27 May

Keurig – Special Edition & K-cups

I love tea, cappuccino and hot chocolate and pretty much anything else that is warm to drink – well everything but coffee!  So, you are probably saying to yourself, alright why did YOU review a Keurig single cup coffee maker, if you don’t even drink coffee?!?  Well, I have wonderful news for all of you, who are like me (non coffee drinkers), Keurig also caters to us, their single service coffee maker also has k-cups for a variety of teas, hot chocolate and cappuccino – YUM!

For review, I received the Special Edition brewer from Keurig and 4 packages of k-cups, and I love it!  The Keurig machine is so easy to use, is always ready to go, it’s convenient and very fast.   Since I enjoy a nice cup of tea, I tested out the Keurig with an English Breakfast tea.  Tea can be a hard thing to get just right, beucase if you leave the bag in too long it will be too strong, and if you don’t leave it in long enough it’s too weak.  The Keurig made my tea just right, not too strong or weak.  So, I wondered, how does the system work to get it perfect?

Each little k-cup has either loose tea or coffee inside along with a filter.  The Keurig machine has a reservoir of hot water just waiting to be used.  When you place the K-cup into the machine it pierces a hole in the top and bottom of the k-cup.  The hot water passes through the coffee and filter and straight into your cup.  That is one of the biggest benefits of this machine, you can go from coffee to tea without having to clean your machine because the machine itself never touches the coffee.  This means no staining the machine and no coffee taste for tea drinkers (hurray, finally a cup of tea that tastes only like tea, not tea with a hint of coffee).

I thought it would be interesting to bring this machine to work to get some input from my co-workers, and everyone that tried it loved how easy it was and also loved the variety of choices.  Everyone got to pick their favourite coffee or tea, french vanilla and caramel cream were probably the most popular choices.  I even tried the caramel cream coffee because it smelled so good, and although I don’t drink coffee, with cream and sugar it was actually delicious, but all the caffeine makes me anxious.

One thing that my co-workers did mention is that the system isn’t terrible environmentally friendly because there is a lot of waste with each cup.  The good news is there is a reusable coffee filter currently available called My K-Cup.  It fits into the K-cup holder and coffee drinkers can fill it with their own ground coffee.  So for the environmentally friendly type – you can use the Keurig too and not feel guilty.

A few people also noted that this would be a little more expensive than brewing a pot of coffee which a few people could all drink from. K-cups around here cost about 50 cents each.  If you drink 1 or 2 cups of coffee a day, or just want something extra special once in a while, the Keurig system would be for you.  However if you are a regular coffee drinker (like my husband 3 or 4 cups a day), the price tag could start to add up.  On the other hand, if you are spending money at designer coffee shops, the Keurig would be way less expensive.  You just have to put things into perspective.

The machine that I received has 3 different size setting, small medium or large.  The small is more for a cup of tea  like my grandmother would drink about 200 ml, the medium is a little bit bigger at 250 ml and the large is just a little bit bigger at 300 mls, which I would say is just a little bit smaller than an average coffee cup.  I did find the large setting not quite large enough.  So what I do is brew a large tea and then use the same k-cup and brew a small cup it fits perfectly in my stainless steal travel mug this way.  (I had to remove drip tray out for my travel mug to fit – it simply slides out).

Last week when I brought the Keurig machine to work my Mother kept  asking me when I was planning on bringing my machine back home.  I found this to be a rather odd question because my Mother doesn’t drink coffee, tea or anything other than water for that matter.   However, she was planning on having a few friends over to my house (for those of you who aren’t regular readers – my mother takes care of my daughter at our house) and really wanted to give them their own personal cup of whatever they wanted.  This is probably my favourite part of the Keurig system – it’s great for entertaining!  It’s more than just a cup of coffee – it’s an experience.

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2,367 thoughts on “Keurig – Special Edition & K-cups

  1. I like the fact that you can get both Green Mountain Hot Cocoa and Timothy’s Hot Cocoa
    as well as a tonne of different types of coffee to use with your Keurig!

    charmtime at gmail dot com

  2. The Mini Plus Personal Brewer is super cute and great for someone who just wants a cup.
    Thanks for the chance to win 🙂
    asmithonline at yahoo dot ca

  3. I like all the choices and they are easy to find by type. I’d love to try
    the White Cocoa K-Cups.

  4. The White Hot Cocoa K-Cups by Timothy’s looks really tasty.

    “Imagine… decadent white chocolate infused with hints of cream
    and vanilla. Timothy’s new White Hot Chocolate K-Cups are a unique
    sweet treat for the whole family to enjoy.”

