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EcoMom – Boon Flair Highchair ($229) – Closed

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I hope that all of you are now aware that SproutBaby has recently changed their name to EcoMom, if not, please make sure to update your bookmarks and read about EcoMom here and here.   They have all things for baby, toddler and Mom that are all natural and organic – from food to clothing to toys and even highchairs.

I had the opportunity to review the Boon Flair Highchair from EcoMom.  You may be thinking what makes a highchair eco-friendly?  Well, it’s all about what this highchair is not made with (or without) It is BpA-free, Phthalate Free and PVC Free.

Just in case you would like to be reminded of what this means, here are some definitions from Wiki (I always tend to forget what all these technical terms are and mean)

Bisphenol A, commonly abbreviated as BPA, is an organic compound with two phenol functional groups. It is a difunctional building block of several important plastics and plastic additives.

Suspected of being hazardous to humans since the 1930s, concerns about the use of bisphenol A in consumer products were regularly reported in the news media in 2008 after several governments issued reports questioning its safety, thus prompting some retailers to remove products containing it from their shelves. A 2010 report from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) raised further concerns regarding exposure of fetuses, infants, and young children.[1]

Phthalates, or phthalate esters, are esters of phthalic acid and are mainly used as plasticizers (substances added to plastics to increase their flexibility, transparency, durability, and longevity). They are primarily used to soften polyvinyl chloride. Phthalates are being phased out of many products in the United States,Canada and European Union over health concerns.

Polyvinyl chloride , (IUPAC Poly(chloroethanediyl) commonly abbreviated PVC, is a thermoplastic polymer. It is a vinyl polymer constructed of repeating vinyl groups (ethenyls) having one of their hydrogens replaced with a chloride group.

Polyvinyl chloride is the third most widely produced plastic, after polyethylene and polypropylene. PVC is widely used in construction because it is cheap, durable, and easy to assemble. PVC production is expected to exceed 40 million tons by 2016.

As if that’s not enough, there are some other fun things about the Boon Flair Highchair that I want to share with you as well.

When the box arrived, I waited for my husband to come home (he was away for work).  So, for 2 days I looked at the box and dreamed about what it looked like inside.  When my husband did arrive, the first thing I wanted him to do was put the chair together (I was just like a little kid).  My husband was too tired to put anything together, so rather than waiting any longer, I decided to try to put it together myself (once again, like a little kid).

It probably only took me about 15 minutes total.  If I would have known this before hand, I would have put it together on the day it arrived rather than waiting for my husband.  I usually have a difficult time putting these things together, but this was a cinch.   The pieces were all packed really nicely and tight in the box – this made it a little hard to get the pieces out, but nothing was damaged – which is more important.  It really is only about 2 pieces, the base and the chair and only had 6 screws (if my forgetful memory serves me correctly).

There are a few things that I really like about the Boon Flair highchair.  I like that there are very few crevices for food pieces to get stuck.  The plastic is sleek with no little nooks and crannies making it easier to clean out and keeping it cleaner.  I also like that the high chair came with 2 plastic tray covers, I can easily switch out the tray covers to make things cleaner 1/2 way through a messy feeding.  Another bonus is the harness style straps.  My daughter tries to shimmy her way out of her other highchair that only has a lap strap, with the harness straps keeping her shoulders in place, there’s not too much wiggle room.  There is also 2 sizes for the harness slats to fit into and they are easily changed through the back of the highchair.  However, the orange seat cushion only has one slat so when using the taller slats,  they don’t quite match up, you can see what I mean in the picture below. Another positive is the smaller size compared to the other highchair we have. The seat hight is also adjustable – kind of like a hair salon chair.  To move the chair up or down, I just have to push my foot on the orange button on the base.  If I want it to move down, I have to push down pretty hard on the chair.  Making it go up is way easier, I just have to push the button with my foot and it goes up automatically.  The seat height range is 21″ – 26.25″.

There are a few things that I think can be improved with the Boon Flair Highchair.  The locking system is just ok.  It does slow down the movement of the chair along the floor, but it’s still movable.  Sometimes I can’t tell if it’s locked or not.  I also think the tray space could be a little bit bigger and the way the tray locks into place is a little awkward.  It’s completely different from any other highchair that I have used.  It works perfectly, it’s just different.  You have to push a little knobby thing to one side and then the tabs get sucked into the tray.  You then have to find the little slots to put the tabs into and then release knob.  I tried to take a picture to show you all what I mean.

Despite a few minor things, I really love the cool look of the Boon Flair Highchair, and the solid base.  My daughter has been doing flips between the legs of her other highchair.  Thankfully, the boon Flair Highchair is not conducive to flips.

If you can’t already tell, I love EcoMom and their products.  I love that they are Eco-Friendly and functional.  If you want a safe place to do your shopping, then EcoMom is it.

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1,563 thoughts on “EcoMom – Boon Flair Highchair ($229) – Closed

  1. I love the boon snack ball. But what I love more is all the old fashioned simplistic wooden toys they have like wooden blocks and stuff!!

  2. I like the Kissaluvs Organic Cotton/Hemp Fitted Diaper (Medium/Large)
    on the Ecomom site.

  3. I really love the toys. I would like to buy the Kallisto Organic Stuffed Animal, Mouse. It’s adorable!

  4. i also like all the nail polish colors really nice, They are formulated without tolulene, dibutyl pthalate (DBP) and formaldehyde – all known carcinogens. that’s GREAT !!
    staceyx at telus dot net

  5. i Follow My Wee View on Google Friends Connect (roswell)
    staceyx at telus dot net

  6. I saw that they now have training meals for older babies. The chicken and pasta meal sounds delicious! I also love the new Bye Bye Monster Storybook and Spray Gift Set; what a great idea for a child that’s nervous in the dark!

  7. My daughter is very interested in using glass bottles with her new baby and they are not easy to find. EcoMom has the Lifefactory Wee Go Glass Baby Bottle. This is exactly what my daughter is looking for.

  8. Hi – I love their selection of organic food and have ordered a couple of times from them (the Plum line is great!). Thanks, Maureen (jnomaxx at hotmail dot com)

  9. What a great prize! I like the Plum Organics Tots Organic Fruity Fingerfuls “I Heart Strawberries” ..It’s so hard to find stuff for my little toddler to like.

  10. Plum Organics food… my baby just started on cereal so the food plus highchair would be wonderful! retweeted (@babypyo)

  11. I would love a Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack. At the moment, baby items are
    left to dry on our counter on a tea towel but this makes much more sense and is
    so cool looking.

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  15. lots of great things, one of my favorites that I haven’t seen at other stores is the Kotobuki Sectional Plate, Frog

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  21. I spent some time on their site. They have a lot of interesting products. I just ordered the Restore Grill and Oven Cleaner. Whenever I have to clean the oven, conventional oven cleaners just about make me sick. Hopefully, this green item will make things better. Thanks for offering this giveaway. It is a really neat chair.

  22. Another product at Ecomom that I like is the Under the Nile Training Pants. Cute and Comfy! I’ll be needing some soon

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