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Old Navy – $25 Gift Certificate – CLOSED

Halloween is just around the corner (I remember people telling me that once you have kids time flies – but this is extreme, where has the time gone?!?).  If you are looking for a place to get a fun and warm costume for your little one, Old Navy carries costumes for kids starting at newborns.

For review, I received an adorable Peacock costume.  If it were up to me to come up with a costume, a peacock would never even hit my list of possibilities, but after seeing this costume, I can see why it is so popular.

I am very excited to get my daughter dressed in this full head to toe outfit (completely covers the head with a hood, and has leggings), for Halloween.  I especially love that I wont have to cover her costume with a warm sweater over top.  How many years have I worn a Halloween costume with a large sweater over top or underneath?  Thankfully costumes are now made to keep kids warm.

I am especially looking forward to people’s reaction when they see my little DD as a peacock – such a  special and beautiful bird, for my special and beautiful little girl.

Old Navy has a wide assortment of Halloween costumes to choose from, most are unique, like a cupcake, a shark and a hamburger.  But if you are looking for the classics like a princess, Superman, and a tiger, they have those too.

Buy it: To purchase, visit Old Navy online or in store

Giveaway: One Luck winner is going to receive a $25 Gift Certfiicate

To Enter: Visit Old Navy and make a comment back here about what you would get & let me know what your kids are going to be for Halloween this year!  (if you don’t have a kid,, not to worry, let me know what  your best costume is… one year I made a gum ball machine costume for my husband!)

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Giveaway closes October  15th @ 11:59 pm PST.  Open to Canada


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672 thoughts on “Old Navy – $25 Gift Certificate – CLOSED

  1. I would buy the Women’s Cable-Knit Tunics in white. My best costume I made for the kids was a green frog costume.

  2. I would get my daughter the butterfly costume!
    This year my son is a Ninja and my daughter is going to be a lion!

  3. I’d buy a couple v-neck sweaters for ME!! Sounds greedy but
    I think a treat for me would be awesome!

    Too funny about the peacock..my son wanted to be one this yr!! Currently he is undecided and my dd is going to be little red riding hood. 🙂

    Happy Halloween!

  4. I would probably get something for my kids like the color blocked
    lug-sole sneakers for “baby.” My sons are going to be construction

  5. I’d choose one of the Girls Graphic Fleece Hoodies in White!

    My best costume ever was when I made my daughter into Miss Canada! We found a long white, sleeveless dress at a thrift store for about $4. I bought red felt patches and we cut out maple leafs galore and we sewed them onto the dress. We found a funky Canada hat and some great maple leaf stickers. I put some red false eyelashes on her, a red wig and some long red gloves! She was perfect!


    nancyrobster at gmail dot com

  6. My kids are grown but the best costume I ever made was for my son in kindergarten. I made him a Snoopy Costume out of white and black fur. It turned out to be a really cold Halloween but he was sure warm and got lots of great compliments on the costume. If I won I would buy a gift for my granddaughter from Old Navy. I like the Ruffled Cardigans for Baby in the raspberry pink color.

  7. I’m looking at the Halloween-Graphic One-Pieces for Baby on Old Navy’s site for my 7month old. We already have plans for the 3year old to go as Little Red Riding Hood.

  8. ~ “Cool Like Dad” Penguin-Print Sleep Sets for Baby = $16.50

    ~ Ankle-Sock 4-Packs for Baby = $6.50

    ~ Argyle Socks for Baby

  9. I would get some maternity clothes, because we already have our costume(s) for this year. My husband and I are going to be Mario & Luigi (Mario Bros.) and our daughter is going to be “Toad” – one of hte little toadstool people (the ones who usually scream for help and tell Mario where to find the Princess).

  10. I would get some microfleece activewear pants and graphic tres for my little boys who are both bring monkeys for Halloween!

  11. I would love to get the Old Navy Shark costume for my 3 year old… unfortunately, he wants to be a hunter for Halloween!

  12. i think i would get the Girls V-Neck Pullover Sweaters and Girls Puff-Sleeve Poplin Top

  13. I’d like the cable knit tunic for me and the monkey costume for my
    little girl. Our son is going to be a doctor this year for Halloween 🙂

  14. I would use the gift certificate to get a new faux fur lined hoodie for myself to use as a winter coat. I bought the kids their Halloween costumes at Old Navy last week. They are going to be, a Giraffe, a Butterfly, & a Shark. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  15. I would NEED to get more leggings. My daughter will one year old by then and since she loves Mickey and Minnie mouse, we are
    dressing her up as Minnie Mouse with a cupcake purse as a treat bag 🙂

    tina at my babys green dot com

  16. I would use the g.c. for the Girls 2-in-1 Hooded Graphic Sweaters for my oldest birthday which is coming up. My kids are going to be a corpse bride (10 yrs), Dee Dee Doodlebop (4yrs – sewn by my mother) and a kangaroo (17mths – handme down Old Navy costume – which are so nice and warm)

  17. Forgot to mention that my favorite costume was the tiger costume that my sons each wore.
    -I follow you both on twitter and tweeted-http://twitter.com/409cope/status/25787456367

  18. I would get the Knit Argyle Sweater Vests for Baby in Black Jack for
    Lil Bit. I would then buy one for Lil Man & Baby Boy so they would have
    matching sweater vests for Christmas.

