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Stork Craft – Soom Soom Toddler Bed – CLOSED

There are many milestones in a child’s life; one of the biggest is when your child transitions from a crib to a big kid bed.  I think the transition is just as hard for our children as it is for the parents.  To me, it means that my “baby” isn’t a baby anymore.  I still frequently call her “the baby” and have been told, “Lynette, she isn’t a baby anymore”.  And now that we are transitioning into a toddler bed, I guess they are right.  (Cue the tears and bring on the tissue).

Stork Craft has helped to make the inevitable growth of my child a little less traumatic.  They sent me an adorable Soom Soom bed in cherry for review.  This adorable toddler sleigh bed was kind of exciting to put together because it is just so darn adorable I couldn’t wait to see the end product.  My husband (handy man and furniture-putter-together extraordanire)   put this bed together in 35 – 45 minutes max.  The hardest part was putting each one of the rungs in place, but once that was all complete (the first thing to do), the rest was smooth sailing.  Our daughter was an excellent helper and I have many pics of her helping, however it was over 30 degrees the day we put the bed together and my daughter is just wearing a diaper so I can not post those pics online.  I guess it’s a good thing in a way because rather than treating the product like a special review item, we treated it like any other item, and just did “our thing” as if we bought it.

The bed comes complete with tiny little rails and it’s less than a foot off the floor.  The Soom Soom bed also fits a crib sized mattress so there is no need to go out and buy a single bed right away.

Our daughter was ecstatic about her new bed.  She jumped (“mumped”) on it and laid in it and rolled around.  It seemed that she absolutely loved her bed and was excited about it.  My husband and I were all happy and brought our daughter downstairs to get a quick bite to eat before bedtime.  During her bed night snack, she hit her funny bone and what seemed like was going to be a successful night turned into disaster.  She wanted nothing more than to have her sookies (pacifier) and go straight to sleep in her crib.  She was completely cranked out.  Thankfully, our next door neighbour still had her daughters crib mattress so we were able to have both the crib and toddler bed set up at the same time.  Let just say day 1 was unsuccessful.

And,,, so were days 2, 3,4,,, do I need to go on?!?  But really, I am reviewing the bed and not the process to getting a child to transition into a toddler bed – two totally different things.

The Stork Craft bed is adorable, it matches the cherry furniture in the room and is just as cute as a button.  It was fairly simple for my husband to put together and is perfect for a toddler as it has bed rails and is very close to the ground.  I love the bed, and I hope that my daughter will soon as well.  In the meantime, I’ve been told that the best way to transition your child is to take away the crib from the room completely.  We are almost there, but it truly is hard to let go of that baby item.

Along with Toddler beds, Stork Craft also has all the essential furniture for a new baby, rocking chairs, change tables, dressers, rocking horses, and of course cribs.

Buy it: to purchase, visit Walmart, Toys R US, or Sears.ca (Canada) online

Giveaway: One lucky reader is going to receive a Soom Soom  Toddler Bed in the colour of their choice

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1,795 thoughts on “Stork Craft – Soom Soom Toddler Bed – CLOSED

  1. I have an 18 month old. Toddler bed is just what we need! Besides that,
    I think the Stork Craft rocking horse looks beautiful and fun!

  2. I love the glider! I bought one when my son was born for his room.
    Now he is 20 months old and could really use the bed!! I like you on facebook!

  3. I love the Sleigh Glider. I don’t really have any transition tips. Both my girls just switched over, no problems at all. I got lucky, I think! I didn’t think my 2-year old would ever be ready for a bed, but I sparatically decided to try it one night and it worked, she went right to sleep! Now, I did do it right after we returned from a 14 hour car trip so she was extremely exhausted and went right to sleep!

  4. Have your button on my blog:
    Right Column
    mommieseatsoggycereal at gmail dot com

  5. Became a fan of Stork Craft on fB. Visited their site. I really like the Beatrice 4 drawer chest, as my little one is in need of a new dresser. I have found making the transition from crib to toddler bed is easier if you use the same bedding from your crib on the toddler bed. I even used our bumper and made little throw pillows. The familar print of the sheet/quilt has also seemed to soothe my kiddos. We still have a little while before this one is in a toddler bed, but hopefully the transition is as smooth as it was with the other 2. Love your site!

