29 Apr

Iams – XL bag of pet food – CLOSED

I know that most of you have children, but I’m not sure what your pet status is.  I have a small apricot toy poodle – she’s 9.4 pounds (it’s important to include the .4 when your that little).  Her name is Cammy and we have had her almost 7 years.  Cammy is like our first born child, we adopted her just a few months after our marriage in 2003.  I never had a dog while I was growing up and never understood “dog people”, but after getting my own dog, I totally get the loyalty and love that comes with a dog.  I can’t imagine life without our little Cammy!

Ok, so what’s with all the dog talk?  Well, today I am reviewing a pet food company – this is the first pet related review I have done.  And to be 100% honest, Cammy isn’t a  big eater (she has to keep her figure), so I thought my co-worker might get better use out of the Iams dog food that I received for review.  It’s not that Cammy doesn’t like Iams (this is the only food she ate as a puppy), it’s just that a small bag of dog food can last months, so an extra large bag of dog food could last her a year, and I’m not sure if the food would still be good to eat in a year.  So for the sake of food safety and not wasting, I thought my coworker, who owns a young black lab named Enzo, would get more out of this than Cammy would.

When I asked my co-worker about doing an Iams review, he said “That would be easy, I buy Enzo Iams every 3 weeks”.  Seeing as my co-worker already bought his dog Iams, I knew that he (and Enzo) already liked the product.   There are a number of different choices when it comes to Iams brands too.  Since Enzo is only 7 months, he is still into the puppy food which is high in protein for energy and has no artificial flavors or preservatives making it easy on puppy tummies. Iams carries special puppy food for larger dogs (~90 + pounds fully grown), making sure all the right ingredients are included for their proper development.   Although Enzo can’t say how much he likes his Iams food, he surly tells his Dad by the way her scarfs his food down each day.

Iams also carries food for pups that are watching their weight and seniors.  They also have new food with Prebiotics, which keeps your furry friends healthy on the inside.  They also carry wet food and treats too.  And for all  of you cat lovers, they have a whole line for cats as well.

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Giveaway: One lucky reader is going to receive a coupon for an extra large free bag of pet food

To Enter: Visit Iams and make a comment back here about something that your pet would like & let me know a little about your pet

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Giveaway closes May 14th @11:59 pm PST.  Open to Canada and US


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411 thoughts on “Iams – XL bag of pet food – CLOSED

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  2. My youngest daughter and her boyfriend have a wee pomeranian (sp??) (its the most hyper anxious wee dog I’ve ever met lol)

    Vanity would love to try the Healthy Naturals from Iams!



  3. We have a 90 lb black lab/border collie named Ozzy! He only ever eats Iams dog food (the mini chunks is what he likes best). But I’ve never bought the treats…I know he’d love the Iams® Tartar Treats™ – Large!

  4. Seeing we haven’t picked out our pet yet, I can’t tell you too much about
    our pooch.
    We’re in the process of adopting an older dog from the SPCA (a border
    collie x), so I would say I would start him off with the Healthy Naturals..

  5. Miss Sophia Loren is a totally spoiled (by daddy) overweight Aussie shep.
    She needs the Veterinary Formulas Weight Loss Restricted-Calorie™/Canine Dry Formula.

  6. I have cats….. 5 of them! Long story short.. a couple are my Dads!! Farley, Fefe, Gizmo, Magoo, and Mouse!

    A couple of my cats could use the Weight Control food!!!! 🙁

  7. My dog likes the Iams® ProActive Health™ Adult Small & Toy Breed and the canned foods.
    She is a 10 year old Pekingese.

  8. My dog eats the proactive health large breed food. She is a malalute, that I rescued from a hoarder. She weighed only 30 pounds at 8 months. I tried a couple of other types of food, but Iams was the only kind that didn’t make her sick. Now 5 months later, she weighs a healthy 75 pounds.

  9. my sister has a dog which i part of our family too, a mini schnauzer , we cant have pers in our apratmnet so my kids have adapoted hers would love to get this for him for a real treat
    staceyx at telus dot net

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  11. We have two cats (which were like our children until we had our daughter). They only eat Iams dry food, so we know they like it (except the weight control kind, which they refuse to eat.)

  12. My dog, Angel is a retriever mix with food allergies. I bet she would
    love the Iams® Healthy Naturals™ Lamb Meal & Rice

  13. I think my dog would like the Iams® Healthy Naturals™ with Wholesome Chicken. She is a 6 year old golden lab mix. She loves to play fetch outside with her Kong. She also gets along well with our cat and our 2 children. 🙂

  14. Our dogs are not picky, so I would love the tartar treats for them. We’ve got 2 humane society dogs that we got 6 months apart at 3 months old: a lab mix (Annie) that is content to lay around and bark at the drop of a hat and an australian shepherd/cattle dog mix (Arvo) that loves to be active (which my 2 year old loves) but loves to snuggle as well.

  15. My cat would like the Premium Protection food for cats. She was rescued as a tiny kitten and has blossomed into a real beauty and total joy to have around the house.

  16. I have an 11.5 year old beagle named Junior, affectionately known as “Biggie.’
    Junior loves belly rubs and eating grass but is FOOD OBSESSED…literally…
    The Healthy Weight control for seniors would probably be right up his alley.

  17. I have an 8 1/2ear old min pin. He would like the Healthy Naturals with wholesome chicken

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  18. I have a four year old puggle. I think she’d like the Iams ProActive Health MiniChunks. Thanks!
    jackievillano at gmail dot com

  19. I think both of mine would like the wholesome chicken healthy naturals. Daisy is 5 lbs of fierceness and will only eat chicken.
    She will be 10 in Sept. and she lives in the house under my feet mostly.
    Butter will eat anything. He showed up and decided we were his and I love him!

