18 Oct

Olivia – Plush Toy and 2 in 1 Playset – CLOSED

♪♫ Olivia! Olivia! Olivia! Olivia! ♩♬  Whenever I watch the show Olivia, I can’t help but sing the theme song over and over.  I love this little pink pig and her brother Ian.  My daughter also enjoys the show (one of the last ones that is on just before bed time – but that’s not the only reason why I love it).

Olivia has a positive outlook on life and a wild imagination – which I love because it seems in todays world, kids have lost their imaginations.  My daughter recently received an Olivia plush toy for review, and right away she knew who her new friend was and wanted to hug and hold her tight.  I often wonder if toddlers understand the connection between a stuffed animal and a TV show – but after watching my daughter with her new toy, it was obvious that she already knew who it was. Amazing – simply amazing.

Along with the plush toy, we were also given a full Olivia house, complete with really small parts!  My daughter is 2, and unfortunately, these types of small parts have not yet made it into her “safe play zone”.  She doesn’t put everything into her mouth, but once in a while I still catch things in there (like my ring….), so to err on the side of safety, I opted to kept this neat little doll house for a time when she is older and wont be tempted to try to kill herself.

The doll house looks like a lot of fun with all kinds of mini rooms to use her imagination in.  But for now, she is left with just the plush toy to play with, and she does this all the time and she can use her 2 year old imagination while playing with her super smart little pink pig.

If your kids like Olivia, these age appropriate toys (plush for the younger ones, and the play house for the older ones) are something that they will enjoy playing make believe with.

Giveaway: One lucky reader is going to receive the Olivia Plush toy and 2 in 1 Playset

To Enter: Make a comment below about your wild imagination 🙂  Get creative about anything!

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Giveaway closes  November 5th @ 11:59 pm PST.  Open to US


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405 thoughts on “Olivia – Plush Toy and 2 in 1 Playset – CLOSED

  1. I love toys that allow children to use their imagination. 🙂 My imagination has always been vivid. It has helped me in my writing.


  2. My imagination runs wild sometimes, lol! Always going and sometimes it keeps me from sleeping at night! Full of creativity! Just wish things would turn out as good as I imagine! I love Olivia, my 3yr DD is just like yours and I also sing the song!

  3. my wild imagination helps me believe that I actually sleep at night and do more than just play with kids and change diapers all day,lol. It also helps with said playing, amazing what kids will believe and what they will come up with!

  4. I love watching the kids use their imagination…They can be anything…a Mommy, a daddy, a dog, a farmer, doctor nurse…anything…In my imagination I am always on Vacation!!!

  5. I have no imagination. My son, on the other hand, always amused me with his ideas. And he still has a creative mind.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  6. jessica(dot)judge(at)gmail(dot)com

    My DD has a vivid imagination and never fails to entertain us with her
    grand tales and adventures.

  7. sometimes I imagine that our world is a snowglobe and aliens are watching us lol, yes really


    nancyrobster at gmail dot com

  8. My imagination has often gotten me into trouble – instead of focusing on what I’m supposed to be, I am often daydreaming or creating in my head…It makes life fun though! I love to see my kids’ imaginations too – my 4 yr. old son is so creative and fun. He tells the best stories and remembers them all, having the same characters show up in multiple stories.

  9. I like to tell my 3 year old stories about when I was little and then she makes up the same story, but with her in it! We have so much fun making up our own stories that w’ve started our own little short stories book!

  10. my wild imagination always got me into trouble when I was younger. I’d always make up scenarios in my head and tell them to my younger brother and usually it scared him. now my imagination runs wild with my 2 year old playing pretend and making up stories with her.

  11. I love that having kids has made me rediscover imaginative play, we have so
    much fun just playing with the items in our recycling bin – paper towel rolls are the best 🙂

  12. I like to take sets of characters from different typical stories and combine them, making up my own story to go along with this unique set of characters. The kids love it!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. I am an only child, so my imagination kept me busy as a child, took me around the world and took me on several grand adventures! I’m a bit rusty these days, but I do want to encourage my kiddos to think big and let their imaginations soar.

  14. Sometimes I wish I could turn my imagination off (lol!) I am constantly thinking of new and interesting things to do with my daughter, whether it’s baking, crafting or silly make believe playtime – we always make everything fun because I do truly believe that life can be a fairy tale where we all live happily ever after!

  15. My imagination plays tricks on me..lol I always expect some horror movie creature especially zombies to jump out at me when I’m outside alone in the dark but those are my favourite kind of movies…..I’m a bit of a freak I guess..

  16. My wild imagination lets me believe that one of these days I’ll have super powers and be able to get everything done! LOL

  17. My wild imagination is the reason I have such a deep love of fantasy fiction and sci-fi. The wild novels suit me perfectly. The downside is that I’ve been battling insomnia since I was a child, because my mind just won’t stop going so I can get some sleep! 🙂

  18. I remember having an imagination as a child but that’s gone unfortunately
    but my niece has an awesome one and creativity is her #1 trait, so sorry
    fresh out of imagination at my age and life.

  19. My imagination can be dangerous. I still dream of being famous,
    accepting the Academy award in front of millions of people.
    My role: the biggest ham and dreamer
    Best Supporting Actress

  20. i dont have a imagination but my grand daughter does. everyday someone new she is 3 years old and has a husband and 8 kids.

  21. As a child, I loved to imagine! Whether it was playing house with my sister & friends or playing outside in our “fort” with my brother!!

