13 Sep

Max & Ruby: Everybunny loves Winter

My daughter’s favourite show right now is Max & Ruby. She is constantly asking for “Maxs”. Thankfully, Max & Ruby has a DVD that is coming out September 21st so emergency “Maxs” freak-outs can be avoided. We had the opportunity to review the brand new Everybunny loves Winter DVD before it arrived in store. (Oh no,,, this is the first winter related item that I reviewed this year…., I guess that means it’s officially on the way – sigh – Back to the review…).

One interesting thing that I have noticed about children is that they like consistency, and they also like repeat shows. Introducing the new Max & Ruby movie to my daughter, which is mostly about winter, are not yet showing on television, so it was hard for my daughter who is in love with Max to completely pay attention.  I was really surprised by this, but the movie played in the back ground as she played in the living room.  Then one of the episodes that is on TV came on  “The Carnival” and she was glued to the screen.  After playing the movie a few times, my daughter became more accustomed to the episodes and was excited to see her favourite guy.

Here are all the episodes that are included in the Everybunny Loves Winter DVD:

  • Ruby’s Snowbunny
  • Ruby’s Snowflake
  • Duck Duck Goose
  • Ruby’s Gingerbread House
  • Max’s Christmas Pass
  • Max’s New Year
  • Ruby’s Horn of Plenty
  • Max’s Big Kick
  • Max Says Goodbye
  • Max’s Balloon Buddies
  • Ruby’s Penny Carnival
  • Ruby’s Big Win

Each episode includes Ruby and her little brother Max, their grandmother also plays an important role in many of the episodes.  This is why I like Max & Ruby so much, my mother takes care of my daughter full time so she plays a very important role in our lives too.  My Mom reminds me a lot of Max & Ruby’s grandma, she has lots of patience, loves to teach and has a tremendous amount of love for her grandkids.

If your kids are Max & Ruby fans I would highly recommend getting the DVD.  My daughter asks for the show all the time and unfortunately, it’s not always on TV when she wants to watch it.  Thankfully the DVD gives us the opportunity to have it available when she needs her “Maxs” fix.   Although I am not a fan of the winter, I am a Max and Ruby fan, and many of the episodes in Everybunny loves Winter highlights the great things about winter (Cookies, New Years Eve, etc. – who doesn’t like that?)

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3 thoughts on “Max & Ruby: Everybunny loves Winter

  1. my kids love Max and Ruby also. i will definietly be getting this dvd for them!
    I also agree that they seem to like repeats too, but then they also like to watch new episodes too, and they usually tell me when its a new one on.. hehe
    thanks for sharing!

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