11 May

Nursing Uniforms

Last time I went to the hospital, I told the nurse that I was jealous of the cute uniforms that they get to wear.  She was wearing the most adorable Nursing Scrubs.  Nursing Scrubs aren’t what they used to be.  Nurses, vets, dental assistants and lab attendants no longer have to wear boring white or green scrubs, because now, thanks to places like Nursing Uniforms there are fun scrubs that have flowers, frills and fab prints.

Nursing Uniforms also does carry all the classic uniforms such as white lab coats to protect your fancy nursing scrubs and scrub pants, while in the laboratory working away.  There are a few lab coats that hang around my office, but they are not for doing any chemical work, they are for days when I have spaghetti for lunch.   Believe it or not, many of my coworkers do this at lunch time, it’s an excellent way to protect your clothing from all the spaghetti splashes that would otherwise ruin expensive work clothing.

For all the people out there that work in areas that require lab wear, enjoy the fact that you have a uniform (so there is no need to think about you have to wear in the morning), but that you have the options to express your individuality with some cool, fun and fab prints.  Take a peek at the selection at Nursing Uniforms and enjoy the cheap prices (I wish one of my work ensembles were this cost effective).

I’m hoping that the doctor scrubs fashion fad will come back, because they are so comfortable.  Did you have a pair of scrubs?  I had a few pairs and wore them regularly.

Are any of you fortunate enough to wear scrubs to work everyday?

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5 thoughts on “Nursing Uniforms

  1. I buy a lot of uniforms.
    It gets to the point that a person wants the variety, even in a scrubbie.
    Thanks for the info.
    This is a good site, but I wish they would display the prices more
    predominantly, instead of having to click around to find out.

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