10 Nov

Wonders of the Solar System on DVD – CLOSED

I’m a documentary geek.  I love learning things, especially things about the earth, animals and humans.  I think all the amazing things that have happened over the years is fascinating.  In university, I received an A in Evolutionary Psychology.  The whole course was about animals and how they have developed over the last billion years.  I LOVED the course, despite believing in creation.

When I had the opportunity to review the DVD Wonders of the Solar System, and I knew this was something that would be straight up my alley, full of all kinds of unbelievable facts.

Here is a Synopsis:

This September 7th, discover the extraordinary wonders of our solar system as the BBC presents the spellbinding series – Wonders of theSolar System – on DVD and Blu-ray. Premiering on Discovery Science on August 3, this breathtaking television event is presented by esteemed physicist Brian Cox who will explore some of the most amazing features of our planet’s own backyard. In this remarkable journey, viewers will witness how forces of nature carved out beauty and order from the chaos of space and learn how our home planet is not isolated, but intimately connected with the rest of the solar system. Using the latest scientific knowledge, state of the art CGI and stunning images beamed back from a fleet of probes, rovers and telescopes currently in space, this gorgeous imagery is paired with some ofthe most spectacular, extreme locations on Earth to help reveal wonders never thought possible. A must-own release for space enthusiasts everywhere, this captivating 3-disc set features the complete 5-hour series plus two additional bonus programs, spanning the dimensions ofour celestial neighborhood.

Each DVD is about 1 hour long and is jam-packed with incredible and interesting facts about our earth, the sun, planets and beyond.  I was glued to the TV while I was completely fascinated with some of the facts that the narrator was spitting out.  Some of the facts were just too out there to even imagine and comprehend.  I almost need to watch it again and again so I can get the facts straight.  Things like Jupiter is 50 thousand million billion  trillion miles away (or something like that, I would need to calculate that in how many times around the earth that would be for it to make sense, but still then it’s probably over a trillion times around the earth).

My husband, who likes facts and actually has a lot of useless knowledge and does well on Jeopardy, enjoyed this movie too.  He didn’t watch the whole thing, but he did enjoy the first DVD which is mostly about the Sun.

This is a great documentary to learn about things that are not visible to us on earth with our own eyes.  It does show some amazing real footage of far out there places.

Giveaway: One lucky reader is going to receive the Wonder of the Solar System DVD

To Enter: Make a comment below about a neat science fact you know – and let me know who you think would like this kind of movie!

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247 thoughts on “Wonders of the Solar System on DVD – CLOSED

  1. Science Fact: The material that makes up our bodies comes from of the ash of dead stars. (Moby once sang “we are all made of stars”

    My husband is a HUGE Carl Sagan and Cosmos fan so he would love to have this DVD and watch it with our 2 DDs.

  2. I was just watching a documentary last night, determining if life is
    possible on other planets. What is compatible for us might be different
    for other species, and life is possible elsewhere.

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  4. My mom, may she rest in peace, taught me how to remember the planets in order when I was a kid and I’ve never forgotten…..its sort of a scientific fact lol

    Men Very Early Made Jars Stand Nearly Perpendicularly

    Mars, Venus, Earth, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Pluto (poor Pluto isn’t a planet anymore)

    I hope I didn’t get Mars and Mercury mixed up lol


    nancyrobster at gmail dot com

  5. Commented on Lest we Forget


    nancyrobster at gmail dot com

    ooops, I realized in my Scientific fact that I left out Uranus lol oyee
    Men Very Early Made Jars Stand UP Nearly Perpendicularly

  6. Science Fact: Uranus is made up of the same compounds from which diamonds are formed. Of course, this led one of my students to question: “Does this mean that there are diamonds in Uranus?” (The name of the planet was mispronounced on purpose. This is what makes teaching so exciting when you have no idea as to what will happen each day.)

    I would love to have a copy of Wonders of the Solar System on DVD. Not only would I enjoy it, but I could use it during my presentations as a Solar System Ambassador.

    Thank you,


  7. The most dangerous animal in the world is the common housefly. Because of their habits of visiting animal waste, they transmit more diseases than any other animal.

  8. Umm….The human head weighs 8 lbs? I got that from Jerry Maguire,lol..
    My 10 year old is VERY into science and anything having to do with space. I also have a 10 month old whose b-day is new year’s eve, and another baby due in mid-January. Plus I am on bedrest. So obviously, the holidays will be tight this year. I would love to win because I know this would make my son’s Christmas extra special. Thanks for the chance! This is awesome!

  9. Okay,I am having technical difficulties. I hope this isn’t a duplicate,too. My last gfc comment is a dupe cause it didn’t show up initially. Can you please delete it? I don’t want to DQ myself because this would really make my son happy for Xmas this year.
    I also have your button
    I put it at the very top so you don’t have to search.

    Sorry for the hassle. It’s late and I suffer from fuzzy preggo brain!

  10. Fact: Mars experiences violent dust storms which continually change its surface. My son who is 10 would love this DVD. He loves documentaries, especially ones about science and history, and is just learning about the plantets in science class.

  11. There is a theory that tehre are an infinite number of universes right next to us in other dimensions.

  12. My son would love this as he is very interested in the stars and planets. The human eye blinks an average of 4,200,000 times a year.

