20 May

Finest Expressions

I have recently been to a few baby showers and I noticed that people generally give the same gifts over and over again – onesies, blankets and shampoos.  These are all really good gifts, but opening up the same thing over and over and being excited about them seemed to be difficult for the Mom to be.  When I give a gift, I like it to be different and exciting so everyone will talk about how great it is.  That is why I try to give the best functional baby gift that get “oh’s and ah’s” from everyone.

Finest Expressions is a great place to get unique and traditional shower gifts in a unique and not so traditional package.   Finest Expressions carries beautiful bouquets of flowers and baby baskets that are made out of baby clothing, wash cloths and socks.  They also make beautiful diaper cakes for all budgets that have anywhere from 42 newborn diapers to 100, along with the classics gifts such as washcloths, receiving blankets, booties and even hooded towels.  I love the look of a beautiful diaper cake on a shower table.  They really stand out among all the other gifts.  Finest Expressions has diaper cakes for girls, boys or unisex for those parents that don’t want to know the sex of their baby before they are born.   (If I have a second, I will wait for the big surprise)

Along with Baby gifts, Finest Expressions also carries candy bouquets.  I have received a few candy bouquets in the past, and I love them.  I love the look of real flowers, but them seem to wilt way too quickly to really enjoy.  Candy Bouquets are just as beautiful as real flowers (sometimes, they can be even prettier), they last way longer (well that depends on how many people are around to pick away at the candies), and they are way tastier (this is a complete assumption as I have never tasted a flower before).  Either way, a candy bouquet is an awesome gift that everyone can appreciate.  The candy bouquets at Finest Expressions also have chocolate in them – yum!

Finest Expressions is a dream of two sisters to create baby & wedding gifts that are not only useful today but also remembered for many years to come. Each gift is designed with full attention and utmost creativity. The sisters absolutely love what they do and enjoy everyday creating unique gifts.

Finest Expressions has a wide selection of adorable baby gifts and exquisite wedding/party favours. Most products are hand-crafted in-house, such as the baby diaper cakes, candy trees and baby clothing/sock bouquets.  They also carry baby gift baskets and design custom gifts using client’s budget and theme preference.  Finest Expressions also carries DIY Favour Kits for weddings, corporate events, baby showers and other themed parties.  Theses beautiful and easy to assemble favours come complete with box, ribbons/accessories and personalized tags for an incredibly reasonable price. If you are tight on timelines, Finest Expressions offers complete wrapping up and assembling service as well.

Happy gift shopping!

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