  5. I’m a FB fan!

    Everyone is talking about these coffee brewers. I’d love one for home for those times when just a cup will do.

  6. I like Keurig’s Environmental Policy including: Sustainable Packaging, RoHS Directive, Power Saving-Energy Conservation, and Recycling Brewers.

  7. I like all the different K cups that they offer, including the tea and cocoa.
    I really want to try the Hazelnut Coffee by Green Mountain.
    Thanks so much.

  8. I recently got to try some Caramel Vanilla Cream Coffee by Green Mountain ,
    and loved it – I see they have it for this brewer too!

  9. For one, I love that you can ‘explore’ the K-cup system! That is great if you have never seen one in person!

    For flavors, I would like to try the Southern Sweet Perfect Tea,
    Sweet Peach Perfect Tea and the Chai Latte.

  10. I have been a coffee drinker most of my life but just last week had my first iced coffee and I am now hooked! I would love to try the Brew Over Ice Beverages!

  11. I like the fact that it is •Small and elegant design to fit in nearly any in-room location

  12. i love the The Keurig B130 In-Room
    Hotel Brewing System and all the features it has on the site.

  13. I like how there are ratings and reviews of the vast amounts of kcups. It makes it easier to pick and choose

  14. I love the new flavours of iced tea that Keurig has. We are really into iced drinks and I never realized that a machine like this could do them as well.

  15. I like that Keurig cups come pre-measured so I don’t have to figure out
    how much coffee to put in the coffee maker.

  16. I would love to try the iced tea and cafe mocha k-cups. 🙂 I also like that they have
    accessories, such as reusable filters so you can use your own coffee instead of k-cups.

  17. How can you choose only one flavor when there are so many delicious flavors to choose from 🙂

  18. I like their site offered all informations like brewer user guide, reward points system, Free ground shipping for new brewer….which is excellent for a newbie 1-2-3.

  19. I have been wanting badly to win one of these since christmas so I have been reading allot about the Keurig. For starters the the word “keurig” is derived from the Dutch word for excellence! I truly think this company will deliver! Additionally they are working on making the K cup more enviornmently friendly and the good news for now is the current way the k cup is made prevents oxygen, light and moisture from degrading the coffee!
    I love all the varity of k cups offered here! I would love to try the Sumatran Reserve Extra Bold Coffee by Green Mountain and the teas and cocoa!!!

  20. I like the My K-Cup attachment/option. This way, I can use up the ground coffee I still have on-hand, and it doesn’t go to waste.

  21. I like that they sell Newman’s Own organic coffees, I don’t drink coffee either, but that would be great for parties! (I’d drink the tea instead)

  22. I want to try alot of K cups especially the Kaluha mmm Big coffee drinker so this would be great!

  23. The Keurig site is very helpful: find sale locations,
    compare the product, and so much more.

    New Ice Tea Cups …


  24. Ooohh! automatic delivery! Love that the site offers that! It would be such a luxery to have this machine and delivery of the k-pacs too!!

  25. I like that this a single use coffee maker and you get to pick what you would like to drink. My husband likes to make a full pot of coffee in some flavor that I can’t stand….another thing I like is OH WOW It brews ice tea too!!! Now that is cool!!! Thanks for the chance

    pattifritz2000 at yahoo dot com
    thanks a lot!!!

  26. i like the The Keurig® MINI Plus Personal Brewer, in red, i love the fact that i can make one cup at a time, so i can choose differt flavors throughout the day!!!

  27. Grabbed the Keurig Button and pasted it on my side bar of my blog.

    How do you make those cute little buttons anyhow? I keep trying and fail with the coding on the bottom.

  28. I like the fact that you can get both Green Mountain Hot Cocoa and Timothy’s Hot Cocoa
    as well as a tonne of different types of coffee to use with your Keurig!

  29. I also like that you can make iced drinks — such as iced tea and iced coffee. Thanks for the chance to win.

  30. I like the Mini Plus. Looks like it might be cool for my hubby to have at work.
    ljatwood at gmail dot com

  31. I like that they offer so many k cup flavors especially the Emeril’s vanilla bean bam. Thanks for the chance.

  32. I like the fact that you can make one single cup of coffee at a time and it is a great cup of coffee too!

  33. I love the fact that Keurig also brew tea & hot chocolate as well as coffee. I’d love to try the Celestial Seasonings Tea in a variety pack!

