17 Aug


I am so thankful that my daughter is now at the point where she can feed herself. It makes meal time less stressful, and makes for a happier Mommy and Daddy.  My daughter has been able to put her new skills to the test with a number of different feeding products, and the latest ones she is using are from mOmma.

We received a number of different products from mOmma. My favourite has to be the mOmma Rocking Cup in Green.  This is a round “sippy cup” with a straw.  What makes this cup so much better than all the other sippy cups DD has?  Well, it absolutely does not leak one single bit.  Nada – nothing – nil – no leaking at all!  The straw that is the top of the cup twists down to completely close the straw, but it doesn’t matter because it doesn’t leak even when the straw is upright.  The rubber straw has a little “x” in the top of it and when you suck on it, it opens up.  I tried it, and I found I had to suck a little bit harder than a regular straw, but that’s ok because this cup doesn’t leak.

With this mOmma sippy cup, my daughter is able to get just about right down to the last drop of liquid inside the round base.  The bottom of the straw is a hard plastic and hits the very bottom of the cup.  My daughter tends to tilt the cup just a bit while drinking and the way the the straw is placed in the cup it just happens that’s where the liquid all pools at the bottom. (I think the straw is strategically placed there for this to happen naturally).

To clean the mOmma sippy cup, I received the mOmma Wash Brush.  This is a round brush that fits perfectly into the sippy cup (and the rest of the feeding products).  The bristles are tough and it makes cleaning out the the sippy cup very easy.  It’s not huge, but it is an absolute perfect fit which means while scrubbing the brush around I get every inch of the cup clean.  There is one thing that I should mention, the cup does not fit into regular cup holders as the base is larger than average.

I also received the mOmma Feeding Plate and the mOmma Soft Spoon and Fork.  The Feeding plate has two distinct areas to place food.  The first is a round area (that happens to be the exact same size as the wash brush – how smart is that), so it’s easy to clean, and the second is a larger crescent moon area that is rounded off and the brush fits into as well.  The bottom of the bowl is made with non-slip base so it stays in place while having dinner.  I usually just let my daughter eat straight off her highchair tray, but I suppose now that she is 2, she should start eating off of plates.  This one makes it easy for her to eat off of.

The spoon and fork are also toddler friendly.  The base/handle both are round and make with the same non-slip material.  It makes using the utensils easy for learning hands.  The fork only has 2 prongs (if you can really call them prongs)  they are very larger and are more like a spoon.  I don’t think my daughter has been successful sticking the fork into anything to eat it.  The spoon and fork both come with a plastic cover which makes it ideal for throwing into a diaper bag, they won’t get dirty in the bottom of the bag.

Overall, we have been pleased with our mOmma products, they are also BPA & Phthalate FREE and are dishwasher safe.

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  1. What an awesome idea. I’m always looking for something different to give at baby showers. I love the idea of no leaking. Great idea.

  2. I like that a child can drink all the beverage to the bottom. How many times have I opened a cup to find a small amount of soured milk or juice. Yuck! I wonder why it is called Rocking Cup…?

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