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Adorable Baby – $25 Gift Certificate – CLOSED

I’ve put my baby on the floor to change her bum since the day she was born.  It doesn’t matter where we are, I’ll just usually put a little receiving blanket or change pad under her bottom and make the change as quickly as possible.  I never really thought about how uncomfortable it might be for her.  I always thought safety was more important than comfort.  I have a few different change pads, some are just a simple pieces of material, while others have a little layer of foam.  I never really put too much thought into a change pad, until I received the Ah Goo Baby change pad from Adorable Baby for review.

This change pad is the Cadillac of all change pads.  It has it all – style, comfort and function.  The change pad comes all rolled up in a tube and has 2 elastics on each end to stay rolled up while not in use.  When the change pad is opened up, it reveals a beautifully soft plush fabric (just in the middle where baby lays down), and a memory foam cushion that is about 1/4 of an inch thick.  This is way more comfortable for changing a baby than a hardwood floor.

The cover is removable, and washable – which is great, especially because the Ah Goo Baby change pad is suggested to be used for more than just a change pad.  It can be used for little babies just to relax on.  I once again used to put my daughter on the carpet to play around, on a blanket with a towel underneath (in case of an accident while changing diapers) I know that this change pad would have been much more comfortable.  The change pad also comes enclosed with a water replant fabric, so they pretty much thought of everything.

This is an adorable change pad.  Although it takes up more room than a regular change pad, there will be nothing more comfortable for your child to lay on while getting their bum changed.  Both my daughter and my dog love this change pad.  As you can see, my dog thinks it is very comfortable.  I would suggest this change pad for younger babies, as my 19 month old is longer than the pad.  The pad is 21.5 inches, and my daughter is 33 inches.  Her head, body and bum fit nicely on the pad, but her legs do hang off the edge.  But the most important part is that she is comfortable and safe when I change her.

Adorable Baby is owned and operated by Krista and Brent Pasnak in Fort Saskatchewa, Alberta, Canada.  The business was started in November of 2008 when they discovered there wasn’t a great selection of products for children in the area.  The online store was completed in July of 2009, which allowed them to bring their business to a wider clientele. All products are hand picked by the owners and only the best products make it into the store! Adorable Baby has so many products available in their online store, everything from babywearing to cloth diapers to clothing and everything inbetween.

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636 thoughts on “Adorable Baby – $25 Gift Certificate – CLOSED

  1. I know it’s not the sexiest item, but the pacifier clips are so much cooler than the kind you can find at Target!! Look at that pacifier clip that looks like a candy necklace!! I totally want that for my niece and nephew!

  2. Adorable Baby has a lot of great items. I am a fan of the Melissa & Doug puzzles and the Infantino iinfant toys, especially the playtime activity centre.

  3. One of my favorites is the Topsy Turvy Little Bo Peep doll.
    Those Topsy Turvy dolls are really cute!

  4. There is so much stuff in your store that i can call my Fav, I make sure to stop buy everytime im in town, I love the icecream holder and my little guy wears a few of the clothes that you carry( i dont know brands) He has one shirt that we got there with a moterbike and it an everyday shirt and has to be washed everyniht, and still looks great!!
    Keep all the great stuff coming Im due in august and there is a lots of cool stuff i missed out on with My first that you carry!! 🙂

  5. I have a tie for my favorite item from Adorable Baby. The amber teething necklace looks absolutely adorable on and appears to be helping with my son’s teething pain and the tee-knees are the cutest little things ever! I have friends commenting all the time on “why didn’t they have those when mine were little?” They pad his little knees and make it so he doesn’t slip all over our laminate flooring when he’s in his clothes. Love the store and have totally been recommending it to people that have or are having babies!

  6. Love the tee-knees I purchased online from you. They are amazing. My son was having such a hard time trying to crawl cause his clothes kept slipping on the laminate. Now that he wears them he’s getting around great. I was extremely impressed with how fast they arrived after being shipped!

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  8. I really like the Melissa & Doug – Fairytale Friendship Floor Puzzle!
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  9. Music is relaxing and soothing…the Rockabye Baby Coldplay instrumental
    songs sound wonderful for Baby and Mom , to share and to be cozy

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  12. I absolutely love their perriwinkle fuzzibunz one size fits all cloth diaper! I can’t wait to get my second into cloth diapers!

  13. I love their book section, so many great choices. I especially like Sign Language – My First 100 Words; as one of the children I work with is nonverbal autistic and uses sign language to communicate; but it can confuse the other children

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