  20. My pet loves the smart puppy biscuits. She is our third Guide Dog puppy that we are training. All Guide Dog Puppies and fully trained dogs are given Iams food because it is readily available wherever these Guide Dogs are placed and it is economical as well as nutritious! And our little girl is SO cute. She’ll give someone the freedom to navigate and live their life to the fullest some day.

  21. i have a 5 year old golden retriever and she would love to try the iams tartar treats. she is i a big sweet loveable moose!

  22. I’d love to get the Iams® Healthy Naturals™ for my two lab mixes. I’m sure they would love
    to try something different as well!

  23. We have two dogs: Ike a 13yo German Shepard and Candy a 12yo Black Lab.

    Our dogs would like Healthy Naturals Lamb Meal & Rice.

  24. My dog loves the mini chunks. Bailey is a medium size dog and has been
    so healthy thanks to Iams.

  25. The weight management for cats would be perfect for brooklyn.
    He is 2 and super affectionate, loves to have his belly rubbed
    and sleeps at the foot of my bed every night


  26. We have two Chihuahuas that really think they are people. We feed them Iam’s pet food all the time. We purchase the Iams Proactive Health Adult Small and Toy Breed. You can tell my pink banner on the package. Our two Chihuahaus named Pepper and Miley love the Iam’s brand and I would never argue with a Chihuahua.

  27. My puppy would probably eat just about anything! She’s the newest addition to our family, a little beagle we adopted just a year ago. She’s a trouble maker and a garbage addict but we love her and she’s our daughter’s best friend!

  28. I think my cat Oscar would enjoy ProActive Health™ Original with Tuna. Oscar is a five year old male neutered cat, very sweet.

  29. My cat Peanut needs New Iams® Veterinary Formulas Skin & Coat Response™ LB/Feline Canned Formula. He might even like it since he has his spring allergies. I actually have 6 cats lol. They all like riding around in my wheelchair and they all think theyre dogs.

  30. My German Shepherd Blaze would love the Iams® Savory Sauce® Sizzlin’ Bacon Flavor

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  32. My cats like the Iams ProActive HealthTM Original with Ocean Fish and Rice and my pet is a lover of the outdoors and the bugs that are around here

  33. I think Moose would like the Healthy Naturals. Moose is our nine year old black lab. He’s a big baby, but we love him!

  34. We’ve got a middle-aged Jack Russell Terrier named Skippy. Skippy is still pretty frisky, but he is starting to get a little stiff, so I’d be interested in giving him the Veterinary Formula Joint Health Canine Dry food to see if that helps him.

  35. We have 2 APL mixed collie/chow/aussie dogs…and Iams was recommended
    to us for their health and proper nutrition…this giveaway is perfect
    for the type of Iams food we got them started on!

  36. I was on the Iam site the other day looking around and was pleased to find the coupon offer too! My dogs has always been on Iams. He’s a GoldenDoodle with a very touchy stomach. Iams is the only food we’ll feed him, so he’d love a giant bag of proactive (green) mini-chunks dog food.

  37. i think my pup would Love the Healthy Naturals with wholesome chicken. thanks!!

  38. I think our cats would like–Iams® ProActive Health™ Original with Tuna

    maynekitty [at] live [dot] com

  39. My cats would love the Healthy Naturals Atlantic Salmon as they love the taste of salmon.I have three crazy cats and one little dog who bosses us all around.

  40. I like the Wholesome Chicken Healthy Naturals for our dog Ludo. He’s a sweet dog, 17 months old and 130 pounds! He’s an Irish Wolfhound/Great Pyrnees mix, not overweight.

  41. My pet would love the Healthy Naturals Lamb Meal and Rice. Sara can only eat Lamb. She is sensitive to other meats.

  42. My dog would most likely like the Proactive food, but I would actually pr
    probably give this to my daughter for her Great Dane, who thinks she
    is a lap dog!

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  44. The dog is old and weighs about 100lbs (big boy!) and he could really use the ams® Veterinary Formulas Joint Health™/Canine Dry Formula. I see it has Chondroitin and Glucosamine and lots of good stuff to promote health in a creaky old guy!

    couponboss at gmail dot com

  45. I have a white boxer named Mono. He’s 2 years old, and he weighs about 70lbs.
    Needless to say we go through A LOT of dog food!

    I think he/we’d like the Iams® ProActive Health™ Large Breed food. We
    worry about his big, ol’ joints…

    amysweeps at gmail dot com

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  47. Iams® ProActive Health™ Active Maturity sounds the best for my 7 year old dog.
    Cammy is so cute!

  48. Iams® ProActive Health™Weight Control®*

    A very cuddly cat, he enjoys batting at the cursor on the computer.

  49. Our dog would love the Iams® ProActive Health™ Large Breed. She is an Akita and is quite the character.

    constancelavery at msn dot com

  50. I think our cat would like the Premium Protection food for cats.Shes a long fur tabby domestic over 20 yrs old

  51. The Healthy Natural would be great for my dog. I have a 5 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

  52. I have two cats that would enjoy Iams ProActive Health Active Maturity Hairball Care, they’d probably fight each other for it!

  53. I THINK I would like the Iams® ProActive Health TM Active MaturityTM Hairball CareTM:)
    My cat’s name is Brownie and she is a tortie cat. She has owned me since she was a baby kitten. She is very bossy and picky like me.lol

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