11 May

Get Pillow Pets – CLOSED

Spring is finally here, which means playing at the park, flying kites and my favourite – baby animals!  My favourite baby animals are goats, bunnies and ducklings – they are all incredibly cute and their fur/feathers look extremely soft and cuddly.  I wish that baby animals would remain so small, soft and cuddly!  But unfortunately, they don’t, they grow up to be Mommy and Daddy goats, rabbits and ducks.  That is the great thing about plush toys – they are just as cute and soft as the real thing, but never grow up (and you don’t have to feed them – clean up after them… you know all that stuff).

We received the cutest plush toy from Get Pillow Pets.  I thought the best pet for the season would be the ducky.   I was hoping to receive this in time  for Easter, but it was just a few days short!  In any case, it was just as pleasant a surprise for my daughter when she received it on a Tuesday afternoon.

So what is a Pillow Pet?  Well, it’s a pillow and a plush toy together in one.  There is a piece of velcro on the bottom of the pillow pet that converts the pillow to a plush toy.  If they want to play with a toy, simply hook up the velcro and they’ve got a cuddly toy that can stand on it’s “feet”.  (When the pillow is folded over and the velcro is attached, it looks like the pet has 4 feet).

I was quite surprised to see how large the pillow pet was.  It’s 15″ x 19″, which is about the size of the pillows I have on my couch, but it is way puffier.  The Pillow Pet is also extremely soft.  The tag says it is made of polyester, but I don’t recall polyester ever being so soft.  It’s similar to how soft minky fabric is (who doesn’t love minky?).

When the Pillow Pets is laid out flat like a pillow there is a little tiny tab that is placed over top of the rough velcro so it wont be scratchy.  I thought this was an excellent added touch, because there is nothing worse than having something scratchy against your skin (like a feater pillow with one of the feathers sticking out on your face while trying to sleep).   This will definitely not happen with the Pillow Pets because the velcro is completely covered.  If you want to turn the pillow into a pet, it’s super easy, just remove the material on top of the scratch velcro and stick it to the other side, and voilà you have a plush toy now.

The two biggest users of the Pillow Pet in our house is my Mom and my dog.  My Mom likes to lay on the Pillow Pet when it is rolled up like a plush toy.  She will lay on the couch with in under her neck, it fits perfectly.  My dog can be seen laying on the ducky regularly.  I will be the first to let you know that my dog ALWAYS finds the most comfortable place to lay in the house.  Many times, I will catch her laying on the couch on top of 2 pillows (how does she get 2 pillows on top of each other – she’s a dog!) However, with the Pillow Pet, she will sacrifice her comfortable place on the couch and actually lay on the floor on top of the pillow pet.   I have to admit it’s pretty cute.  My daughter likes the pillow pet as well.  She love carrying around things that are bigger than her, and at only 20 months, this qualifies.  However she only seems to get to have it if Granny or Cammy haven’t snagged it up first!

The Pillow Pet is super soft, cute and multi functioning!  I am sure when my daughter is a little older she will be sleeping on this comfortable pillow every night, and carrying it around with her as a toy during the day.

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Giveaway closes May 28th @11:59 pm PST.  Open to Canada and US


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970 thoughts on “Get Pillow Pets – CLOSED

  1. OMGoodness …these pillow pets are adorable. I love the comfy panda. I would give it to my baby girl. Awesome giveaway

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  3. I love love love the unicorn for me! and the turtle for my daughter, or
    the frog, she would love them both!

  4. The Magical Unicorn is absolutely amazing! I’d love to win it for my
    niece’s birthday!

  5. My favorite is the Pink Bunny. I wish they had a cat since my daughter is obsessed with cats.

  6. I like the Comfy Panda…and my daughter would love it! Thanks for the review and giveaway!
    jackievillano @ gmail dot com

  7. I would love the Ladybug for both of my daughters, they would have such a fun time sharing it together. Thanks so much for hosting such a wonderful giveaway!


  8. A new baby is arriving in weeks and I’m thinking his older brother of two would love any of these toys, but the ladybug and the turtle are particularly cute.

  9. My youngest son would love the Polar bear and I would get the Bee
    for myself.lol.

    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  10. my favorite is the comfy panda and hopefully the little boy i’m having in july will like it!

  11. My 2 year old would love to have a pillow pet. He can’t pick a favorite, he gets excited by all of them, but I think he would like the Tardy Turtle best. They are all so cute though.

  12. Chocolate Moose for my little grandson Noah,he would like this,where he lives they have live Moose

  13. My favorite is Ms Lady Bug and my 2 year old granddaughter would love to cuddle with it.

  14. i would like to get the tardy turtle for my son we always say he looks
    like a turtle when he lays on his belly bobbing his head up and down.

  15. Would love to get the ladybug and the duck for my son and my 4 year old d
    daughter who has learnt the PillowPet song fully and asks me everyday
    for one pillowpet for herself and one for her brother

  16. I think I would choose the purple bunny and give it to our new baby who
    is due in October (not sure if it is a boy or girl)! My other children –
    3 girls – have many stuffies they love!

  17. Gosh this was a tough choice but I’m going to go with the Perky Penguin 🙂
    If I win it I will give it to my daughter.
    asmithonline at yahoo dot ca

  18. I like so many of them! I would probably get the cow for my kids and use it as a reward! Thanks!

  19. We love the silly monkey pillow pet it would be for my daughter Julia who is monkey crazy

  20. My 2.5 year old daughter would love the penguin. She’s obsessed with the little critters.

  21. there’s so many cute ones! I like the polar bear, but i would let my niece pick which one she liked 🙂


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  23. All 4 of my kids want the silly monkey. They’ve seen these advertised and really want one!

  24. They are all so cute, but I think I’d have to get the turtle for my little boy!

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  26. I would love to have the Chocolate Moose for my son.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


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  28. My favorites used to be the Polar Bear and the Cowardly Lion – because they reminded me so much of our two kitties. But now they have a new addition to the Pet Pillow family that looks just like our precious little tuxedo cat, the “Ms Sassy Cat”!

    My husband and I both love our cat and his new look-alike, Ms.Sassy Cat – so it would be a most welcome addition to our family!

  29. Email Subscriber at