  6. I like the Traditional Glider and Ottoman at Storkcraft and also the little wooden horses. My tip for transforming is to set the bed up in the room a week before you move your child. Put teddy bears to bed in the toddler bed and talk about how nice the bed is for the Teddy Bear. Let your child lie down by Teddy for a few minutes and ask them if they like the bed like Teddy does. Eventually they may ask if they can have a nap in the big boy or girl bed.

  7. OH I LOVE THE Sleigh Glider soo nice and as far as tips go all i can say is be PATIENT, it dosent always happen overnight lol
    staceyx at telus dot net

  8. I also like the Aspen 3 Drawer Chest. I have no transition tips yet, as we are just getting ready to transition our daughter in the next couple months.

  9. I’m now following the Stork Craft blog via GFC and commented that you sent me (on their post about your giveaway).

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  11. am now a google friend of stork craft on their site and left a comment that you sent me
    on their post about the giveaway. My google name is makeetis

  12. I also love the rocking horse!

    With my daughter, the transistion went pretty smoothly- she was excited
    about moving to a big girl bed! We even moved her bed time up 30

  13. I like the Aspen Collection Armoire.
    When my daughter went from crib to bed, we purchased a twin size box spring and mattress and put that directly on the floor, against the wall, and made it up with the sheets, pillows, comforter, stuffed animals. I use da bed rail even though if my daughter were to fall out, she wouldn’t gte hurt. (I also put a couple pillows along edge of bed incase). When she was old enough,(ready) we purchased the rest of the bed. I never had any transition issues with either of my daughters.

  14. Another item I like is the Rocking Horse.
    Sorry I don’t have any transition tips for crib to bed.
    lfhpueblo at msn dot com

  15. What a great giveaway! I enjoyed your review, since we will be making the “transition” in a few months.
    I really like the Beatrice Collection Combo Hutch.

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  17. Looks fabulous, and my grand daughter really needs one at grandma’s house instead of a really ucomfortable and restrictive playpen… She’s an exceptional girl and I’ve got jut the right place to transform to her special place for her special times with me.

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  19. It’s time for my sweet little girl to move up to a “big girl bed” and this is exactly what we need! The cherry finish is lovely. I like the matching chests as well.

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  21. I like the Aspen Armoire but I NEED a toddler bed. Just found out we are pregnant with #4 so #3 will need somewhere to sleep in 8 months 🙂 Thanks!

  22. I also love the Aspen Collection Armoire in natural.

    Transition tip: we had our daughter put her favorite stuffed animal in the bed and tuck it in for the night and then in the morning showed her he was okay. (good luck)

  23. We love the Child Rocker! We just got C’s 18 month pictures taken and the studio had a rocking chair… and he didn’t want to get off it. K and I just said, maybe we should ask Santa for a child’s rocking chair for him for X-mas.

  24. Since one of my Twins ripped apart one of their mattresses, I went right to that section of the website. I like the luxury Style mattress, anti-microbial, stain resistant and good support. Great for toddlers!
    Thanks Lynette!

  25. I love and WANT the Sleigh Glider in cherry! Gorgeous! as for tips, I am still not there yet, so I am needing them… but I cosleep, and am hoping that it helps in the transition… we shall see…

  26. I also like the toy rocking horse in the cognac finish.
    (I wish I had some transition tips. We’re not quiet there yet and I’m dreading it! I love that this bed has rails; I think that’s a must for a toddler bed.

  27. I’d check out the child’s rocking chair. My son would probably love it. He really likes to play in the baby rocker at grandma and grandpa’s house. 🙂

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  29. When our son was young, I was a loyal Stork Craft purchaser. I love their glider rockers. I still have the one from when Skyler was a baby and it is still in pristine condition. My two nieces have both used his crib and it is still in wonderful condition, which shows the quality of the products they offer. My best transition tip is to make moving into a ‘big bed’ like a game. It worked with our son. We let him set up his ‘big bed’ like a tent, with a blanket over the headboard. He took a flashlight and a book to bed with him. It is imperative that you involve your child with the process if you want the transtition to go smoothly.

  30. I also love the Three Door Chest in Oak. I have no tips, except make sure there is a soft rug underneath in case they fall.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  31. I like the Angelina glider which would be great to sit in and hold my new granddaughter.

  32. I Follow the Stork Craft Blog.
    I let them know you sent me on their facebook page.
    carol ann rector

  33. I like the Combo Dresser in the Aspen Collection.
    One tip I have is to let your child help to pick out the theme/design he/she likes for a new set of sheets for the toddler bed.