the game.  Maybe I am getting smarter – or I’m just older, but I also found that you didn’t have to be a part of Mensa to get the answers right.  There are a couple new twists with this classic game that I really liked.  The first twist is that on top of the typical categories in the Trivial Pursuit game (Arts & Literature, Science & Nature, Sports, Geography,,,), each card also has a topic, ranging anywhere from Sesame Street to Las Vegas, therefore each card has a unique topic.  Once you chose a topic and a category, each player bets on whether or not you will get the question right.  This was the part of the game that made things really interesting.  Basically you are winning chips, losing chips to the bank or losing chips to your opponent depending if they get the question right or wrong.   This is where you can use a bit of strategy as well.

The chips play a valuable part in this game.  If there is a specific category that you are terrible at (like Sports for me), then you can buy that piece of the pie when your turn comes around and you land on a square that lets you buy a piece.  Once you get all your pie pieces you have to answer one last question.  Your competitors get to choose the topic and the category, generally they would pick both a topic and category that you are weak in.  However, here is the last twist of the game, you can buy your topic, category or both with the chips that you have won throughout the game, giving you a better shot at winning.

My family and I had so much fun playing this game, so many people wanted to play that we had to make teams.  There were lots of laughs – sometimes not just with the answers to questions, but with the “insults” when everyone bets against you knowing the right answer to a question.  Near the end, we were going nuts with the betting part and were going “all in” against people know the right answer.  This left the bank penniless, I guess we could have made IOU’s, but we just split our bets in 1/2 instead.   There were also some times when we forfeited our turn because we already had both pieces of the pie.  The instructions didn’t let us know if we should re-roll, so we just decided to pass as there was no benefit to getting a question right.  In the old version if you get a question right, it’s still your turn, in this version your turn is over whether or not you get the correct answer.

My family and I loved this game, it was so much fun, we played for over 3 hours, it was after midnight before we finished, and we didn’t even really finish.  My cousin and I were on the last answer and I went against my better judgement and sure enough we were wrong.  By that time everyone was getting way too tired, so we packed it up and said it was a tie for everyone.  We had a blast and I learned something about myself – I’m a pretty smart girl and that I shouldn’t double guess myself.  I had 2 questions in which I let someone else talk me out of my original answer, only to find out that I was right both times, and one was for the game.  In the end it doesn’t really matter, but I was more than happy to learn this about myself.

I will be bringing this game with me to my grand mothers house over the holidays!

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261 thoughts on “Trivial Pursuit – Bet you know it – CLOSED

  1. I’d love to have MONOPOLY Here & Now World Edition. I’ve always considered myself good at Monopoly and Rummy.

    mattschmunk at gmail dot com

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  3. Oooh, I have always loved trivial pursuit! we also really enjoy Cranium, it’s a great group game, lots of laughs.

  4. The new CRANIUM looks like a ton o fun! I’m tres good at Boggle…well, I was better before I turned 45, but I’m still pretty good! One of my daughters’ beat me last year for the first time ever, she was thrilled and I was crushed lol

  5. Trouble, Sorry, and Perfection are all childhood favorites! I’ve never actually played Candyland, though I’d like to try it!

  6. We like Sorry! at our house. I wish I could say that I’m good at it, but it is amazing how many times my 4 year old beats me!

  7. Love the post on facebook Wordless Wednesdays: Where’s Daddy?. Don’t you
    just love the crop feature for photos. LOL LOL.

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  9. I’d love to have MONOPOLY Here & Now World Edition.I’ve always thought I was pretty good at Monopoly.

  10. I’d love to try Cranium, can you believe I never tried it?!
    I’m pretty good at Scrabble, although my husband always beats me anyway, lol!

  11. I would like to play the new SCRABBLE Flash game.
    My husband and I love to play Battleship.
    Thanks for the chance!

  12. Love Monopoly and am good at Monopoly. I love all games. I would love this one too, I just know it.


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