18 Dec

Pawparazzi – CLOSED

I had the opportunity to review Pawparazzi in the past and had to include these cute mini pets and purse combo as a great Christmas gift idea.

A real pet seems to be a very popular Christmas Gift, however the statistics are staggering at many of these real live animals end up in shelters.  Many people are not aware of how much work a pet can be.  When pets are babies and super cute and adorable, it’s easy to forgive their accidents, chewed shoes and chewed baseboards (yes, my dog ate baseboards).  However, as time goes on, these cute, adorable puppies and kitties turn into dogs and cats, and “pee pee” on the floor isn’t something that is as easily forgiven.

Overtime, the luxury of a new pet wears off and then you (yes, generally you as the adult) are left to take care of your child’s pet that was once something that they simply could never live without.  Now, I’m not saying that all pets end up like this.  There are many excellent pet moms and dads out there.  I would just suggest that a pet as a Christmas present or Birthday present isn’t the best choice, especially for a child.

So, here comes Pawparazzi! The genius thing about these adorable pets, is that kids can get their need to have a “pet” without the forever commitment of a real pet – win/win for everyone.  Why not let your child practice with their new best friend and then assess if a real pet would be a good option?

This time around,  I had the opportunity to review Salsa, a mini chihuahua in a pink leopard print purse.  On top of being simply adorable, this little puppy has her own blog, so your kids, can keep up with Salsa’s life and ask her questions and get answers.  Cute huh?  There is also a complete online Pawparazzi Planet where kids can interact with their pets.

These pets all have different personalities, jobs and mostly have creative jobs like news anchors, rock stars, tennis players, and journalists.  I think it’s wonderful to expose kids to these types of art related careers.  The Pawparazzi pets are also affordable at only ~$20 for a pet, purse and official ID.

If your kids are begging for a pet, test them out with one of these pets first!  This is just my mini Public Service Announcement.  I do think it’s wonderful for kids to grow up with a pet in the house, but pets are not for everyone and not for every family.  Do your homework to find out if a pet will be right for your family before you get one.  In the meantime, get a Pawparazzi pet!

Buy it: To purchase, visit Pawparazzi

Giveaway: one lucky reader is going to get their choice of: Woofgang or Karma Pawparazzi Set AND Day at the Spa or Winter Holiday Dress Up Set

To Enter: Visit Pawparazzi and make a comment back here about your favourite pet (and let me know what you think about giving a real pet as a Christmas gift)

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479 thoughts on “Pawparazzi – CLOSED

  1. I like Misty!

    Giving a real pet as a present really depends on how prepared a child is to have a real pet and hpw the pet is given.

  2. I like Toby. As for a real pet for Christmas – I think there is already too much chaos during the holidays to throw a poor pet into the mix. I would think it might be better to give the accessories and even a book to learn about caring for the pet at Christmas and then in January or February when the routine becomes more normalized again consider going to purchase the pet.

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  4. I think my daughter would like Misty. I do not think giving a real pet for the holidays is such a good idea. There is just so much going on .

  5. I like Daisy.

    Giving a pet as a gift is a bad idea in my opinion. This action requires a lot of thought and family input. They are a commitment for the life of a pet. Too many people give pets on a ewhim and they end up at shelters.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  6. (Sorry for the soap box answer but I am a committed animal lover.)

    I am an Email subscriber

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  7. I think Indy for my oldest boy and Toby for my second oldest
    – personality wise the best matches. Giving a pet as a gift can be a
    hard decision. They are a lot of work. I know I don’t miss that work
    and would hate to have to do it for my children. But, they can be a
    good opportunity to teach our children responsibility as well.

  8. I think Roxy is really cute. My opinion on giving a pet for Christmas is it is not a good idea. There is too much excitement to introduce a new pet at this time. It is better to give a gift certificate from the local humane society and then when things have returned to normal after the holidays go as a family and pick out a pet. It may take several visits to find the right pet so you shouldn’t rush.

