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Curious Chef – 6 Piece cookie cutter gift set – CLOSED

As many of you know, I don’t tend to get my fingers too dirty in the kitchen.  I like to cook and bake once in a while, but before my daughter was born, I can probably count the number of times I made cookies on one hand.  Since my daughter has been born, I have become a bit more useful in the kitchen.  I’ve made a few different types cookies along with other treats.  I really enjoy baking with my daughter, although she can’t really help too much yet, I look forward to the day where we can both get dirty in the kitchen together, and have fun.

One such company that will help us get there is Curious Chef.  Curious Chef has an assortment of baking and cooking needs which will help the younger ones get excited about being in the kitchen.  I received for review the 26 piece Holiday Cookie Kit.  This was such a popular item, I was only able to receive it after Christmas (because it was sold out).

The Kit includes:

  • Nylon Cookie Turner
  • Non Stick Rolling Pin
  • 6 Piece Measuring Spoon Set
  • 6 Piece Measuring Cup Set
  • 4 cookie cutters
  • 4 chefs hats
  • 4 aprons

My favourite part of the whole kit is the measuring cups and spoons.  Their are 6 different sized measuring cups and spoons on each ring.  Up until this point of my life, I have been using a 2 cup measuring bowl and a teaspoon or tablespoon for all my measuring.  I know I am going to love how simple these new spoons and cups will make my life.  My daughter also seems to have a strong love for the spoons.  She wants to eat with each one (which is entertaining, because some are tiny while others obviously too big), she brings them to the tub to drink the tub water and even brought them to bed with her.  I think it’s the bright colours that she really likes.

I also really like the rolling pin.  It is smaller than a wooden rolling pin that you and I would be accustomed to, but is just as sturdy and has a bit of weight to it as it is made of metal.  The rolling pin is the perfect size for little hands (mine included), and will make rolling out dough a lot easier for the little ones than the adult sized rolling pins.

There are 4 aprons and chef hats that are included with the package.  The hats can be coloured and decorated by kids as they are made from paper.  I would think that the hats could be used a few times if taken care of.  On the other hand, the aprons are made from plastic, and I think they would probably be only good for one use.

There are so many great packages at Curious Chef to choose from, pizza kits, sundae sleepover, and the holiday set that I received.  You can also buy individual items.  Getting kids excited about the kitchen at a young age is very important.  I figure if you get them started cooking and baking young, it is something that they will like doing as an adult. I am definitely looking forward to using my kit with my daughter when she gets older, for now I am enjoying the measuring cups and spoons.

Buy it: To purchase, visit Curious Chef online

Giveaway: One lucky MWV reader is going to receive a 6 Piece cookie cutter gift set which includes:

  • Large Silicone Mixing Spoon
  • Whisk
  • Nylon Cookie Turner
  • Non Stick Rolling Pin
  • Bear Cookie Cutter
  • Butterfly Cookie Cutter

To Enter: Visit Curious Chef online, and make a comment back here about what your kitchen could use

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482 thoughts on “Curious Chef – 6 Piece cookie cutter gift set – CLOSED

  1. I really like the mixing spatulas, they would be very handy for
    baking, 2 in 1 utensil, I like that.

    I follow by google reader.

  2. I love the Build-A-Kitchen Sets: 27 Pc Foundation Set. It has everything for little chefs and I love the 4 pc. child chef textile set in it.

  3. It’s dumb but I want a nylon cookie turner. All we have are metal turners and they scrape our pans. We need a nylon one to cause less mess!!

  4. I could definitely use the apple corer. my little guy loves baking with me so he would love the prize

  5. I love the Build-A-Kitchen 27 Pc Foundation Set the best because it has
    just about everything you need to get started.

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  7. I could definitely use the Nylon pie server as the one I had disappeared. Perhaps it went home with a pie? Another useful item would be the Nylon frosting spreader.

  8. I like the 22 pc. Sundae Sleepover Kit. Thanks for the chance!
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  14. what kid wouldn’t love this!! i wish i had one wheni was little!! love the aprons and the pizza set!!

  15. My kitchen could use a few plastic cutting boards and easy to grasp measuring spoons. Perfect for my little sous chef!

  16. Having just found out this week that I am to be a new mom I would love to have everything from this website for my new baby but my particular fav is the 4 Piece Child Chef Textile Set – How cute!

  17. my kitchen could use a Small Nylon Plastic Knife as my 3-year old son likes to help and this would be perfect for him.

  18. My two year old and one year old love to be in the kitchen with me. They’d get a kick out the of the kid sized apron set.
    melsweeps775 at gmail dot com

  19. I started cutting shapes in my GDs toast and she just loves it and eats so much better. So what I really need in my kitchen are some more cookies cutters. I would like some metal cookie cutters so I cold use them for things like pancakes, eggs, etc. that are sharp enough to cut through toast as well.

  20. Since i don’t have my own kitchen (i share) i could use it all. I would love the little aprons. They are so cute!

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