12 Aug

Hasbro – Toy Story 3 Spuds

Mr. Potato Head is a classic toy that has been around longer than I have (even longer than my parents for that matter).  As a kid I remember playing with Mr. Potato Head for hours making crazy upside down faces and putting feet into eyes – the crazier the face, the better.  I was recently brought back to those days when my daughter received the newest line of Mr. Potato Head – Toy Story 3 Spuds.

This is exactly like the good ‘ol toy I remember, with bobble eyes, a smiley face and a pair of shoes.  On top of all the old parts, there is also a Spud Lightyear mask and wings.  The pieces fit into each one of the already premade holes in Mr. Potato Head’s body and head.

My daughter liked playing with Mr. Potato Head, although it’s suppose to be for older kids, she used her fine motor skills to put the eyes, noes and ears in place (and not necessarily the right place – which is what makes Mr. Potato Head so much fun).  She also liked playing with with it, when Mr. Potato Head was all dressed up in his Spud Lightyear outfit.  She was unable to recreate this herself, so she needed my help.
As a parent, my favourite part of Mr. Potato Head is the storage area.  All the pieces (except those of Spud Lightyear), are easily stored inside.  There is a little trap door in the back of Mr. Potato Head, it opens easily and each piece fits inside.  This means two things – no little pieces for me to step on, and when my daughter is ready to play with Mr. Potato Head everything she needs is ready to go.

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  1. Wow, l think Mr. Potato Head has been around longer than me too. I’m so glad it’s back. I personally never played with one, but you know l always wanted one. They look like so much fun.

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