15 Apr

Easy LunchBoxes.com – 4 containers & a lunch bag – CLOSED

I used to bring a microwavable tv dinner to work for lunch every day, they are quick, easy, and there is a lot of different variety.  Did you notice I used the words USED to?!?  Well, I may just be 30, but at my last trip to the Dr. I was told to pay attention to my cholesterol intake.  High cholesterol runs in my family, and to be honest, it probably doesn’t matter what I eat, I will have high cholesterol, but I don’t want to eat things that I know will make it worse.  So I recently switched from TV dinners, to leftovers and sandwiches – and to be honest I love my new lunches.

Along with eating better, I have also switched my lunch boxes, I now use the containers I received for review from EasyLunchBoxes.com.  These lunch containers have 3 separated spaces, one large for the main course and two smaller ones on the side. The large space is perfect size for a sandwich or a piece of chicken and rice.  While the smaller ones are great for cheese, fruit and any type of snack.  According to the website, you are suppose to use dry contents only, however I have put things like stew and yogurt in my containers from EasyLunchBoxes.com.  These lunch boxes do not get that same snap and tightness as some of the other lunch containers I have used, so I was nervous to put stew into it, however using the lunch bag that accompanied my containers I did not have any spills or messes.  The lunch bag allows the container to sit completely flat.  The lunch bag isn’t anything flashy, so when I do have all dry contents for lunch I use my fancier lunch bag.

Packing your own  lunch in reusable containers is eco-friendly as there is no packaging to throw out.  Think of how much packaging you would save in just 5 days.  Also, packing your own lunch is much healthier.  I always brought the low fat or low calorie microwavable tv dinners everyday, however since I started packing my own lunch with EasyLunchBoxes.com I have actually lost weight.  I’m not sure how or why, but it’s probably because I am eating way less salt (and we all know that salt retains water).  And if you take a look at my lunch, it now includes things like strawberries and yogurt – both things I would have never brought before.

I do like the 3 compartment containers very much, and just when I was wishing it had a bit more snap/ tightness so I could bring things like chile and homemade soups, I found this helpful post on their new EasyLunch blog about making the containers leak free! I’ll have to give that a try.

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504 thoughts on “Easy LunchBoxes.com – 4 containers & a lunch bag – CLOSED

  1. I like their “Gallery of Yummy Lunch Ideas” – the photos give me some idea on how to spice up my son’s lunch!

  2. Oh my gosh – I need these!!
    I love that they have lunch ideas and such tasty great pictures. I can see the pounds falling off!!

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  4. I love the lunch ideas gallery. Such great ideas! As a mom of 6, this would be invaluable in our morning routine for school!

    Jackie Combs
    jaxcombs @ gmail dot com

  5. Subscribed by email with jackiecombs58 @ gmail dot com (it’s my blog following email)

    Jackie Combs
    jaxcombs @ gmail dot com

  6. I love the section of neat ideas, and the fact that some children have taken over packing their lunches because they love finding food for the different compartments so much!

  7. Such great ideas. I can not wait to use these myself and to send lunch to school with my 7th grader.

  8. I saw that they also sell lunch bag coolers that allow you to store
    most food upright.
    jentam777 AT gmail DOT com

  9. The lunch bag coolers would be just the right size. They always are
    too small or too big. Thank you for this give away.

  10. Although the container is not leak proof for runny items, such yogurt, they gave a great tip using wax paper to keep the liquids in. Thanks!

  11. I like the fact that cleanup is easier – you won’t have a bunch of different odds & ends of plastic containers cluttering up the dishwasher if you use this system.

  12. I learned from the EasyLunchBox site that liquid items can be made leak free simply by covering with wax paper
    before sealing on the lid.

  13. I love that these are dishwasher/microwave safe and don’t have all the fun stuff like BPA and lead! lol

  14. I had a laugh reading the blog and hearing about the gal who lit her lunchbox on fire!
    Easy Lunchboxes do not melt, scorch, or catch fire.

  15. I like the look of these lunch packs and the recipe for Angel Eggs
    sounds very good, I am going to try it on Monday.

  16. Hmph. I saw that Only orders placed within the state of CA are subject to sales tax.
    Woot woot, I’m not in Cali!

  17. Easylunchboxes plastic containers are FDA-approved for microwave use. They are made with the highest grade polypropylene plastic (#5), a plastic that does not leach any BPA or Phthalates when heated or cooled.

  18. I love that I could pack 2 of these in one lunch bag and send it to my kids preschool saving room in there cubby box!!! and i love that they are PVC, BPA and Phalate free!!! YIPPY!!! I want a set for me and a set for the kids!!!

  19. I just tweeted this contest. I love this idea for lunches and snacks!
    My kids like their food seperate, so this would be so great for them.
    I think I going to buy a set soon, I’ve never won a blog contest, so
    I might as well just buy this. Good luck everyone!

  20. Less waste is always good, I loved the lunch cool cooler & the fact the
    lunch boxes are sold in packs of 4.

  21. I learned that they are BPA free! Plus, I LOVE all of the pics of the packed lunches! It’s a great way to get new and exciting lunch ideas!

  22. I really like the Compartmentalized food containers. These would be perfect for my daughter to take to daycare!

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  24. I love how they can all stack so neatly in the fridge or cabinet and that the boxes and the bag are BPA-free and pthalate-free! I also loved her tip about leaving a slice of bread soaked in distilled white vinegar in the container overnight to remove lingering odors. (I’ll have to try that with other plastic storage containers that have been home to things like onions!) I’d try the tip about the wax paper or the pre-cut/sized sheets she found at her Smart & Final as well. However, I think Glad Press’n Seal would work very well for this. Finally, I really like that the cooler is sized to hold the container(s) PLUS room for additional snacks and drinks or a thermos. (So you can change up the menu a bit!). My son’s school sets time aside for them to have a mid-morning snack as well as their lunch. He’s in 3rd grade adn around 10/10:30 am they get a little peckish! 🙂

  25. I actually found YOU through Easy Lunchboxes! I love all her lunch box ideas and the pictures to go along. My son has a number of allergies so I always have to pack his lunch and snacks. I need all the help I can get keeping it fresh and healthy for him! Thanks!

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  27. They have some great lunch prep & packing ideas! One I like: Fill a thermos with boiling water to heat the core for a few minutes. Spill out the water just before you fill the thermos with soup or an entree. The thermos is now hot and ready for your hot food, and will stay that way longer.

  28. I found a great tip under Lunchmaking Hints & Tips: Remove odors from a lunch box by placing inside a slice of bread that has been soaked in white distilled vinegar. Leave overnight.

  29. While checking out the site I saw that KELLY LESTER is the owner, creator, and mom behind Easylunchboxes.com. During the last two decades she has been an entrepreneur, wife, and mother of three. She is also an actress and singer.


  30. I found out that you can join them to eliminate 1 million pounds of waste. Thanks for the chance to win:)

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