    For Halloween they are going to be the “Three Little Monkey Jumping on
    The Bed”

  19. I would buy this with my winnings 🙂 Women’s Cropped Toggle “Jet Sweater” Capes
    Love it! For halloween my youngest is being a Vet, with a dog and all LOL
    and my older daughter, who is almost ten can not decide what to do yet- maybe a
    witch but not the hallmark kind more the pagan kind 🙂 She is really
    into Wicca this year.
    tracyschultz AT yahoo DOT com

  20. I’d give it to my DIL for some new jeans.

    My son was Peter Pan and looked so cute when he was two.

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  21. I would get the giraffe costume! Haven’t decided what D will be this year, but last year she had the little chicken costume from Old Navy and we got so many compliments! It was adorable!

  22. I’d get the Stitch-Graphic Bodysuits for Baby, a Fleece Ear-Flap Hat
    for Baby and Printed Cozy Sock 2-Packs for Baby!

    My best costume was a washing machine made out of a cardboard box,
    that I painted. It was awesome. I was 10. Unfortunately, that was the
    year that I was grounded for Hallowe’en because I kept skipping gym
    class! I never got to wear my costume 🙁

  23. Amazing what you can get for $25. I’d get two of the boys b-neck sweaters – one in mole and one in navy for my twin boys. Oh, and for Halloween they’ve both decided to be General Grievas – they totally have the Star Wars bug. Thanks, Maureen (jnomaxx at hotmail dot com)

  24. I might put it towards the Women’s Marled-Knit Cardigan. It looks so cozy and I love the colours. We don’t do Halloween, but my kids love dressing up as fairies! Thanks for the giveaway.

  25. I like the Women’s Tie-Belt Wrap Cardigans.
    My son wants to be a super hero (not sure which one yet) and my daughter wants to be a princess.

    jenbutterfly12 at yahoo dot com

  26. I like the Bumblebee Costume. I have no idea what my daughter will be yet, I’ve been looking around but it’s hard to choose!

  27. I would love to get some clothes for my kids — I really like the Boys Graphic Fleece Hoodie. For Halloween my kids don’t quite know yet what they want to dress up as — I guess we should start thinking about it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  28. I’d get the Green with white stripes Mock-neck Zip Cardigan for our little guy.He is going as a dragon this year 🙂

  29. So hard to choose! I would be getting a Women’s Shirred Cross-Front Dress with half the card, and then maybe a pair of Boys Plain Front Khakis for Mr. Prekindergarten! 🙂 As for Halloween, Zack, the ultimate Hot Wheels fan, has a Hot Wheels race car driver costume that he’ll be wearing. And baby will be a toss-up between Zack’s old (but still adorable) Tigger costume and a too-cute pumpkin costume that we were given. Tigger is way warmer, so we’ll probably let the weather decide!

  30. I would get myself a Women’s Logo Fleece Hoodie. I’m not dressing up but my granddaughter is going to dressup as Tinkerbell this year.

  31. I LOVE their Women’s Cropped Toggle “Jet Sweater” Capes in Sweet Leaf (a pretty green).

    I don’t have any kids (yet) but the best costume I ever made for Halloween was a little Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz for my little dog, Miss Ruby! She even wore a braided wig and ruby slippers. 🙂

    Thanks for the great giveaway!!! 🙂

  32. I would get the Womans fleece zip hoodie in black. My favorite costume was a full 17th century monarch dress and I went to the dance on a horse drawn buggy too!

  33. I’d get the Women’s V-Neck Striped Cardigan.
    One year, I made my daughter (age 2) up as Little Bo Peep…complete
    with ribbon-wrapped staff, tiny black sheep glued onto the staff…
    and I adapted an old blue and white peasant dress of mine, complete with
    white eyelet petticoat underneath.

  34. I would get my son the black jack mock-neck sweater. My son is going to be a jellyfish (originally it was a mountain goat so lucky for me he changed his mind!) and my daughter is going to be a ladybug.

  35. I would get the Women’s Short-Sleeve “Jet Sweater” Cape. My son has
    decided that he wants to be a zombie this year for halloween


  36. I just checked the site & they must already be sold out of a lot of the costumes. I think the Superman would be cute for my baby if they weren’t sold out. The t-shirts that look like the cowboy body are cute too!!

  37. I like the womens ruffle trim open front cardigan in navy! And I think she wants to be a cowgirl this year, but she might change her mind who knows!

