17 Mar

Royale Reno-cation – $50 Restaurant GC & $50 Home Hardware GC – CLOSED

Another winter is pretty much history here in Canada.  The nice weather usually means home renos.  Just before the winter hit last year, we extended our deck, and I can’t wait to put it to good use this summer.

If you have plans to reno your house, Royale has the ultimate Reno-cation prize pack.  What’s a reno-cation you ask?  Why – it’s a renovation and vacation of course.  Your house gets a renovation (or you hire someone to renovate your home), and then you go on vacation!  Sounds like an amazing prize to me.

If I were to win this ultimate prize pack, I would get the tile fixed in our house, there is a crack along the kitchen floor tiles.  The previous owners had a very large and heavy piano that must have put pressure on the tiles, and they have cracked.   The technical problem as been fixed with 2 x 4’s under the kitchen, but the cosmetic part still needs to be looked after.  Taking up tiles is a  huge undertaking, although I would like them fixed, I don’t think this will happen any time soon.  Unless I win this amazing prize from Royale.

As for the vacation part – this is a hard one to answer – there are so many places I would love to go!  But I think I would have to pick Spain or Italy, or maybe a Mediterranean cruise like the one pictured on the right!

While I dream about renovations and vacations, check out the prizes being given away.

Royale is giving away $25,000 worth in prizes

The grand prize winner will receive: $13,000 to spend on a home renovation in any way the winner chooses AND an 11-day, $7,000 Royal Caribbean cruise for two on the “Jewel of the Seas.”

15 Weekly winners will receive: a total of $5,000 worth of prizes from the Royale Luxury Bath Collection that include a personal heated towel rack, new luxurious towels, and premium Royale robes.

To enter visit the Royale website here. You can get a bonus entry by playing the game of the week.

I have a mini reno-cation to giveaway as well!

Giveaway: One lucky MWV reader is going to receive:

  • a $50 Cara Restaurant gift card, accepted at Swiss Chalet, Montana’s, Milestones, Kelsey’s and Harvey’s
  • $50 Home Hardware gift card

To Enter: Make a comment below about your ultimate reno-cation.  What would you fix and where would you go?

Bonus Entries:

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Giveaway closes April 27th @11:59 pm PST.  Open to Canada


**Disclaimer: I have written this post on behalf of Mom Central Canada and received a Gift Certificate.  The features expressed in this post are those of My Wee View and have not been influenced in any other way.  Please see the full Terms of use.

1,164 thoughts on “Royale Reno-cation – $50 Restaurant GC & $50 Home Hardware GC – CLOSED

  1. Would love to redo the basement, it is dark & scary down there !
    & Fiji sounds like a nice place for a vacation

  2. We redid our deck last summer too! I would love to redo our main bathroom, complete with a huge soaker tub and heated ceramic floors. I would love to travel in South America – maybe Peru or Argentina.

  3. I would definitely renovate our kitchen (knock down the wall between kitchen and eating area and make it all open), and I think I would want to go to Israel.

  4. I would build my own photography studio here at our house, so i would never have to leave…
    then i would go on vacation to Hungary.

  5. I would finish my basement so that it can become my baby’s play area.
    I would go to Hawaii for vacation!

  6. My ultimate reno-cation would be to finish our basement. It’s currently just a concrete shell. It would be wonderful to have a space to relax and watch tv or play games. Then when the work is complete, I’d go to Europe with my husband. It has always been a dream of ours to tour the European countries!

  7. I would replace the bathtub in my ensuite to be a HUGE soaker tub. Then
    I would go to turks and caicos.

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  9. I would spruce up my basement to make a play area for my daughter.
    I would go to Greece on vacation.

  10. I’d like to work on my basement which is unfinished and is very cold.
    I would go to India to visit my parents

  11. The basement. Why does it always seem to get neglected. Out of people’s sight out of my mind?

  12. The basement. Why does it always seem to get neglected. Out of people’s sight out of my mind?
    I’d go to the oregon coast for the vaca though.

  13. I would love to redo our kitchen!!! My dream vacation would be a European vac, travelling between the different countries….Italy, France, Sweden, Greece, Spain etc. etc. LOL!

  14. I would change the carpets in the house and I would probably go to France for few weeks to do “La route des vins”

  15. Our house is 100 years old and the decor was last chosen in the late 70’s, so I have a pretty long list of renovations that need to be made! Where would I start? Probably in the garage. Replace the crushed rubble floor with an actual cement floor and put up insulation and drywall…that would be a nice upgrade!!

  16. I would re-do the bathroom so I would have a tub instead of just a shower stall. While that’s being done I would go to Bora Bora!