  13. diamond is the hardest mineral on earth
    my husband would love this movie

  14. The Human body can express or experience over 3000 emotions – and a women experiences every sigle one of these withing24hrs after giving birth! (the second statement is my own opinion, hee)

  15. Taking Colloidal silver can turn your skin blue. I saw a man that was very blue on 20/20. He loked pretty odd.

    I’d like to get this for my husband and older son. They both love Science.

  16. Footprints and tyre tracks left behind by astronauts on the moon will stay there forever as there is no wind to blow them away.

    My husband would love this DVD to show our kids and his classroom, too!

  17. My husband love science especially anything to do with the solar system — he would love this. Here is my fun space fact:
    Footprints and tyre tracks left behind by astronauts on the moon will stay there forever as there is no wind to blow them away

  18. If you could drive to the sun at 55 miles per hour it
    would take about 193 years. I would like to watch this with my family.

  19. My science trivia: A neutron star is the strongest magnet in the universe.

    I would like to win this DVD for my daughter who would love to watch.

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  20. My science fact: Although it’s said that you can see the Great Wall of China from Space, you can ONLY see it through binoculars!
    anita [dot] truck [at] gmail [dot] com

  21. A neat science fact is: H2O is not Hydrogen and Oxygen sqared it is 2
    oxygen and 1 hydrogen molocule (this is a fact from my nine year old
    daughter) she is the person who would LOVE this DVD – and she would
    watch it with her Grandpa! They love science together. She is
    homeschooled and alot of her day is about science – her

  22. I would probably enjoy this movie, but my husband is the real science nut, so he would definately like it the most. My son’s developing a real interest in science too; it would be son fun for the two of them to watch together!

    Fun fact: There is a sea in the Middle East called the Reed Sea, and when the wind blows in a certain season the sea occasionally separates and leaves a dry path through the middles from one side to the other. Some scientists theorize that this was the sea Moses crossed in ancient times and that “Red Sea” was a misprint.

  23. “Although stars might look white from the Earth, they are really yellow and blue when they start out. When a star grows into a giant, it changes color to orange and red and grows to about 100 times the size it was. It also becomes very hot.” That’s from a children’s book my son wrote about the solar system for his high school science project. If I win I plan to give this to one of the programs I run for adults with disabilities.

  24. Each year, the Moon moves 4 centimeters away from the Earth. I would give this DVD to my teenage son. He has a learning disability, but Science is one subject he seems to just soak up knowledge.

  25. Science Fact – The longest cells in the human body are the motor neurons. They can be up to 4.5 feet (1.37 meters) long and run from the lower spinal cord to the big toe

    My family and I would all enjoy this kind of movie

  26. A Google is written as a 1 followed by 100 zeros.
    I would give this to my granddaughter who loves Science.

  27. I would REALLY be interested in winning, owning and watching WONDERS OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM, and so would my wife. Thanks!

  28. The Sun is 99.85% of the mass of our entire Solar System. My husband would absolutely LOVE this movie. He wanted to work for NASA growing up and is still really interested in space.

  29. A tidbit is that Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars—are called the terrestrial planets because they have solid rocky surfaces! I’d love to win this for my husband who loves astronomy!

  30. i read that first comment and i too am a carl sagan fan and i love the music video they made of the carl sagan series. “the cosmos are also within us, were made of star stuff.”

  31. I learned just recently that The Bush Cricket has the world’s largest
    “boys” in relation to body weight. I would like to win this
    for my almost 11 year old son

  32. Each day, up to 150 species of life become extinct.
    My husband would really love to have this movie.

  33. Around a million, billion neutrinos from the Sun will pass through your body while you read this sentence. I have a friend very interested in space and I think he would love this DVD.

  34. My boyfriend would LOVE this DVD, he is fascinated with all that is space.
    An interesting science fact is The Earth spins at 1,000 mph but it travels through space at an incredible 67,000 mph
    hmhenderson AT yahoo DOT com

  35. Toxic (or bad) thoughts create areas in the brain that look like dead trees they can be changed with 21 days of good thoughts.

  36. my hubby would love this, hes always watching these things on tv, as for a fact, you can still swallow when you are hanging up side down.

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  38. A weird scientific fact: the universe is actually beige. They call the
    colour “cosmic latte”.
    I guess it looks prettier in movies, when they do it all dark blue and
    purple and sparkly!
    I’d give this as a gift to my oldest son. He’s always been fascinated
    with this topic.

  39. More people have been on the moon than have reached the bottom of the
    Marianas Trench and it is closer! This would be for my niece!

  40. Light travels at 299,792,458 meters per second.i would give this to my daughter britney who is studying the planets in school right now

  41. Just this morning my husband shared with me an article on how scientists may be on the verge of solving one of the biggest riddles of physics. It explained how in their quest to understand what happened to all the antimatter that vanished since the Big Bang, scientists from Britain, Brazil, Canada, Israel and the U.S., successfully trapped 38 anti-hydrogen atoms for about one-tenth of a second at the European Organization for Nuclear Research, or CERN, according to a paper submitted to the science journal Nature.
    My husband and son would enjoy the Wonders of the Solar System DVD. 🙂

  42. My husband would enjoy watching this with our kids.
    I’ve heard that there are frequently near misses of space rocks near the earth.

  43. A light year is the time that it takes light to travel in 1 year

    This would be for the kids to educate them!

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

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