  9. ah little roxy is sweet.and i love the little bag…as to giving pets at Christmas,well in general i don’t think it’s a good idea,especially if it is a first pet…pets are not toys and need alot of love and care.if you have had pets before and were actively looking for a suitable pet then maybe it would be a good time


  10. The Misty Pawparazzi Set is adorable.

    Whoa, you want my opinion about buying a real pet at Christmas. I could
    write an entire blog post on how this type of cutsie, impulsive ,
    because junior wants a puppy, purchases are so WRONG!!
    People purchase not thinking of the needs of the animals, but the desire
    of a child, and suddenly realize that poor puppy doesn’t fit in quite
    so well.
    Check out your local SPCA about 6 weeks after Christmas and you will so
    how many animals are surrendered to them.

    I’m stopping here, but you get my jist. The answer is

  11. Woofgang and Daisy are my favorites.
    Unless a family has a pet, or has had a pet and knows the responsibilities involved, I agree that a pet for a child for Christmas might not be a good idea.
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  12. I love Roxy — as for getting a real pet for christmas I think it’s okay if you were planning on getting a pet anyways. I think a pet is a big responsibility and as long as you know that and are prepared for that commitment I think it would be a great gift:)

  13. I think my girls would like the karma doll. I am not a big fan of giving pets as gifts unless you have been talking about it and researching it as a good fit for your family first.

  14. I love Lexi and Indy because they are the pets my girls would love.
    As for giving someone else a pet for Christmas,or anyother holiday for
    that matter, I think that people, even kids, should pick out there own
    pets, to get the right match -so it is forever.

  15. I think Woofgang is adorable. As for giving pets as gifts. I think it is a good idea if the person receiving the pet is expecting and had some input. Thanks for the great giveaway 🙂

  16. I would love to give my daughter woofgang! I think that giving a pet as a gift is a great idea. We gave my daughter a dog for Christmas a few years ago, she absolutely loved it!

  17. I love Karma, she looks just like our real cat!

    When I was growing up, I had tons of pets, but they were pretty much all of the small, caged variety. I had hamsters, gerbils, fish, birds, mice and almost any other little animal you can think of! I think animals like this are fine to give as a present, and our four-year-old will actually be getting his own fish this year. It’s a great way to teach young children responsibility and how to follow a routine, as well as giving them a bond to another living thing.

    But big animals (cats and dogs are the main ones here) I don’t think should ever be given as a gift, unless it’s something that has been planned for months and thoroughly discussed by the entire family. A pet is a big responsibility and getting one is adding a new member to your family. It should never be done on a whim.

  18. I love Karma!! She’s so cute (reminds me of our kitty when he was a baby), and okay.. I adore Toby too lol. I think its never a good idea to give a real pet as a gift during the holiday.

  19. Misty and Roxy are the faves at our house. So cute!!
    I totally agree about pets for Christmas. Whenever we have gotten
    a pet it’s been a LONG thought out process and decision making is serious.

  20. My favorite pet is Woofgang! He’s so cute!
    I think giving a real pet as a Christmas gift is fine, as long as the recipient knows of it, and is well prepared for it.
    I have seen so many Christmas disasters when parent’s give their kids hamsters, and they have no intention to care for them. It’s sad.

    Email: melissajackson07@gmail.com

  21. My favourite pet I like is the chihuahua Salsa.

    The latina singing sensation.

    Also buying a pet for Christmas is not a good idea.
    It is better to buy a family pet when things are
    more calm.

  22. Toby, Roxy and Lexi are adorable! I think the only people that should be giving pets for Christmas are the parents and then only after a lot of thought! Thanks for the giveaway.

  23. I don’t personally think giving a pet for Christmas or any Holiday is a good idea because as you said, ones the luxury wears off they are forgotten. For families with more than one child, they also end up fighting (The dog can’t sleep in your bed because he’s MINE!) Yes, I know from experience…

    My favorite one os Woofgang 🙂

  24. Karma is my favorite. I don’t think giving a pet at Christmas time is ideal. There is always so much going on, I think it’s best to wait!

