23 Aug

Veggie Tales: Sweetpea Beauty

I’ve been a fan of Veggie Tales way before I ever had kids.  I can remember watching some of the movies with my friends and we must have been teenagers.  I love the classic “Where is my Hairbrush” song (That’s how far I’m going back).  Now that I have a child of my own, it gives me a good excuse to watch some of these great Christian shows.

The latest movie is Sweetpea Beauty.

Here is a synopsis:

Once upon a time, there lived a royally sour blueberry, a fair rhubarb maiden and a dastardly deceptive mirror!  Sweetpea Beauty knows that what’s on the inside is what matters most, but insecure Queen Blueberry can’t see past her own reflection!  So, when a decree is handed down that only the most beautiful can rule the land, the Queen gets nervous and things turn ugly!  Banished to the dark forest, Sweetpea’s fate seems bleak until a charming prince, a band of merry minstrels and seven snow peas come to the rescue!  Will Sweetpea and her friends be able to warn the Queen in time to save her from the clutches of the tricky mirror – or will the crumbling kingdom and the Queen’s own heart be lost forever? Find out in this fairy “Veggie” tale about the real meaning of true beauty.

To say I love the story of Sweetpea Beauty and Snoodlerella (the other feature in the movie), would be a complete understatement.  Both Stories are about how important it is to be beautiful on the inside and not the outside.  Many people can have a very beautiful and deceptive outside but on the inside are not so pretty.

Not only is this important for my daughter to hear, but it’s also good for adults to remember this too – this is why I love Veggie Tales.  Because the stores have a bible verse or two included within the stories, it sends us simple reminders as well.  For example, in the case of Sweetpea Beauty, the message was something like this:  people who are mean are generally unhappy with themselves (and jealous) and feel better by putting others down.

Over all, I love Veggie Tales.  I usually like to watch a movie alone before my daughter watches – you just never know what might in the movie that isn’t healthy for kids to watch.  But Veggie Tales is one of those shows that I completely trust, and do not worry about.  I know that the story lines are positive and have a great lesson and values.

Although the movie does have Bible Verses and talks about God, it has such a positive vibe for kids (and families), that I would suggest it for everyone.

Buy it: Sweetpea Beauty is available ion DVD July 31st.

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3 thoughts on “Veggie Tales: Sweetpea Beauty

  1. I LOVE Veggie Tales too! Just before my first son was born, I found this awesome company that made Veggie Tale cd’s and customized them to put your child’s name in the songs like 266 times. My son listened to that CD every time we got in the car for 2 years. It had the Hairbrush song and the Cheeseburger one, my other favorite 🙂

    I agree with you, the movies are awesome, provide great lessons and while they provide Bible scriptures, they are great even for those who may not attend church regularly.

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