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If there is one thing that I never thought I would love as much as I do, it’s a single cup coffee maker.  This is now an item that I don’t think I could live without (I’m sure I could find a way to live without one, but I wouldn’t be happy about it).  As you probably know, I don’t drink coffee, but I do love specialty teas, cappuccino and hot chocolates.  I usually bring something warm with me every day on my way to work.  I feel like such an urban Mom/Worker with my fancy drink in a stainless steal mug heading to work.

The latest single cup coffee maker I was able to review is the TASSIMO.    The TASSIMO beverage system is very simple to use, just put one of the circular T DISC into the top of the machine and press the large button.  There is only one button to press to make your coffee and each cup is exactly 250 ml.  If you want to add more water, there is a + button to press this will make more water go through the T DISC.  Press and hold the + button for the desired amount of water that you want to add.  I like this feature, because I don’t like my beverages to be too strong.

Here are a few other things that I love about the TASSIMO:

  • I can use my large coffee mug with the TASSIMO.  Just remove the bottom “catch” area and a large coffee mug or travel mug fits in fine.
  • If I just want hot water (to use for a recipe or to make my grandmother a classic Orange Pekoe tea, there is a little yellow disk that the machine comes with that I can put in the machine and viola, I have boiling hot water – in seconds.
  • The filter has a digital gage on it so I know when it’s time to change it.
  • The T DISC’s are available at my local grocery store.

As much as I love all the variety and the simplicity of theTASSIMO single cup coffee maker, I do have to mention the environmental factor.  Each cup of coffee/tea/hot chocolate/cappuccino has quite a bit of waste.  However, before we had a single cup coffee maker, my husband was using a regular coffee maker and used 6 times as much water, a filter and a lot of coffee grinds to make only one cup of coffee.  The remainder of the coffee would go down the drain and the grinds and filter went in the garbage.   So in that regards there is not much difference in waste.

What I love the best about the TASSIMO beverage system  is using it for company visits.  I love being able to plunk down a bunch of different T DISC’s in front of guests and having them pick one to test out.  Each person can have their own special drink.

My husband enjoys the TASSIMO as well.  He is a regular coffee drinker and he uses the TASSIMO each night for after dinner coffee.  We recently ran out of all the regular testers that we received and my husband was sad about it.  Although he doesn’t rave about the TASSIMO, I know that deep down he really enjoys the way the machine makes a perfect cup of coffee each time.  He actually purchased more T DISC’s for it – this is a very good indication of how much he likes it.

The TASSIMO is a great single cup coffee maker. It’s a little smaller, which means it takes up less space on the counter, and it’s fairly simple to use.   It even make lattes, it takes 2 different T-DISC’s, but it’s worth it.

Buy it: To purchase, visit TASSIMO online

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3 thoughts on “TASSIMO

  1. I want one of these or a keurig sooooo bad! I love coffee but I like foo foo flavored stuff and like one cup a day is plenty so one of these would be perfect! Thanks for the review!

  2. I am not a big coffee drinker either but when I have people over, I hate making a whole pot of coffee and who wants to offer their company instant coffee.
    The Tassimo sounds like it would be great for me!

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