  22. When my children were young, I would make up stories that always had a moral to teach them right from wrong. My daughter was fascinated by my unicorn stories. When we would walk around our pond, I used to say, “Shhh…do you hear that?” I pretended I saw a beautiful unicorn galloping in the woods. She always responded that she could hear the sound of the magical unicorn’s hooves. I used to tell her that only people with a pure heart could hear that sound. The funny thing is, now she is telling my stories to her own little girl 🙂

  23. My hubby would probably say that he has a love/hate relationship with
    my wild imagination. I tend to remodel the house in my head and then
    try and explain to him how we could “totally do the work ourselves”.
    >Insert hysterical laughter from him here.< My imagination has always
    served me well with my art. I've always wanted to write a
    book; maybe someday I'll actually get around to it. A childhood friend
    of mine used to enjoy me telling my crazy campfire stories. I hope
    my daughter always uses her imagination to her advantage. 🙂

  24. My imagination as a kid would be very adventurous,I was a tom boy an thought that I could do anything an not be hurt,wrong! had lots of bumps an bruises


  25. I am going to close my eyes and play my house is spotless and a month of meals are made and in the freezer waiting, Christmas shopping is done, wrapped, and the kids all 9 are playing and reading softly, and I can not find anything to do!

  26. As an adult, I often use my imagination to help me figure out the
    most satisfying way to live my life. It helped me get a job I
    had no qualifications for at the time, through the purchase of a house,
    and raising 2 kids on my own. I love imagination!

  27. My niece has a vivid imagination- like her Aunt she can play for hours with just a pencil & paper drawing !

  28. My imagination will always surprise me, I fing myself thinking of all kinds of things, and if I can
    doing them. I love the ones that involve my family. I think imagination is
    God’s way of keeping us young and involved.

  29. I would use the playset in my Kindergarten class when we read the Olivia book. We also make an olivia paper bag puppet as well. I try to find creative ways to make learning fun.

  30. I have such a crazy imagination! I played with barbies until I was 13

    My Barbies had real juicy story plots like Barbie has cancer,or sometimes my Barbie
    she would be involved with two men.
    Now my imagination just convinces me I am dying of some strange illness or something
    not fun.I am not too crazy about my big imagination these days

  31. When we go out hiking, I love to imagine the little fairies and gnomes who live under the mushrooms and amongst the moss. The kids get so excited as we talk about them and hunt for them.

  32. My vivid imaginations leaves me on a tropical island with plenty of chocolate, lots of sunshine and money to do whatever I want with 🙂

  33. How about I talk about my son’s wild imagination. He will take my video camera and will video tape himself playing with his legos, and go from start to finish, and make a sequal etc. He’s extreemly imaginative and creative. 🙂

  34. My daughter loves olivia! In her imagination she is a pirate one moment and a pig the next. This playset would be great

  35. Every year when I was little I use to have the same dream around Halloween. I dreamt that all the jack-o-lanterns came to life and would talk to me… It was the weirdest thing ever, and I had it every single year until I was in my later teens. I know it was just my imagination running wild at the time.

  36. My imagination usually consists of us being debt free & having a big house with a couple of more kids. Hopefully it will come true one day!

  37. I have a big imagination. I am a special ed teacher and use my imagination to reach some of my tough students.

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  39. Having multiples makes you take a few minutes to imagine you are doing something different or are on a tropical island with your husband – only to be brought back to reality with the splat of food hitting the floor or your face!

  40. I’m imagining how much fun my daughter and I could have playing with this!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  41. My wild imagination usually ends up scaring me! I start thinking that there might be a ghost in
    the house and then I can’t sleep.

  42. my mind is always going in 50 different directions! right now it is helping my daughter plan her january wedding. i am all over the place!

  43. My imagination runs wild. Especially at night. My dreams are out of control. Things
    were always so vivid as a child and I haven’t grown out of it. Sometimes I wish I had.
    Some of my dreams get scary 🙂

  44. my imagination is huge! every night when i dream, i am somewhere new!!
    i have so much fun sharing it with my kids! xo

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  46. My imagination isn’t wild, but my daughters is! She can sit with toys and play for hours creating very detailed scenarios!

  47. My wild imagination makes me believe that I am really on a beach somewhere and my 3 kids are perfect angels 😉

  48. My imagination allows me to believe I can win contests like this 😉
    Actually, my imagination is pretty darn impressive. I’m a writer
    and create whole worlds in my head. (Sometimes I even write about them!)

  49. Only in my wild imagination am I young enough to be able to keep Olivia
    for myself.

  50. I was fairly imaginative but the girls and Ian are so much more so- they *send* critters to take over their bodies- and anything Ki did wrong was *Peter Pan*. Ha she was such a turkey that when we put her in time out with no toys she would use her fingers and could go for literally hours not caring that she was being punished. Sooo glad those days are over. 😉

  51. Now that I’m pregnant, I’ve been having some VERY imaginative dreams about zombies taking over the world.

  52. I have a big imagination that my children love.
    Some days we have lunch on the moon while other days we go on a safari.
    We are never really sure where it will take us but we love the adventure.


  53. I remember when I was a kid, I would ride bikes with my brother and cousin and we would imagine we had our own little town with different parts of the yard being different stores. I wish I still had that kind of imagination. Now that I’m older I think I use my imagination the most in my dreams.


  54. My granddaughters live 21/2 hours from me, so on the drive to visit them I like to imagine what we will do together and the fun we will have. We rarely make concrete plans, we go with the flow and use our imaginations as to how each day will go. It’s more fun that way!

  55. My toddler’s wild imagination has been the catalyst for trying to get dad and grandpa in trouble lately. And grandpa doesn’t even come visit that often!! (“Dad did that, Mommy.”).

  56. As a child, we spent hours playing make believe and created stories that were better than any found in a book.

  57. My wild imagination causes me to think up scenarios for books or screenplays. I have also used it to make up some nice recipes in my kitchen.

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