  17. I think I would work on our garage, as it is falling apart. I would love to go on a cruise somewhere in the Caribean!!

  18. I would have to update our living room and bathrooms- they are really dated!
    For the vacation, somewhere warm with nice white sandy beaches!

  19. We’d put a roof on our front porch, insulate the walls and put new carpet in the family room. As for the vacation part, I’d love to go back to Disney World!

  20. I would like to fix alot with our house as it needs it. My bathroom as paint is coming off the ceiling. Kitchen because tile floor is breaking. The list could go on and on.
    I would also like to go on a family cruise. I know i would gain lots of weight as i here they have great food= midnight buffets. MMM

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  21. I would love my kitchen updated/renovated — I have mint green counters and 18 year old appliances. Thanks for the great giveaway:)

  22. I would completely re-do our laundry area and work area my husband has. It’s really dark, horrible horange flowered wall paper stuck here and there and generally dark and has lots of wasted space. After that was done, I would take a relaxing cruise to some exciting place.

  23. I think I’d redo my bathrooms… I hate them! The people who lived here before me did such a terrible job. I think they closed their eyes, spun around, and threw grout and tiles randomly!

    As to where I’d go, my favourite place on earth is Niagara Falls. My very first “grown-up” vacation, planed by myself, was to Niagara, so it holds a special place in my heart.

  24. We need our living room and bathrooms renovated. I’d love for the family and I to go to Hawaii for a vacation! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  25. I would fix up our spare bedroom to make it my baby’s own room. It badly needs some furniture.
    For a trip I would take my son & husband to Italy. It’s been our dream.

  26. My ultimate Reno-cation would be to finish the basement into a home theatre room! And I’d love to go to Australia!

  27. As much as I would love to say that I want to add a bay window and
    reading corner , and a fancy walk in closet in my masterbedroom,
    and take a trip to Scotland…..

    well honestly I don’t own my home and I would take the cash option ,
    and pay off my debt..

  28. I would fix my kitchen sink as it keeps dripping and it drives us all crazy and I would go on vacation to Ireland to visit my family – all of whom live there 🙂

  29. I would love to fix up our basement or organize our very messy 2 car
    garage that doesn’t have any room for any cars!! I would love to go to London.

  30. i would fix the painting in my house. i would redo it. And i would
    really like to go to Hawaii

  31. I would paint our house. Builders paint is horrible and unwashable. It’s better to leave the mark than try to wash it off LOL.
    Where would I go? Somewhere warm and kid-friendly! Beachy!
    Actually, I like camping 🙂

  32. I’d renovate our kitchen and replace our carpets. Oh, and add a fireplace upstaris since it is freezing up there in the winter!
    My ultimate vacation? South Africa!

  33. I would like to redo my entire house, it is very outdated. I would love to go to England, Scotland, IIreland to see all the old castles.

  34. if i won i would remodel my kitchen which is still back in the 70’s LOL my ultimate vacation would be to go take the kids europe that would be awesome
    roswello athotmail dot com

  35. My ultimate reno-cation would be to remove me to a NEW house (we re in a dingy, stuffy apartment)
    with a mediterranean cruise for the whole family!

  36. My ultimate reno-cation would be to finally buy a home to get out
    of this old apartment and have room for all three kids…then a
    trip to Australia.

  37. we would fix our bathrooms…right now one of them is purple and one is green *bleh!* and I would like to go ot the caribbean somewhere that has clear blue water and white sand beaches

  38. I would definitely fix up our basement; it’s kind of a dungeon right
    now. For vacation, I would love to go visit family in the Calgary,
    Alberta area

  39. Let’s see….The vacation would definitely be a cruise because I want to relax and not have to think about a single thing. A Mediterranean or Greek Islands cruise would fit the bill. The renovation portion..ha!….where to begin…we live in a partially finished new house. I guess the irrigation system for the landscaping is the most pressing thing. If we could hire someone to do this for us, my husband wouldn’t have to spend his summer digging trenches.

  40. I would fix my kitchen (somehow make it larger), some new floors and some new windows.
    For the vacation part I would go to Australia – always wanted to visit. Or Disneyland, I’ve never been!

  41. I would love renovating my bathroom and turn it into a deluxe &
    functional room with new accessories too! I would love to take a
    trip all-inclusive spa included in a warm country and visit the sites,
    enjoy the sunny beaches and get served! Royale, oh-la-la!

  42. I would split my laundry room in half and make half a bedroom for my daughter. We are currently sharing a room. I would love to take the kids to Niagara Falls. It is so beautiful there and so much to do.

