22 Apr

Spirit Spa – $50 Gift Certificate & Erbaviva gift pack – CLOSED

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, this is the one day out of the year where Dad’s and children really put a lot of effort in showing their wife and Mother how much they mean to them.  Not that we need the affirmation, because there are many daily thing that go on in our lives that are great about being a Mom!  Watching your children grow and learn, the 10 second hugs, and hearing the words “I Love You” (I’m still waiting for this).   But being a mother can also have it’s hard times too.  So having a day set aside especially for Mom’s, is well deserved.

I recently was able to have a few minutes to myself while being able to review a Spa Treatment at Spirit Spa in Halifax (did I mention I love my hobby?!?).  This was the perfect way for me to wind down after a day at the office.  Spirit Spa has won the Coast best spa award.  For my local readers, you know what that means – for the rest of you, it’s an award voted on by the people of Halifax for many different categories.  From the experience that I recieved at Spirit Spa I would say there is a reason it was voted the best spa in Halifax.

When I first arrived for my Blueberry Body Bliss, I was greeted by the wonderfully friendly staff that directed me to the seating area and offered me a tea, latte or cappuccino (I took the latte).  In the seating area I noticed the wide range of people that were there to get pampered.  There was a young man, a pregnant woman and a middle aged, very classy lady.  I loved seeing the diversity, each person very different, but they all fit into Spirit Spa‘s ambiance just fine.  This is the type of spa that Spirit Spa is, a spa for everyone and anyone.  I also noticed the lovely view of the harbour – this is such a beautiful part of Halifax!

After quickly drinking up my yummy latte, I used the Spirit Spa facilities which included a quick dip in the pool, a soak in the hot tub and a nice warm steam shower.  All this before my Blueberry Body Bliss even began.  After getting out of the steam shower, I got myself ready for the real relaxing treatment with my Esthetician – Emma.   The Blueberry Body Bliss was a full 90 minutes of pure ecstasy.

I first received a full body scrub (head to toe, front and back), which included a delicious smelling sweet blueberry mixture with a light sugaring for exfolating.  Then came the really interesting part, I got all wrapped up in a silver cocoon which looks just like tinfoil, but heats up like I’m in a microwave.  My body was detoxifying while I was laying all comfortable in my little cocoon, and Emma then started exfolating and massaging my face.   I have had a number of massages in the past, but this is the first time I ever had a face massage and I loved it.  It was so relaxing to have someone work on my face.  Emma even took a bright light to look at my shin and noticed a few blackheads, so she made sure to get rid of those.  I generally do not cleanse/exfoliate my face because in the past when I have tried, I just broke out in zits.  The concoction that Emma used was gentile soft and very smooth.   It was extremely relaxing and left my face nice and smooth.  This process felt like it went on forever – in a very good way.

After a few moments of quietness, it was time for my spacial  day to come to an end – or so I thought.  It turns out, I was only 1/2 way through my procedure.  I jumped into the shower to get rid of all the sugar  mix, and then hopped back onto the table for another treatment.  This time, it was for a full head to toe blueberry moisturizer and massage.  Could this treatment be any longer?  I throughly enjoyed the massage.  It was not like a massage that I have received in the past because I had a kink in my neck that needed to be released.  It was the type of massage that I wish my husband would be able to give me, gentile, soothing and just perfect.   I just laid on the table and enjoyed the quiet music.

Like all good things, they must come to an end and after my massage, it was time to go.  But before leaving for home, Spirit Spa offers another procedure to all clients that received a facial – a free make up touch up.  I could hardly believe after all the procedures I had received already, that I was also going to get a free makeup job.

After leaving the spa I felt refreshed and looked way better leaving the spa then I did when I arrived.  I also learned a lot about my skin from Emma, which was another bonus.

Overall, my experience at Spirit Spa was amazing.  All said and done, I had spent 3 hours there just being pampered, and as a new Mom (yes although my daughter is 20 months, I still consider myself a new Mom, I am still learning all kinds of things), it’s important to take the time to get refreshed and rejuvenated so you can be your best at your most important job – being a Mom.

Dad’s – this would make a wonderful gift for your baby’s Mama for Mother’s Day – or any day for that matter.  Believe me, you will be thanked in the end!

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51 thoughts on “Spirit Spa – $50 Gift Certificate & Erbaviva gift pack – CLOSED

  1. I subscribed to their newsletter! I would definitely make the trip to Halifax!
    I’ve been so stressed lately and need some down time so this would be wonderful!!

  2. I signed up for their newsletter and could definately use a spa day seeing as I’ve beeen spending everying day with my 1 1/2 year old. Can’t remember what a pedicure feels like.

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  4. I signed up for their newsletter.

    I deserve to win because I’m a fitness isntructor teaching 10+ classes
    /week – my poor body is in desperate need of some pampering!

  5. i signed up for their newsletter! i also am a fan of the spirit spa facebook page
    and a fan of my wee view facebook page! i should win because ive never been to a spa before!!

  6. Signed up for newsletter. Hopefully I deserve a spa day. i really try to provide my children with a wonderful life – everyday. Sometimes I do great and other time I don’t – but I do try.

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  8. signed up for Spirit Spa newsletter..
    I deserve a spa day,because i am 7 months pregnant with my second child
    and could really use a spa day..

  9. I signed up for Spirit Spas newsletter. I could really use it because I had a busy year helping my husband whos mother was a very sick women this year. Sadly she passed away last month!

  10. I’m a facebook fan of Spirit Spa.
    I just got back from 2 weeks vacation that was nonstop sightseeing everyday. I had a ball but now I need to slow down and get some pampering. Spirit Spa sounds like just the place for me!

  11. I am a facebook fan and an email subscriber for the spa! I am a mom to three busy boys. Being in a house with all boys is very tiring and I so need a day to be pampered :O)(

  12. I am a facebook fan and an email subscriber for the spa! I am a mom to three busy boys. Being in a house with all boys is very tiring and I so need a day to be pampered :O)(entry 2

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