31 Aug

Handy Manny – $200 Gift Pack – CLOSED

A few weeks ago, I brought you a review of the  Playhouse Disney Channel.  One show that my family loves is Handy Manny (also known as Hanny Manny in my home – you can frequently hear my little one saying “Hanny, Hanny, Hanny, Hanny Manny” over and over again).  I am also guilty of singing the Handy Manny theme song – it’s just so catchy.

Along with my daughter loving this show (yes – girls can like Handy Manny too), I love the show too.  Spanish is my 3rd language, so I enjoy watching Handy Manny for the Spanish / Latino “culturo” and flare.  I also love how Manny and his special tools work together to fix things around the neighbourhood, what a great lesson for children.  Handy Manny is the local fix it guy and is  always cool, calm and collected even when things are broken and others may get a little flustered.  Handy Mandy (who is played by Fez from that 70’s show), always has a positive outlook on getting the project complete and working with his friends to get it done.  How could anyone not like this guy?!?

Handy Manny is on the Playhouse Disney Channel each day @ 9:30 am EST, and is also on the Family Channel on Saturday mornings, this is when we watch Hanny Manny work together, “todos juntos”.

If your kids can’t get enough of Handy Manny, they can get their “fix” on Playhouse Disney online.  There are fun games that teach your children colours, adding and words in both English and Spanish (on a side note, I think it’s very important for kids to learn different languages, we are teaching my daughter French and English).  Some of the games may be for the older toddlers, but younger kids can enjoy  playing and making music, watching videos and dancing to the Handy Manny theme song.

Handy Manny is a very popular show in my home.  It’s educational, fun, entertaining and has a positive message for children of all ages.

Giveaway: One luck reader is going to receive a $200 Handy Manny Gift pack that includes:

•       3 Full Length Handy Manny DVDs – Manny’s Green Team, Motorcycle Adventure, and Big race
•       Manny’s Tool Assortment (Pat & Rusty, Stretch & Dusty, Squeeze & Felipe)
•       Manny’s Nailer and Fix-It Jet
•       Fix it Right – 2-in-1 Power Tool

To Enter: Visit the Handy Manny part on Playhouse Disney online and make a comment about something you tested/like about Handy Manny

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Giveaway closes September 6th @ 11:59 pm PST.  Open Canada.


**Disclaimer: I am participating in thePlayhouse Disney program by Mom Central. I received a thank you giftcard to facilitate this post. The opinions on this blog are my own.

601 thoughts on “Handy Manny – $200 Gift Pack – CLOSED

  1. I love that Handy Manny always has a lesson for the tools to learn while
    having fun and ‘fixing it right!’
    Plus Mr. Lopart and Fluffy are a riot!
    My son ♥’s Manny!

  2. I like Handy Manny because it teaches the kids they can figure things out if they try! It also teaches them songs:)

  3. I really like how Manny teaches my son to always offer to help someone out whenever they are in trouble.

  4. i went to the handy manny section on playhouse disney and they have coloring pages you can print off for your kids to color! i will be doing this today my son loves handy manny

  5. Stephen and I love playing Handy manny’s puzzle pipes. I love that it is teaching him patterning and problem solving and matching skills, and he loves that it is so much fun!

  6. My kids love to play the games on playhouse disney. One of their favorites is Watch out Mr. Lopart. I also noticed that it is now available in french. Very cool.
    sbaka3 at gmail dot com

  7. I like Hanny Manny because he fixes things for others teaching the give of yourself theme and also by doing the fixing he teaches children to reuse and not buy new. I love it.

  8. My kids like the most recent tool, Flicker the flashlight. It’s so nice to see a fun show that’s educational for my 2 kids. The website has lots of games too that we all like to play together.

  9. You can go to Disney Playhouse site and get what the TV schedule is,
    also if you live in Canada you can enter the Mickey Mouse gift package
    contest. You won’t want to miss it. It has a great prize giveaway. Thanks
    for the chance to Win the Handy Manny gift pack,

  10. My girls, ages 3 & 4, love Handy Manny. It is one show that they will
    actually sit and watch. I love Manny because he is always so happy and
    kind to his friends and customers. I hope this teaches my girls to be kind

  11. I love that Handy Manny teaches teamwork. If there’s one thing I want to
    teach my daughter as she grows up is a sense of how to work with others.

  12. I love that the site is so easy to navigate through, the music and all the activities available!! My little girl loves Handy Manny & his tools!! :O)

  13. I like that you can play a game or watch a video,get coloring sheets to print off


  14. I’ve never seen this show, but I’m sure my son is gonna start watching it soon. From what I understand, it’s like Dora, where it’s fun & educational & has spanish. Sounds Cool!

  15. Something that we love about Handy Manny is that children get to learn lessons each day in a creative and fun way. The colours are vibrant, there is music and songs and the charactes are a real hoot! My hubby actually loves watching Manny do all of his repairs (one day he may actually learn something) and our daughter tries to sing along with him all the time!

  16. We checked out Handy Manny on Playhouse Disney and went to the activities where we built a fire engine in the Toy Shop activity.

  17. My grandson is a great fan of Handy Manny. It is a wonderful educational opportunity that the videos are bilingual. I think that it is important that my grandson learn another language at an early age.

  18. I love the lessons that Handy Manny teaches to the kids! Also, Mr. Lopart is hilarious for the adults! I love it!

  19. I really like the animation used in Handy Manny. Everything comes alive in this show. I like the idea that inanimate objects have a personality and the kids love it to. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway, it would provide our family with ours of fun! ~Pauline

  20. I love that Handy Manny always has a lesson for the tools to learn while
    having fun and ‘fixing it right!’

  21. I LOVE the fact that Handy Mandy is bilingual! I just think it’s awesome for kids to get early exposure to learning other languages!


  22. My little one absolutely loves everything about Handy Manny,especially
    the music on the site, she loves to dance! Thanks so much for hosting
    this great giveaway!


  23. My 21 month old daughter and I like to play on the playhouse disney site. We love the Handy Manny games!
    She has a set of plastic tools and runs around yelling “Anny Manny” alllll day long! This would make her
    year if she won!

  24. My granddaughter loves Handy Manny. She loves seeing his tools come to life and help him with his repairs. Great kids show.

  25. i like the watch a movie section. My son will come up to me out ofthe blue and insist he needs to watch manny…when its not on, he could watch it with this

  26. I really like that Manny will teach my nephew to help people.

    He has had issues adjusting to having a sister, this will help!

  27. We love everything about Handy Manny lol. I really love that things are repaired not just thrown away and I love that some of the tools and Kelly, the hardware store owner, are girls. Girls can play with tools too!

  28. My son and I watch Handy Manny every day. He is only 10 months old but Handy Manny is his favorite show. The songs are catchy, the language cheerful and the animation is very colorful. All things that are appealing to an older infant.
    Thank you for reviewing this show!

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