  43. I would definitely re-do the bathroom, as everything in there right now is Pepto Bismol pink lol. As for where I would go….SPAIN!!!

  44. I would fix the bathrooms because they don’t flush properly and the
    taps always leak!! =( I would love to go to the dominican republic to
    soak in some sun!!

  45. If I won I would like to renovate my washroom and living room area.
    Both these areas need to spruced up.
    As far as traveling is concerned, I would like to travel to Europe (Greece, Turkey)

  46. I would fix my basement (leaks), paint and baseboards all throughout the house, and re-do my bathroom!
    And anywhere tropical would be a great vacation – Hawaii, Mexico or Jamaica:)

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  48. thanks for the contest! I would fix my bedroom, first by getting a decent bed! I’ve never had a good one and I think sleep would be nice! Then do some painting on the walls, make it my own little sanctuary, even though not much time is spent there!

  49. Im a subscriber via email

    crystal dot fournier at hotmail dot com!

    Great giveaway! goodluck everyone!

  50. Oh boy, I have so many things that need fixing, painting, or re-doing it’s not funny from fixing the garage roof, to painting in all the rooms in the house, re-doing the kitchen and you name it. As for my dream vacations well I would love to visit the Pyramids in Egypt and the Outback in Australia.

  51. The tenants before us felt they could do some do-it-yourself projects.
    They were wrong.
    I just want a home where things aren’t glued to the wall and there are studs to support the drywall.

  52. I would paint the interior of the house and put down laminate flooring in my living room. Then I would pack my bags and catch a plane to the French Riviera!

  53. I would have a bathroom & bedroom put into the basement. I would love to go on a Disney cruise while it is done.

  54. I would like to create the ultimate outdoor Oasis with a brick bbq, smoker. A lovey patio set and seating area.
    I would love to vistit England, Ireland and Scotland

    rhondastruthers atyahoo dot ca

  55. I would just love to do a bathroom makeover! With a huge spa tub etc!
    And I would love to go on a cruise 🙂

  56. I would change the downstairs bathroom. Rip out the shower and install a hot tub :O) I would have to say I’d like to go to cuba!

  57. I would fix my crazy, scary stairs that keep trying to trip me.
    And I would get a nice spa treatment in some nice, tropical country.

  58. i would renovate my room into a hunters dream, hang moose,and deer heads
    on the wall and have my guns mounted on the walls as well, I would also
    have a grizzly bear carpet and build a bed out of actual trees I cut
    down. I would go on a vacation to germany where I could visit all the
    world war 2 sites.

  59. My reno-cation would consist of re-doing the floors through my whole house, re-painting, new furniture and building a bathroom downstairs. While everything is being done, I’ll be vacationing in California.

  60. ultimate reno-cation would be to have the basement finished and I’d run off s somewhere warm! 🙂

    ribadness < gmail <> com

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  62. I would replace all the flooring and the windows in my house, and while the work was being done, I would be enjoying my honeymoon in Tuscany. Oh, to dream!

  63. I would completely remodel our daughter’s room- they found dry mold in the closet b/c we live in a really old house. They said it’s harmless b/c it’s dry, but i’m still worried about it. I would have the walls in her closet replaced and replace the carpet as well. Then I would take off to Turks Caicos for a tropical vacay! Or Las Vegas… I love that place!

  64. I would redo our floors in the kitchen and the carpets in the rest of the house. I would also install energy effecient windows. For a vacation I would go on a cruise – always wanted to go on one and I’ve never had the chance.

  65. Due to medical conditions we desperately need a sit down shower in our main level
    bathroom, would be great!

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  67. I would like to rip-out the whole kitchen and start from scratch. Cuba is the place I would love to go & relax.

  68. I would love to redo our upper deck it is falling apart and looking really shabby. I would love to go to Hawaii.

  69. If I won I would finish my basement and make a family room so the kids have somewhere to hang out. Then I would go to the Carribean

  70. My ‘ultimate reno-cation’ would be to purchase furniture. Since buying my house 1 1/2 yrs ago I still have empty rooms!

  71. I NEED new kitchen tap, so that’s what I’d buy.

    I’d go to Montana’s for a decent steak, since I can’t cook meat to save my life!

  72. I would fix the front yard and create a Japanese type style walkway
    and sitting area. For the trip, I would actually stay within British
    columbia and attend the largest River Cleanup on the Fraser River.
    We love to fish and volunteer our time to streamkeepers activities!

  73. WE’d finish fixing our bathroom! And Probably head out west to see family ay and travel through the Rockies 😀