  25. i like misty
    and as for pets for a christmas gift it’s such a commitment that you need to make sure all adult parties are sure what it will require…my mom got a dog for christmas once and it was the best cause she had really wanted one..but sometimes that may not be the case
    nannypanpan at sbcglobal.net

  26. My favorite is Kyra, such a cute kitty. I think giving a real pet depends on the person, if they are ready to handle a full time job and understand it’s a lifelong commitment.

  27. My fav would be Roxy and I don’t think you should give real pets as gifts because part of the fun of is picking one out together!

  28. my favorite is the Cooper Pawparazzi Set
    i would not give a real pet as a christmas present, i think it should be a family

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  30. I like Roxy. I don’t like the idea of giving a real pet for Christmas and especially not if the recipient has not approved it first.

  31. My favorite pet is Salsa and I think giving a pet at christmas is not always a good idea. Puppies and Kittens are cute but also a big responsability.

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  33. love roxy and i dont think its a good idea to give a pet on christmas just because its so easy to overlook all the attention new pets need at that time

  34. We like Indy and I would like to adopt ONE more little pet

    pattifritz2000 at yahoo dot com
    thanks for the chance

  35. Forgot to say- I probably would not give a pet as a Christmas gift unless it was an older child. I follow with GFC.

  36. Roxy is my favorite. I don’t think pets should be given for Christmas. I think they might get neglected with all the hussle and bustle going on

  37. CoCo Coconut is my favourite.

    I personally don’t think pets are great Christmas gifts because I think people should choose their own pets. Just MHO

    charmtime at gmail dot com

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  39. My favorite is Lexi but I don’t know if they make her any more. I think a pet for a gift is a great idea as long as it’s been thought out and is not a spur of the moment buy. Thank you!

  40. I like toby set and no giving a pet is not a good idea. A note saying you will choose a pet as a family after the holidays is fine but buying a pet during an already busy stressful time is a disaster waiting to happen. (in my opinion)

  41. I think Cooper is adorable!

    I would never give a pet as a Christmas gift. I believe that is a decision that needs to be discussed before a pet is brought into a family.

  42. I like Indy because she likes books. I really don’t like the idea of giving pets as gifts particularly if it is a complete surprise because we have rescued a couple dogs who were “gifts” and never bonded with the recipient. I think the person who the animal is going to be for should be able to pick out the animal. Things like goldfish and smaller animals may be okay as long as you know it will be cared for properly.

  43. My favourite pet is Misty.
    I don’t think that giving a surprise pet at Christmas is okay, but a planned one is.

  44. I like Kyra she’s really cute. A real pet for christmas isn’t a bad
    idea. I loved it when I got a yellow lab as a kid.

  45. Misty is my favorite. I don’t love the idea of a real pet for Christmas.
    I’ve heard many Christmas pets are soon forgotten about… Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  46. I like Daisy.I do not think giving a pet as a holiday gift is a good
    idea.I would fear the newness would wear off on a child.Thanks!

  47. I like Lexi toy dog and I do not think giving a pet for the holidays is a good idea. People need to pick out their own pet and agree to
    take responsibility for it.

  48. I love these especially Misty and the FLower Fairy set.
    I wouldn’t gift a pet at the holidays.

  49. I think Indy’s adorable! I think giving a real pet as a Christmas gift is fine if you’re really sure someone will take care of it.

  50. My favorite is Salsa, I would not want someone to gift me or my family with a pet at Christmas. I would not give a pet as a gift either.

  51. My favorite is Karma

    Giving a real pet as a Christmas gift is okay as long as the person
    receiving the gift is willing and able to care for it properly

    ReggieM1961 [at] gmail [dot] com

  52. Roxy is my favorite 🙂 I don’t think it’s a good idea to give a pet for Christmas, especially if the person doesn’t actually want one!

  53. I would choose Powder. I think a reAl pet is a fine Xmas gift as long as you have a house with a yard, which we don’t.

    Lyndsey.Rullman at hotmail dot com

  54. i like Woofgang and i dont think its a great idea to give a pet as a gift a pet comes with much responsibility

  55. My favorite pet is Powder. As for giving a real pet as a Christmas gift, it would all depend on the kids and the parents. You would have to explore whether the child was mature enough to handle the responsibility and how the parents would respond if the child was not responsible in the care of the pet.

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