  38. I like there Boy Graphic Fleace Hoodies for my Nephew that will be Going Tricker treating this year

  39. I would get just about anything right now. I just had a baby so not much is fitting! I have 2 girls. One is going to be a bumble bee and the other is going to be a lady bug

  40. I would get the Women’s Cable-Knit Tunics in grey
    My daughter is going as a nurse.
    henglish at nb dot sympatico dot ca

  41. I don’t know for sure what I’d get yet b/c I like so many of their stuff. Maybe something for me, maybe something for my kids:) My daughter is going to be milk for Halloween and my son is going to be a cookie as his costume.

  42. I think I would choose the Frost Free Quilted Vests for Baby in Navy for
    my little guy. It would be great for fall and winter here.

    My little guy is going to be a Giraffe this year, we bought the costume
    from Old Navy. My little girl is going to be a penguin.

  43. I would definitely buy the hamburger costume for our dog, Bullitt. The kids do not go out anymore, but I always dress the dog up and take him out. He has so much fun getting treats put in his little pumpkin! My best Halloween costume was when I used huge pieces of foam to make the Kool Aid man costume. I was a huge Kool Aid jug and won first prize in a Halloween costume contest! I still have the costume!

  44. I like:Boys Waffle-Knit Tees an I think my grandsons are going as a fireman an a puppy,im not dressing up


  45. I would use the gc towards new jeans for my son who seems taller everyday.
    One of the best costumes was our dog dressed as a pirate.

  46. I would get some jeans for my son since he grew an inch in the past month! My son is probably going to be a storm trooper from Star Wars this year.

    donnyandshelly at yahoo dot com

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  48. I would get the Women’s 3/4-Sleeve Slub-Knit Dresses black color
    hmhenderson AT yahoo DOT com

  49. I’d get a pair of jeans. I have a cat in the hat costume that is worn every Halloween to give out candy. Boy do the kids love it!!

  50. I think this shirt is adorable-http://oldnavy.gapcanada.ca/browse/product.do?cid=60657&vid=1&pid=795505&scid=795505013

    We’re not sure what he’s going to be, but I loved dressing up as a gypsy!

  51. I would put the GC towards another pair of jeans. I picked some out at a store this summer and loved them, but can’t remember which ones at the moment!

    I won 2 years in a row for being SNL characters – 1) Mary-Catherine Gallagher and 2) Garth (with a friend who was Wayne) from Wayne’s World!

  52. I would get fleece hoodies for my children! My son is going to be Buzz Lightyear and my daughter is going to be a Ladybug.

  53. I’d get one of the Micro Performance Fleece Hoodies for Baby. My friend’s little girl was a friend’s

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  55. I would like to get the Canvas Trench Coats for Baby and my little girl wants to be Jessie from Toy Story.

  56. I would buy jeans! Love the ON jeans. My little boy is gonna be a Monkey and my little girl a ballerinia.

  57. I would get the Quilted Button-Front Barn Coat for my daughter. She’s going to be a duck this year.

  58. I’d get the Men’s Canvas-Trim Cargo Shorts.

    The best costume I made was the Empire State Building, complete with King
    Kong and Fay Wray and little tiny people on the observation deck.

  59. I would love to get the Women’s Ruffle-Collar Wool-Blend Jacket in Heather Gray.
    My daughters aren’t sure what they want to be for Halloween yet. A couple of years ago, I was a basket of dirty laundry. I won first prize at a halloween party. Thanks!
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  60. I would buy myself a nice new jacket!
    My daughter is going to be
    pooh or Elmo, and my son is wearing an
    Old Navy pumpkin onsies/jumper

  61. In my comment #577:
    I said I’d get the cute Owl Print Sleep Set for my new granddaughter.
    I forgot to say that her “big sister”, my 4 yr old granddaughter will be Snow White for Halloween 🙂

  62. OOps this should have been my *FIRST mandatory entry* I’m flying backward
    wee ones I like to dress them as pirates or ladybugs☺ I myself love
    the denim skirt I bought at Old Navy, maybe I could find some new jeans!

  63. I got my son the hamburger costume from Old Navy already! I’d like to get the cozy Performance Fleece Booties

  64. I like the Women’s Short-Sleeve “Jet Sweater” Capes. My son will be going as Darth Vadar for Halloween!

  65. I like the Women’s Cable-Knit Cocoon Cardigan. It’s not settled yet,
    but I think my kids might be a chicken and a farmer. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  66. Would love a warm hooded sweater. My daughter is planning to be a cow-
    girl. Already has the great cowgirl hat.

  67. I would love to put it towards a new winder jacket! Definitely going to need one of those asap!

    The Women’s Sherpa-Trim Twill “Citizen Surplus” Jacket looks really comfy!

    My best Halloween costume was a fairy one year. Sparkly wings, follower strewn arm and head bands. I even found shoes to match!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!


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