  34. i learned that unlike similar brewing systems, the Keurig has a timer so that you can have your beverage waiting for you whenever you want – it couldn’t get any easier!

  35. I love that you can use it for tea and cocoa along with coffee! Thanks, Maureen (jnomaxx at hotmail dot com)

  36. I like the sweet Lemon Perfect Iced Tea by Celestial Seasonings. I didin’t know they
    had ice tea it would be perfect for summer

  37. Gourmet Taste with No Mess or Cleanup – Gotta love that!!
    I also love the huge selection of K-Cup varieties! Mmm.

  38. I love the idea of the single cup system! Perfect for me since I’m the only person in the house that loves coffee! 🙂

  39. What I love about Keurig’s web site is the plethora of choice. From basic coffees and teas to every flavor under the sun, plus hot chocolate and iced teas. The recipes too are fun to read at how you can mix different flavors to make new ones. Thanks so much for such a great giveaway!

  40. I like the wide variety of coffee and tea that they have.I can have my favorite and my husband can have his favorite

  41. I checked out their website and I really like that you can make cold beverages also just by brewing over ice!

  42. Hi, what I like about their site is the comparison chart that makes it really easy to shop for the Home/Home Office Brewing Systems.

  43. I didn’t realize that this device would also make ice tea … that is something that I would like as well. Thanks for hosting this giveaway.

  44. I like that they have a wide selection of k-cup drinks not just coffee and cocoa but teas too!

  45. I love that their variety packs have not only tea and coffee but things like hot chocolate for those freezing
    summer days! (whoops I meant winter) just feels like a hot chocolate day today in Alberta :–((

  46. I like the variety of blends and roasts
    and gift certificates. Nice idea for
    myself and gift-giving.

  47. At a baby shower, the hostess had one of these machines, and everyone had their own customized beverage. I really like this feature – and would love to own one myself. thanks for this chance to win one!

  48. Awesome! I’d love to get a Keurig for my office – The Office Pro looks perfect. Now worries about who buys the coffee – everyone just brings their own k-cups!

  49. I found out you can also make iced coffee. I use this machine at work and love the variety of coffee flavors. I can’t wait to try iced coffee on a break at work, or hopefully on my own if I win this machine! Thanks!

  50. i like that there are so many single pack flavors from different coffee houses that are available.

  51. I like that they’ve addressed my concern about sustainable packaging and are working on alternative non-petroleum sourced packaging 🙂
    ribadness atgmail dotcom

  52. I love the fact that there is a variety of coffees & teas for all kinds of tastes, so versatile.

  53. Thank you for the posting! Somehow I always linked these kind of machines to coffee making and now I know I can enjoy my hot chocolate cup too!

  54. I would really love the mini plus personal brewer. Thanks for the great contest 🙂

  55. I love that they have the Reusable K-Cup Filter Basket for MY K-CUP
    so when one choses to make coffee from a huge bag…you can.
    Also, their choices of k-cups blow me away.

  56. I love that it can make iced tea!!! Never seen a machine that can do this. And espeically good during times like these. Heat wave over here!

  57. I enjoyed watching the demo on how to make iced tea and coffee. I would really enjoy all the different variety and flavors!

  58. I visited the Keurig site and I like the OfficePRO™ Brewing System.
    It would be great for work!!!

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  60. I like that each K-Cup is an airtight, mini-brewer that locks out oxygen, light, moisture and humidity while locking in freshness and flavor.


  61. I like the idea of brewing something at home for my hubby to take to work the
    Home Brewing System would make mornings so much easier.

  62. I like that you can make iced tea – in the summer I don’t want to think about anything hot! iced tea would be the way to go

  63. i like that you can search coffee by brand or by type if you’re looking for something different.

  64. i love how there are so many different K-cup flavors! And their coffee makers are beautiful!

  65. Here’s the thing…I live in a tiny town in the middle of the
    province of B.C Canada, were there is nooooooooo great coffee to be
    had….so let me tell you how us small town folk would FREAK out if we
    had one of these things for coffee time!!! I wonder though, with all
    this excitement, if I would go through all those single servings that I
    saw pics of on their web page in one morning! Oh my!
    Oh yeah, I like you on Facebook too!