03 Sep

Disney Blogger Day – Part 1

Have you ever done something that seems just completely surreal?  My experience in Burbank, California with Disney is one of those experiences.  I have the physical bruises on my arms after numerous pinches to ensure I wasn’t dreaming or in Inception.

My first day started by being invited to the Frank G. Wells Theater to watch a premiere screening of Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy rescue. (Here is a picture of some of the Mickey archived material in the front entrance).  I was completely overwhelmed to be invited by Disney to watch a personal screening of a Disney Movie in a Disney Theater that is not open to the public.  I may have been crying before the movie even started because the experience was just so overwhelming.

Before the movie began, we met the director, Bradley Raymond.  It was quite an experience to hear him talk about the movie and how it was put together.  To get a true feeling of what children wanted in the movie, Disney went straight to their target audience to see what types of things they would like to do with fairies and asked them to draw pictures of the fairies  and Fairy Houses so they were as authentic to what a child would want.  After combining all the valuable information, they started on the movie that would be Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue which would be 2 years in the making.  Once Bradley Raymond was done with his captivating speech, the Disney magic really started.

I, along with ~15 other bloggers watched (and cried – all happy tears) this amazing movie together.  I am a big sap, and cry at almost everything and anything, but this experience really set me over the top.  I know it’s not just my sensitive emotions that this movie got to because there were plenty of other Moms that were truly touched by the innocence and adventure in this movie.

The movie isn’t out yet, and I will be reviewing it in the near future, so I won’t give any spoilers just yet, but I will let you know that the movie is perfect for kids of all ages.  There is nothing scary, no bad words, it’s just plain and simple a good warm hearted movie that both girls and boys will enjoy (a few Moms there have sons who love Tink).

Although day one wasn’t extremely long, it was an overwhelming experience to be invited by Disney for a personal screening of this great movie.

After the movie was over, a few of us bloggers got our picture taken in front of the first Disney building that was built in Burbank.  Here are Tammi (from My Organized Chaos).  Check her site out, she has a great review of Day 1 as well.

Stay tuned to Part 2 – where we learn the magic behind Disney.

**Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, I was not paid to write this article.  I was flown to Disney Studios in California to experience how Disney Movies are made.  The views expressed in this post are those of My Wee View and have not been influenced in any other way.  Please see the full Terms of use.

13 thoughts on “Disney Blogger Day – Part 1

  1. I’m in awe, this must have been amazing! did you get to take the kiddos with you or no? My boys love the tink movies, I do too!

  2. It was just the Mommies that went to this event! It would have been nice to have them there to expereince all this with me, but at the same time it was nice to be able to focus and take all the events in.

  3. Awww Tara!! I am so sad that you had to miss it too. It would have been so nice to meet you. This is simply an incentive to get all your documents up to date 🙂 Next time you will be ready when Disney calls – or emails 🙂

    Take care Tara and see you next month – already?!?

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