18 Aug

Village Candle – Lemon Pound Cake Candle (2 winners) – CLOSED

I have recently become obsessed with candles.  I love having them burning in my home.  It’s not just the scents (although it is a major reason), but I also love the ambiance that they send through my home as well.  Up until this point in my life, my favourite scent for anything was vanilla, that is until I received a lemon pound cake candle from Village Candle .  There’s yummy,,, and then there’s Lemon Pound Cake!!!

I never thought that I would ever find something that I enjoyed more than vanilla, but I have and it’s wonderful.  I don’t even think I have ever tasted Lemon Pound Cake, but after smelling the mouth watering scent of this candle, it must be delicious (could it even be better than chocolate?  I doubt, but by the smell, it’s possible). Despite having the word “lemon” in the title, I don’t fit that it smells overly lemony, it more or less smells like a fresh, handmade from scratch baked cake (I’m pretty much drooling right now).

The candle that I received is 16 oz and can burn between 85 – 100 hours.  I’m not sure how many hours I’ve had it burning as of yet, but I light it regularly and it just keeps going and going.  There are 2 wicks which I thought would mean the candle would burn out quicker, but it hasn’t seem to make a difference at all.

There are lots of sizes and price points at Village Candle as well.  If you just want to test out a scent before you dive into a large candle, you can spend $2. If you want to get a huge 26 oz candle that will burn between 145 – 170 hours, it’s only $18 (that is less expensive compared to prices I have seen in stores).

On top of yummy smelling candles, Village Candle also carries tiny little car candle mini scenters.  These are like the little Christmas trees that you can put on your rear view mirror that keep your car smelling fresh.  My Lemon Pound Cake candle came with a free matching car scenter as well.  I actually put it in the bathroom door handle, and it makes the bathroom smell really good all the time.

I’m totally in love with my Village Candle candle, and am very tempted to try more of their scented candles, especially those in their baked good category.  With names like Christmas Cookie, Sugar Cane & Warm Apple Pie it’s easy to think I’m shopping for dessert (which I love doing, the great part is, there are no calories).

Buy it: To purchase, visit Village Candle

Giveaway: 2 lucky winners are going to receive a Lemon Pound cake candle (110z)

To Enter: visit Village Candle and make a comment back here about some of your favourite scents

Bonus Entries:

Giveaway closes September 3 rd @ 11:59 pm PST.  Open Canada and US


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519 thoughts on “Village Candle – Lemon Pound Cake Candle (2 winners) – CLOSED

  1. The Coffee Ice Cream-Kitchen, Cucumber Basil and Maple Butter-Kitchen sound great!


    nancyrobster at gmail dot com

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  3. I Like Village Candle on Facebook and made a comment on their discussion board about your fav candle scents. (Debbie W)

  4. Coconut Milk & Lime-Village Classics, Juicy Raspberry,
    and Sweet Buttercream-Kitchen sound really good!

  5. cucumber basil sounds like it would go well in the kitchen, balsam fir would remind me of christmas.Apple and cinnamon is my honeys favorite scent.

  6. I like the scents: Cinnamon Stick and Essence of Hope, Pink Ribbon Candle. thanks for the chance to win:)

  7. My favorite scent would have to be the Poppy Fields Scent. I love the smell of flowers.


  8. I “like” Village Candle on facebook and started a new discussion on their facebook discussion board.
    I love the smell of flowers and when I can bring that smell inside, it’s even better….especially in the winter. My favorite scent by far is the Poppy Fields -Boutique Collection

    Just wanted to share my opinion.

  9. I love the thought of smelling the mulled cider and the key lime pie. Yummy! Lemon Pound Cake would be wonderful, too! Thanks for offering these candles!

  10. I would love to try the Lemon Zest,By the Seashore and coconut milk and lime.

  11. I Like Village Candle on Facebook and made a comment on their discussion board about your fav candle scents

  12. Our favorite scent is the Lemon Pound Cake our family loves anything Lemon!!! but our other favorites are Maine Blueberries, and the Lemon Zest Boutique collection

    pattifritz2000 at yahoo dot com
    thanks a bunch

  13. So many that I would like! Pumpkin Pie, Canyon Sunset, Apple Slices, Waterfall, Snowberry…just to name a few.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

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  15. my favorite scents are the Apple Cobbler and the Creamy Vanilla

  16. Liked Village Candle on Facebook and made a comment on my favorite candle

  17. There are so many nice scents to choose from. I like the Apples and Cinnamon, Summer Slices, and the Lemon Pound Cake.

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  19. Daniella V ikes Village Candle on Facebook and made a comment on their discussion board about my fav candle sent!!


  20. With Autumn coming, some of the scent I like are Apples N’ Acorns and Crisp Apple. Thanks for the review and giveaway!
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  21. My favorite is Pumpkin Pie, but I would love to try Coffee Ice Cream!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  22. I’m dropping in to tell you that I enjoy your reviews and come here to
    catch up on the latest greatest products. I love these candles but some
    of them would make me hungry all day. LOL

  23. I’ve recently become obsessed with burning candles as well, just picked up a few from B&BW. The Sunset Hibiscus and Cinnamon Bun on the Village Candle site sound awesome!

  24. My favorite scents are Pumpkin Pie – Kitchen, Warm Apple Pie, Christmas Tree/Balsam Fir Fragrance and your giveaway of Lemon Pound Cake scent all sound great! 🙂

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  26. Liked My Wee View on FB…(just so you know the link you have on this
    page wasn’t working. Had to find it by searching. Thanks!

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